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Comments: People with old school flat strokes probably shouldn't be using this racquet. But for people with fast swing speeds with a more modern tennis game that want a swift racquet that has surprising power for a small headed frame (but still has all the control that is also inherent with a 93 inch headsize), then definitely check this one out. Don't compare it with the old 18x20 Prestige Mids because its a totally different frame. If you keep an open mind. you just might like this racquet.
From: Stanley, 8/16

Comments: If you have taken the time to read the reviews below, you will have noticed a very polarized view of this frame. It's design (stock) specs are certainly unusual for current/modern frames. Long time Prestige users will not be fond of this racquet due to its light weight and stiffer playing characteristics. If you do not have a long history of playing with the Prestige line, you might wonder what all of the long time users are complaining about. So what has gone wrong in the Prestige line? In my opinion, while the introduction of 'Graphene,' that certainly has worked for some Head frames (esp. the Speed and Radical lines). But in the Prestige line it has taken much of the soft buttery feel (and some of the weight) away from the frames. I hit with both the Pro and the REV Pro, and the Pro is by far the nicer playing frame -- still with some traditional Prestige characteristics about it, but I am now over 50, and the weight of the Graphene Prestige Pro really pushes the upper wgt range for me over a 3 hour singles match. I will second the opinion of many reviewers below that the REV Pro frame plays best customized with additional wgt in the handle and a bit more at the 3 and 9, but if you are Head -- why release a frame that needs so much customization to really work? Despite the 93 inch head size, use of a full bed of smooth poly allows enough spin production from the baseline, but the feel of the frame using a full poly set up leaves much to be desired (it really doesn't feel like a Prestige at all). Use of a hybrid string setup brings some feel back, but you lose some spin potential and if you are a big hitter, some control. The frame is moderately stable in stock form at the net, and some added wgt at 3 and 9 helps improve that stability. However, the small head-size isn't going to impart much pace to your volleys, so playing dink and dunk at the net is your better bet. This lukewarm review should not be read as commentary on the small 93 inch head size of the REV Pro, as the three frames I enjoy on court the most are the 2013 90-inch Wilson Pro Staff (last version of the line), the 93-inch Volkl Organix 10 mid, and the 95-inch Prince Tour Pro (bumble-bee paint job). All of those frames in stock form are 20+ grams heavier than the REV Pro, but are also much softer playing frames meaning they have significantly better feel and plow-through and strung at lower tensions have more power than the lighter, stiffer, REV Pro does. Against big hitters, that extra mass is essential to adsorb pace and maintain stability from the baseline. While it's true you can tinker with the REV Pro to get some more weight in the frame and alter the stock balance point - there is not much you can do to get feel in the frame, and that is the sore point (perhaps a side effect of the 'graphene' construction) of the Graphene REV Pro. That being said, the price of the REV Pro is now come down significantly, the racquets are well made, and if are one who likes to tinker with your frames - than this one should be on your list to tinker with.
From: Geoff, 8/16

Comments: I started using this racquet at the tail end of a year-plus of rehab due to shoulder issues. At first, it felt weird to be swinging something this light with Prestige and Mid in the name (let's get real, this is not a 93 square inch frame). I've been using Prestiges since the TXP in 1987 and I still have a bunch of those frames, along with trek font PC600s and a couple of later ones. This Prestige Rev Pro doesn't have the overwhelming plow of the old frames, although I feel it's quite similar to the TXP and trek font PC600; the later Designed in Austria PC600s have a denser, more club-like feel to them. They're also slightly heavier. That said, I love the Rev Pro. It's an evolved Prestige and after getting used to it, I'm playing more like my old self again. There's definitely an adjustment that needs to be made when playing with it -- it swings very fast and you'll be tempted to go even faster. But if you keep a smooth swing, this racquet generates a ton of power. The combination of low static weight and high swing weight is really quite perfect -- isn't that some kind of tennis unicorn right there?
From: Dijon, 11/15

Comments: I'm not sure what level of player this racquet is marketed toward, given the small head size but 300 gram weight. However, I'm playing really competitive tennis with it at the 3.5-4.0 level. It requires a full stroke to generate power, but the light weight and balance lets me really generate some racquet head speed and corresponding spin. Control is fantastic, especially on serves and at the net. It's a flexy racquet with a fairly soft feel, very easy on the arm. I have it strung with Head Gravity at 50 lbs.
From: N8, 7/15

Comments: I'm not too sure what everyone is talking about when they say that this racquet is lacking power. My forehand and my serves have always been the strongest parts of my game but this racquet took them to an entirely new level. When playing harder hitters I have yet to find myself getting pushed around because of how fast this racquet is from the baseline, it's absolutely perfect for going from defense to offense. Volleys are a little shaky with it though, but that has never been my strong suit, so I can't say a lot. If you looking for something that you can be aggressive with from the baseline and don't want to feel sluggish swinging a heavier racquet, this Rev Pro is for you! I'm a Division 2 college tennis player and just switched from the Wilson Blade 16x19 and am not looking at making another switch anytime soon.
From: Tristram, 6/15

Comments: I have grown up with Prestiges all my life -- I have always changed and used every Prestige made and never played with anything else -- the racquet is perfect. I was afraid about the string pattern difference but the Rev Pro is the best Prestige ever made. They all are after one another. I use lower tension and poly strings that are soft 17 gauge. The racquet takes a while to get used to compared to other Prestiges, however it is a different weight and pattern. For me the Rev Pro felt like I was changing racquets because I have never used anything but Prestige. I don't change the weight because it's perfect. The days for heavy racquets and tight strings are done. Just like they once played with wooden or metal racquets. Power technique is fading to a certain extent. It's becoming faster so speed being the power 300 grams is perfect plus strings even better. All in all, this racquet has to be for someone that wants a certain style or type of game and to honestly hit often and as long as possible. Most racquets are suited to different players once a player learns the racquet the racquet is no longer the problem.
From: Edward, 1/15

Comments: All of you hating on the Rev Pro can go kick rocks. This racquet offers spin, maneuverability, a bit of pop, and I have no trouble at all hitting a deep ball with it or handling someone else's pace. Plow through? What do you mean? It's not like driving a 70's Cadillac through a snow bank, it's tennis, it is just fine with this racquet. You can impart a ton of spin and find crazy angles and generate actual racquet head speed, the kind that allows you to hit the snot out of the ball but put enough topspin to keep it in and paste the corners sending your opponent scrambling. I will keep using this racquet and keep winning. The guy who said to use hybrid strings is dead spot on.
From: Anon, 1/15

Comments: Four years ago I switched to the Prestige Pro from the Wilson BLX Pro Staff (Fed's racquets at that time). Both racquets had great plow through and spin. Prestige Pros are more rectangular grip suited me better. The new Prestige Pro completely loses its most impressive attribute: great plow through and feel. Why change/reduce the weight of the racquet (and hence the way it swings)? I want to move on to the next iteration of the Prestige Pro without having to change my swing or timing. If I wanted a lighter racquet, I can get a Radical, Speed Pro, or Babolat Pure Drive. I am going to hang on to my current HEAD YOUTEK IG Prestige Pro racquet. Hopefully, Head corrects this terrible misstep in the next iteration of Prestige Pro. Otherwise, I am back to Wilson Pro Staff (PS97 Federer Autograph).
From: Sal, 12/14

Comments: All the negative comments about this racquet must be taken with a grain of salt. For the "better" player, this racquet must be customized. Of course it's not like a classic Prestige because it is so light! It is a great platform racquet and when it's customized with added weight, it is awesome. Played in stock form, there is a decent swingweight but feels hollow/pingy. I added 12 grams of weight -- 6grams at 3 oclock, 6grams at 9 o'clock. I added a Head synthetic leather grip/overgrip/rubber dampener. The total weight is 330g, SW is 345, Balance 33cm. This is a very stable racquet yet in a lighter overall static weight. The racquet just crushes the ball, you can really feel the ball sink into the strings, no vibrations, very solid feeling, super stable. With the 16x19 string pattern, the launch angle is slightly higher than with your typical Prestige Mid, which is what I always wished for in the classic Prestiges. I used to play racquets leaded up to around 360 grams, moderate SW in the 330s, very headlight (8 pts), but this new setup is so much better -- lighter weight, heavy SW and higher balance -- just wicked. Compared with my friend's Pure Drive, I hit heavier serves, heavier groundstrokes, easier one handed backhand and just as much spin -- it's just perfect. I'm a 5.0 player -- mostly baseliner, but come to the net when possible to finish off points and strung this with a hybrid set- up Head Sonic Pro mains and a synthetic gut cross at 55 lbs. The correct weight after customization is 332g, just under 33cm balance (32.85), 345 SW.
From: J, 10/14

Comments: Comfortable but very low powered. Hitting into the wind today, I had trouble getting the ball deep with a solid 3.5 stroke. I have used the Wilson Tour 95 and this racquet has a lot less power.
From: Anon, 10/14

Comments: I was sponsored by Head for a number of years and used a number of the Head Prestige mid racquets while playing satellite tournaments back in the 90's. It was a good racquet but left much to be desired in my personal opinion. I switched to Volkl and then signed with Wilson and have been with the KBlade Tour 93 until now. This racquet absolutely rocks. The weight distribution towards the head really helps with stability and it really plows through the ball. Has great feel and spin with the open pattern and 93 inch head. Needs to be hybrid strung in my personal opinion. I train a number of high level juniors and this racquet stands up to the hitting. I also changed the grip to a tennis warehouse 1.3 mm thick leather grip under an overgrip. Huge difference.
From: Coach, 10/14

Comments: This racquet is horrible. Head has completely ruined the Prestige ever since they moved away from the Youtek Mid design. The weight and string pattern were much better before. Definitely will not be buying a Head racquet until they can get it right!
From: Phillip, 9/14

