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Comments: This is the best string I have ever used. Great power, feel, and control. