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Comments: After demoing the 98T, I was really curious about the 100T. Had it strung with a full bed of Tour Bite, strung at 57-58 lbs and just couldn't keep the ball in. Loved the power, but as others have mentioned, shots kept going deep. Stick with the 98T if you like these frames and want the plowthrough.
From: Mike, 6/13

Comments: This racquet has the largest sweet zone (>30%) according to TW University that TW current carries. There are 3 other racquets with larger sweet zones but from what I can tell TW doesn't sell those racquets anymore. The difference in sweet zone size really makes a huge difference for players like me who don't always hit the ball dead in the center of the racquet's string bed. This was especially noticeable as I recently switched from a 2 handed BH into a one handed BH. For those who think the racquet weighs too much, start lifting some weights (e.g. forearm curls)! For those who say the racquet is too powerful, simply increase the tension of your strings. For those who say the stiffness of the frame will cause tennis-elbow, adding lead tape will alleviate much of this, as it's simple physics. I customized mine so that it now weighs 14.6 oz with 4 layers of lead tape at 3 and 9 o'clock as well as several layers on the handle and at the top of the handle. Ashaway Kevlar on the mains and Crossfire II's on the cross strings, both at 85 lbs. The stick now is a total beast. Super stable (torsional stability), super plow- through. The only drawbacks are that due to the extreme stiffness, there is virtually no feedback to my hand or arm. This is purely a matter of preference and personally I only care about where the ball goes, not how the racquet feels. Keep in mind the ball has already left the stringbed by the time you "feel" the impact of the racquet to your hand.
From: Mike, 1/13
String type and tension: Ashaway Kevlar mains / Ashaway Crossfire II crosses @ 85 lbs

Comments: The power and spin on this racquet are, frankly, ridiculous. That's not necessarily a good thing. Sure, topspin was great, but the shots went way too deep. There was also absolutely no feel--no sound, either. Serving with it was a certifiable nightmare. If someone could produce enough massive spin to get a handle on the excessive power, I could see the point of this, but at face value it seems a little imbalanced. And the stiffness won't be doing you any favors. My friend hit with it for five minutes and his hand went numb.
From: John, 6/12
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: Extremely open string pattern can produce loads of spin. However, this hinders control. This racquet seems to maximize power and spin without taking control into consideration. I like it because I tend to have very good control in my skill set, so I used the extra power to drive my opponent off the court. It's great if your skills are similar. It's a great racquet in my opinion, but I'd rather use like a real racquet. This thing almost feels like a toy! It's fun, but not ideal for match play.
From: Anon, 7/12

Comments: I bought this racket without a play test... kinda risky, but I did it and I am happy I did. This racket is a monster. Lots of power and with the open string pattern, I gets plenty of topspin to keep the ball in the court. I have lots of control and no bad feedback to my arm. It is very solid, and I have no problem swinging the weight. On serve it is very powerful, great for flat serves and I can get plenty spin on my kick serve. At the net, just put the racquet in front of the ball and you will get a solid strike. I have demoed 16 rackets, and some were good, others were bad, but this is the best of the bunch. If you are a big swinger as I am, and you want to get some pop to over power your opponent, this is the racket for you. It may take you a little time to get use to the power as it did me, but once you master it, this racket is a weapon in the right hands.
From: Doug, 6/12

Comments: I have been playing with the RZR 100 T for the past couple of weeks and am more than pleased with this frame. Yes the frame is powerful but it is also very easy to control. I love the heft of the racquet. The even balance and high swing weight keeps my stroke in control. I can tend to get a little flippy on the forehand wing which is simply something this frame will not allow! Serves are terrific with the added mass you don't need to work that hard to put some serious juice on the ball. Maybe because I was expecting this to be a baseline beast but I have been pleasantly surprised with volleys and half volleys. Get the racquet behind the ball and your putting some major hurt on it. Normally on stock frames of this weight you would not find the 16x18 open string pattern that I have come to prefer. With the open pattern the racquet is way easier on the arm than the stiffness would indicate. With all the companies seemingly going lighter and lighter with the frames one tends to forget how much more stable against big hitters a more substantial frame can be. I wold highly recommend giving this frame a try. Gamma should be commended for thinking outside the typical and expected.
From: Hank, 5/12
String type and tension: Luxilon Original Big Banger, 55 lbs

Comments: Tennis Warehouse had a demo day with these today. Knowing that the college tennis days are over and doubles is my future of tennis, the Gamma RZR 100 Hit better than the Babolat Pure Storm. It's weight was just right, giving enough weight full the baseline to hit the ball through the court and solid returns yet still light enough to be able to move it around quickly at the net. Added bonus the volleys were solid. It i could string it with poly/syn gut mix I think it would have been just right. You need to demo this racket asap. I work at a Prince club but the rep knows my boss so I may be having these sticks soon.
From: Allen, 3/12

Comments: As much as I'm not a taper beam fan, this racquet with its weight and balance should be the most anticipates demo of my life until I get to design my own racquet. The specs on this frame are a mix between today's most popular head size as well as heavy like a player's racquet. gamma's frames might be stiffer than the exo3 tours but don't like the rda scare you away, these gamma frames aren't stiff and hollow like a Babolat. I promise that this racquet will steal the power and spin crowns from the Aeropro and Pure Drive Roddicks. Get ready to see a new era in tweener sticks and make sure you have a good hybrid in this thing.
From: Patrick, 2/12
NTRP Rating: 5.0-5.5ish

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