Comments: This a good frame, but I would really appreciate it if Head could bring the Prestige Mid back with an 18x20 in the Graphene material -- with a low flex and all black, that would be a dream. Until then maybe I'll play with the Mid Plus just for the 18x20.
From: Anon, 6/14

Comments: People are getting this racquet wrong. It is too light because it has to be customised. Add lead tape in the grip until you get a 30.5 balance. This leaves it weighting about 345 strung if I am not remembering wrong. Then put 18 on horizontals 19 on verticals and there you go, you are not hitting a ball out again in your life. As much spin as you want with such low tension, and tons of control. I've tested all racquets over 320 grams and nothing compares to this. It is just perfect. This racquet has to be modified, otherwise it doesn't work.
From: Miguel, 4/14

Comments: Here is an update after customizing. I had ambiguous feelings about this frame until I found the right setup. Where this frame lacks stability is in the lower quadrants of the hoop. First I added too much weight to the head but then I found that 6-7 grams of lead on each side from 3-5 o'clock and from 7-9 o'clock helped stabilize the frame without making it too heavy. A volk leather grip added 0.5oz to handle, an overgrip 0.2oz; few layers of electrical tape around the handle would also do the trick. Make sure you get one a size smaller so that there is room to build up the weight. My final setup weighs about 12.3oz strung with a dampener and overgrip, and now I love this frame. I appreciate the low 61 flex, the feel reminds me of a more solid, flexier, and powerful Microgel Prestige Mid. Strung at 57lbs with multi/synth
From: Munoz, 4/14

Comments: Strung with RPM Blast 17 on the mains at 51 lbs and Gamma TNT 16 on the crosses at 53 lbs. This racquet pings like crazy. But it is at a good weight to where I can add silicone in the handles and add a bunch of lead to turn it into a real Presitige Mid. Definitely needs more weight though!
From: Malcom, 3/14

Comments: I'm a tennis pro from New Jersey and have used the Prestige for as long as I can remember. I had to customize this new one and with the right customized job it is going to be off the hook.
From: JR, 3/14

Comments: I absolutely love it! I used to play with the Prestige Mid Size and eventually had to switch to the Prestige Pro because I don't play that often anymore. I saw this one and demoed just for fun but absolutely love it! I feel that it gives me all the control and everything that I remembered from the Prestige Mid but easier on the arm. I use it with Luxilon Big Banger at 55 pounds and it feels unbelievable. If you are a big hitter and would like a little more control than bigger racquets I suggest you try this one.
From: Fernando, 3/14

Comments: Lighter, faster, leaner. I don't know if it is just me but this philosophy has reached a point where most racquets from most manufacturers today are too light too fast and too lean, to the disadvantage of the players. I thought that the Prestige, being an iconic line from Head, would not suffer the indignity of this philosophy and would remain a true players racquet. Boy was I wrong. After hitting with this racquet, I have to assume that the people designing racquets for the racquet manufacturers today are just terrible tennis players who have not idea what makes a good racquet good, engineers who maybe think that one or two variables (like weight and less weight) make a tennis racquet good. I'm going retro to when racquets had plow through, so you wouldn't have to mess up your elbow and shoulder to return a 100+ MPH serve and ground strokes, and people would work out a bit to be able to play this wonderful and technically challenging game called tennis. Another iconic racquet line has just gone to the dogs.
From: Anon, 2/14

Comments: Very nice frame. I thought Head messed things up making this a 16x19 but the string bed is dense enough to be an 18x20, about the same as a Blade 93. I can see the potential in this frame, it is almost fine as is, but by adding about an ounce of lead it could be a real weapon as the frame itself has a crisp, powerful response. The response is also similar to a Pro Tour 280 as there is a definite flex in the throat when hitting a well struck ball. A great starting point for some customization. Well done Head.
From: Munoz, 2/14

Comments: I actually quite enjoyed hitting with this frame, it is very light indeed but it has potential when adding weight. Lacks plow but excels in directional control, very comfortable.
From: JR, 2/14

Comments: Demo'd the Rev Pro -- definitely much lighter than the previous generations of Prestiges. Added a little lead tape at 12. Using synthetic gut 16 gauge and a 'worm' dampener. I immediately found the Rev Pro to be solid -- no vibration on off center hits. Has more power than the YouTek Prestige Mid, probably due to the 93" bed and the longer mains. Great spin from the 16x19. Volleys were crisp. Easy power serving. Bought one and this is now my main racquet. Great job, Head.
From: Mark, 2/14

Comments: Absolute disaster! The feel of the racquet has completely changed. It now feels very hollow instead of the solid feel of its previous brothers. This racquet does not fit into the Prestige line at all.
From: Bryant, 2/14

Comments: Just awful. Head really screwed up the Prestige Mid. Too light for a midsize racquet. No more plow through, which was a great feature of all previous reincarnations.
From: Anon, 1/14

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