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Comments: If the Aeropro Drive came in a 95 square inches with more stiffness, control, agility and stability -- this would be it. At first, I was intimidated by the stiffness but after an hour of adjustment, I've grown to like it. The stiffness does make this racquet a tad harsh, even on the sweet spot it lacked feel, however the stiffness did also make the racquet incredibly crisp and responsive and just allowed me to feel more consistent on all areas of the court. I also liked how the hoop width is identical to the aeropro drive and gave me plenty of room to brush up with my western forehand, but unlike the aeropro drive this racquet gave me more control and consistent response. It also played more stable and solid than it's weight suggest, I'm highly impressed. I do recommend going hydrid with a softer copoly and multifilament as again the racquet does tend to feel really stiff and muted.
From: Kevin, 2/14

Comments: I think this racquet is really fun to play with. I have always preferred the 100 square inch head-size and 300 gram frames. I was looking for something to help me hit the ball cleaner and with the weight and balance, I am able to do so. The upsides for me are the increasingly quicker racquet head speed on groundstrokes. More controlled motion on the volleys, serves and overheads. The spin is good, and fun to watch the ball in the air. The only downside for me was pace, I felt that I was able to hit great shots but not so consistent on depth. Overall a fun racquet, cool cosmetics. Strung it with Dunlop Black Widow at 46.5lbs with Solinco Heaven overgrip.
From: Jon, 10/13

Comments: Great racquet. A cut above any recent Gamma offerings. I'm a stronger 4.5 player and this is a player's racquet with nice pop and control in an extremely maneuverable package. Surprising control in fact for a 16 x 18 string pattern but with all the spin advantage of an open string pattern. Same category as the Wilson BLX Pro Staff 6.1 but a better racquet in all areas. Never thought I'd say that about a Gamma stick over a Wilson one.
From: Kirk, 9/13

Comments: I am a college tennis player who has hit with the 2009 Babolat Pure Storm Ltd. GT 95 for the past year and a half, and the Wilson KBlade Tour 93 the four years prior to that. I love the small frames, and this Gamma racquet really caught my attention. I demoed it for just an hour, and noticed a difference in my shot making abilities immediately. I generated more spin, depth, and control. I am able to generate my own power, so that was no problem for me. I was looking for a slightly lighter racquet, with a more open string pattern (compared to the Babolat) without going to a 98 frame, and this came out just in time! Serves had more pop, and volleys were very precise. Absolutely excited for these to come in! I recommend this racquet to an all-court player in need of spin, good control, and depth.
From: Izzi, 3/13

Comments: I play with a BLX PS 90 and was looking for a bit more stiffness and power like my old Hyper Carbon PS 5.0. and have tried multiple demos looking for that same pop and feel. I tried this one with a Babolat Aero Pro Drive + and a Wilson98 Blade. This one is the best -- stiff enough for some power, head light to whip it fast when needed, solid on volleys. Should be good for serving too, but my shoulder isn't feeling good enough to really crack it. I could use a bit more weight for some extra plow through but other than that it is great. Still has some feel unlike the Babolat which has been my second favorite. If you are a really fast swinger, this stick probably is a bit too powerful unless you are a top spin freak, which I am not. If you are an intermediate to advanced player but don't have the fastest swing this stick is definitely worth a try. Will need some vibration dampening as it can be a bit jarring on a mishit.
From: Patrick, 3/13

Comments: This racquet has improved my overall game immensely. I was able to achieve great spin and placement easily. The head was light allowing me to swing faster without having to worry about the ball going out. I got lot of touch on my volleys. I was able to hit low backhand slices with ease and put depth/placement on all my shots. I would have liked the head a bit heavier, but that can be corrected with lead. A good setup for this racquet for me is RPM Blast 17g at 55lbs. Excellent maneuverable racket overall.
From: Christopher, 3/13

Comments: This is like a lighter, more flexible 6.1 95 16x18. Not quite enough pop for me and I didn't like the flex in the upper hoop but really not a bad stick. Maybe a touch of lead at 10 and 2 with a wrap might help it out for me. Pretty nice feel and feels pretty quick through the air. Was able to get some good spin on the serve.
From: Chris, 3/13

Comments: I tried this racquet tonight and kind of like it. I think it may be a little bit too flexible (stiffness feels way more in the 50s than what TW lists) for it's lighter weight. It just takes more effort to put balls away and while flex can be good for an arm, swinging away can lead to issues. The weight could be adjusted to one's needs with some lead tape. The Gamma strings in it were moving due to the pattern as I'm not a big spinner. Overall, it's worth a look if you like a 95" head and I may consider this at some point.
From: V, 2/13

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