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Comments: This has become the G.O.A.T. frame for me. I play singles and doubles against folks from the 3.0-4.0 level. The frame is flexible, but still has a crisp feel. The weight is right for me and I like the balance (headlight, but still retains a little weight toward the head). The 16x19 stringbed generates good spin from the baseline, although it's a tighter pattern than the same 16x19 on a Speed MP due to the smaller headsize and the head shape. I get very good control with this racquet. I have it strung with Sonic Pro Edge at 52 lbs. Slightly underpowered, but I prefer that because I can swing out with less fear of the ball going long. I can play with this setup with no elbow or shoulder pain after a match. God bless my Speed MP, I like it a lot, but this frame is much easier on my arm. I know it's heresy, but this is the best Prestige I've used and I've batted around with several of the iterations.
From: N8, 5/15

Comments: I can't recommend the Prestige S in stock form since it has a little of that hollow feel so common with "modern" racquets. But with extra mass in the hoop and in the handle towards the butt it provides a solid, plush feel along with the right string. I added about 5 grams of lead tape around 3/9 to 10/2, replaced the stock grip with a lighter Wilson Comfort Hybrid grip, and injected silicone into the handle. With an overgrip and rubber band dampener the final specs came to 337 grams, 8 pts headlight balance, swing weight of 330, and twist weight is 14.2. It's strung with a comfortable, spin-friendly gut/poly hybrid of Black VS Touch/MSV Focus Hex 1.23 at 58/54 lbs. In this modded form it provides comfort, precision, stability, and plenty of spin. A "diamond in the rough" in stock form, the Prestige S provides a great platform for those looking for a perfect custom fit at the lower end of the "player's racquet" weight class.
From: Tim, 1/15

Comments: I have tried this racquet for the past 2 months and truly love it. I used to play with the Microgel Prestige Pro and tgk238.2. I had a shoulder problem, not caused by a racquet, and was looking for something a bit lighter but still with great control. This frame fits the bill exactly. Excellent control and power with even better access to spin. Head has really hit the mark with this one. If you want a bit more weight is is easy to add some lead to under the caps and in the handle to offset. I do notice that I have to string lower with this frame. I'm currently using full poly at 46 lbs in the mains and 49 lbs in the crosses. I'm a 4.5-5.0 player and play with pretty good spin on the FH and a bit flatter 2HBH. Mostly use a big kick serve.
From: Brian, 2/14

Comments: Played juniors and got to several open challenger finals during my 20s. Own 3 of these Prestige S racquets, 2 Innegras, 1 Graphene S and to make it short, I have used poly strings at 3 tensions 50-55 lbs. These racquets should not be named Prestige. Using these racquets might develop tennis elbow, the dampening rating is very low. Sorry Head.
From: Israel, 2/14

Comments: No shared holes means there is a denser sweetspot. But this has more stability for the plow through feel that the previous model lacked.
From: Zach, 1/14

Comments: Honestly, this is what the Head rep left me when he first came by few months ago. At first I thought it was too springy and too alive even at 57 lbs with a full set of RPM. I re-strung it with Yonex Tour Poly Pro at 62 lbs. Despite it being above the manufacturer's recommendation, the racquet came alive. It felt just like the Babolat APD. They have the same characteristics and I can't find a difference other than 0.2 ounces more in the frame. Good racquet, however not for me. Head has missed the prestige-ness this time around in their line of racquets. The Head Radical Pro is an amazing racquet though, better than the Speed Pro for me.
From: Adro, 1/14

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