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Comments: Amazing grip. I'm a Level 1-3 B18s Player in SoCal. Great grip for an amazing price. Durability wise it fell a little short, but can deal with it. Good for if your base grip is a overgrip.
From: Matt, 2/6/17

Comments: This is bad quality -- my hand became blue. Also, it did not last. I don't recommend it.
From: Ruhi, 3/15

Comments: And the little bird chirped "cheap cheap cheap". It's not uncomfortable, but it's not particularly tacky. Durability is crap, I recommend this for demoing racquets or for use on students if you're a coach because it has such an agreeable price.
From: Kaishin, 7/12

Comments: I have only used the grey color, and have NOT experienced the color bleed problem that others talk about with the blue ones. For me the grey ones have never disintegrated and seem to be as durable as most other grips, maybe even a little more durable for as thin as they are. (Not sure if the problems experienced by others are just with the blue ones or what.)
From: Anon. 08/11

Comments: This is by far the BEST overgrip I have found for extremely hot, humid, SWEATY conditions. Here in the southern tip of Illinois, summers are hot and EXTREMELY HUMID (especially in the early evening when I normally play). I am talking the kind of humidity that makes you look like you've been thrown into a swimming pool when you walk off the court.) However, even when my hands are really sweaty and the grip is soaked, it simply doesn't slip, even at the end of a long session when my muscles and grip strength are reduced. For a firm, non-slip grip in really sweaty conditions, it is FANTASTIC. However, there is a small price to pay. Yes, as others have stated, this overgrip is not as soft and plushy as other overgrips, and that is the tradeoff. It is a more textured grip, and occasionally after a really intense session, I have noticed that it can leave a "hotspot" (not a blister, just a small tender area) on the side of my thumb, on the inside between the knuckle and the crotch at the base of the thumb. I suspect that this is actually caused from repeatedly changing back and forth from a forehand-grip to a backhand-grip, where you hold the racquet loosely in the right hand and shift it with the left hand. In other words, you are holding the racquet in your right hand as you shift your grip, and there is just more friction with this overgrip (because it really GRIPS, even when it's wet). However, I have found this to be a pretty minor inconvenience, a really small price to pay for a really SECURE grip in really sweaty conditions. So, when it's really hot and humid, I still use this overgrip, and it is my first choice over all the others that I have tried. (And I have tried MANY, MANY overgrips.) This overgrip is also pretty thin compared to some others, so it does not significantly increase grip size, and you still get a good feel for the shape of the racquet handle. (Of course, thinner means less cushioning, and less shock-absorption as well. I use a pretty cushy primary grip under the overgrip.
From: Anonymous. 7/11

Comments: This grip gave me blisters after not even an hour and a half of playing. I was told if it gets more sweat on it it gets tackier, that didn't happen much. I wasted my money got blisters and didn't play well because of this grip. Thanks, Gamma. P.S. it kinda feels like sand paper.
From: Anon. 6/11

Comments: This is a cheap and terrible version of the Tourna grip. Wears out in about an hour, with blue dyes all over my hand. If you want dry over grip, get Tourna. Tourna isn't a durable overgrip, but a lot more durable than this one.
From: Li Tai. 5/11

Comments: Really nice grip for someone who's looking for "DRY" feel to it. If you're looking for tacky, you should not look at this grip. That's not what dry grips are meant for. The blue dye does come off, but then again, so does the black dye from Babolat Pro Team. So that's nothing new or major. If you've slippery hands and looking for dry grips, this is it!!
From: Jack, MD, USA, 06/10

Comments: On a cold a dry day, this grip feels like the surface of a does get a little better with some sweat. This grip is pretty thin though, which is a potential plus.
From: Ross, CA, USA, 01/10

Comments: This is definitely the worst overgrip I have ever used. It lost its tackiness after just a couple of hours of play and became really smooth and unusable.
From: Juan, San Francisco, CA, USA. 3/09

