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Comments: I picked up two of these after borrowing a friend's for a match. It has a nice, comfortable feel with good power but not too much power. The control is there due to the great spin it produces. It plays very comparable to a Babolat APD but with a little more comfort. For the price you can't go wrong and this is my go to racquet now. Controllable power, what can be better? Strung with Volkl Cyclone at 50 pounds.
From: Scott, 11/15

Comments: Since I got one of these strung up a few weeks ago I've hit with nothing else. The RZR 100M is really a nice, easy to swing stable racquet. Mine is fitted with a Gamma leather grip, overgrip and dampener, no lead and the strings are Ashaway Monogut ZX Pro at 52 lbs and Alpha Gut 2000 17G (X) at 54 lbs. One more note: Monogut is not easy to string in this racquet, but it plays very well.
From: Charlie, 10/15

Comments: Wow. Couldn't believe these frames were on such a sale. I've been using a 100M the past 6 months and just picked up an additional pair. Given the prices I also picked up a pair of 98Ms because the specs look very, very good and I'm tempted to give those a try too. Perhaps this is a bit of overkill but it seems either Gamma or TW might not have these frames in the near future, so I wanted to load up. I added a Head leather grip. String set up: TF Black Code 17 at 50 lbs. Also, yes, I confirm the Gamma butts pair with Sony's smart sensor. So I'm nearing 10 HL or so. The racquet performs very well, never served better, never hit groundstrokes with more intention and yes, okay my volleys have never been the cleanest, but for a 4.0 I reckon that's more to do with technique and less the frame itself. If you're in the mix for powerful spin along the lines of an APD, HL whippiness of a Pro Staff, with a good set up this is an excellent racket. And at these prices you cannot go wrong. It took a while to find the right set up, until I moved to the leather grip and TF Black Code the frame wasn't giving such results. My former racquets (and my opinion of them on a scale of 1-5): APD: 3.5; Pure Storm: 3.5; Pro Staff 100S: 1; Pro Staff 95: 3; Pro Staff 97LS: 3.5; Burn 100: 2.5; Blade 98S: 3.5; One Strings Turbine 300: 3; Gamma RZR 100M: 4.
From: Mickey, 9/15

Comments: The demo I hit with felt like a more comfortable (but with a slightly less predictable response) version of the Babolat APD. It actually volleys a little better than the APD, with a slightly more head-heavy bias, but groundstrokes lack some of the pinpoint reliability of the Babolat. Spin is fair, not dazzling, and power is above average. Ultimately I chose not to buy it as the slightly uneven response off the strings was disconcerting.
From: Mike, 5/15

Comments: This is the first time I tried a Gamma racquet. Hit with it three times. I agree with Stephen. This racquet has a really nice soft feel to it, much better feel than other racquets I've tried. The great feel on groundstrokes is the best thing about this racquet. Groundstrokes have good power and control, and lots of topspin. Also good for serving. Only problem is that, although it volleys very well when hitting the sweetspot, volleys can be somewhat dead if missing the sweetspot. Overall, I liked this racquet the best of racquets with similar specs that I had demos of. Bravo Gamma!
From: Henry, 10/14

Comments: Oh man, I'm switching! This racquet is the bomb! Has a super solid feel, and reminds me of the Wilson Pro Staff 95S but in an 100 square inch head size. I couldn't put this baby down. If anyone out there is familiar with the old Gamma T-7, which has a super soft/comfy feel, the 100M kinda felt like a cross between the T-7 and the Babolat Aerodrive or Aeropro or something (the yellow one that everyone likes). This is a real winner!
From: Stephen, 3/14

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