Comments: The best Gamma grip and I have tried all the Gamma grips... The other ones are garbage when you sweat a lil on 'em and these ones actually work better with sweaty hands because the sweat makes it tacky.
From: Kg, San Ramon, Ca. 10/08

Comments: The worst grip ever. Not only did it stain my undergrip, but it completely ripped in the middle of the first day of use. Total garbage.
From: Mike, Tampa, FL, USA. 9/08

Comments: Horrible grip. Feels like a worn down Wilson Pro Overgrip. Not tacky, feels like slippery cloth, a big disappointment.
From: Anon, US. 5/08

Comments: Complete garbage. Garbage might even be too complimentary! As a Wilson Pro user who has tried Yonex Supergrap (and kinda liked it) and Tourna Grip (wasn't crazy about it), this is awful. The grip looks really bad and shreds into little fabric fibers up and down the grip. Mine was unusable after two hours of decently intense play at a 4.0 level.
From: Anon. 5/08

Comments: This Gamma grip is my favorite, and I have tried a bunch so far. I like that it is tacky yet still has a nice cushion feel and the comfort has lasted longer than any other. This grip does not get the Styrofoam feel after a couple uses like the Wilson and Prince grips do. I would recommend this grip especially to players such as myself who don't need the super sweat absorbing type of grips.
From: Joplin, Monterey, CA, U.S. 1/08

Comments: You get what you pay for with this overgrip. I used the white grips and had no problems with them coloring my hands, but the grips weren't as comfortable as Super Grap or Wilson Pro Overgrips. The surface of these grips was somewhat abrasive, and after long periods of play they started to irritate my palms. Nothing too terrible, and for two dollars you should try them, but they are not something that I would use on a regular basis. For the extra dollar per three grips, I'd go for Super Grap...
From: Kyle, San Diego, CA, USA. 6/07

Comments: This grip is horrible do not buy it. I shredded up this grip on the first day of playing with it, not to mention it turns your hands blue.
From: Chris, Buffalo, NY, USA, 04/07

Comments: Bought these because I got them confused with Tournagrip. Tournagrip seemed like the king of durability after trying this grip. It ripped and shredded in my 5 minute warm-up of forehands and backhands.
From: Seth, 01/07

Comments: Tourna grip has a reputation for its lack of durability. However, Tourna grip can be considered unbreakable if compared with Gamma Pro. It's shredded after about 20 minutes, and it turned both my hands and my sweatband blue.
From: Li Tai, Los Angeles, CA, USA. 11/06

Comments: Have been using this grip for years and won't use anything else. The blue grips do get all over your hands, though it really doesn't matter, but the white ones are perfect. Try them out to decide if it's the texture you like.
From: Aaron, Chicago, IL, USA. 11/06

Comments: This grip is NOT for tennis. Awful feel with very bad durability. The texture fell apart after one set and my hands were blue. Recommend the supreme overgrip.
From: Ted Estarija, Hayward, CA, USA 09/06

Comments: This grip was awesome. Just don't get the blue grip because it will turn your hand/ hands blue. I got the white grips and it feels awesome. Extremely tacking and holds up great.
From: Crow, Maui, Hawaii, USA 05/06

Comments: Turned hands kind of blue. Nothing a little water canít wash off. Overall a good overgrip.
From: Anon, FL 05/06

Comments: I would not recommend this overgrip. It is incapable of absorbing sweat. Thus, after minutes of play, the grip makes it hard to play normally. In addition, the texture and feel of this overgrip is not enjoyable. Please look elsewhere.
From: Jacob, WI, USA

Comments: I did not like this grip. Bad durability, bad texture and tack, and very hard to handle when sweating. Use anything else.
From: Jihoon, Honlulu, HI, USA 05/06

Comments: This is a terrible grip. It made my hands turn blue and the durability is terrible.
From: Ryan, Ellicott City, Md 04/06

Comments: It began shredding after twenty minutes of play and turned my hands blue. Anon

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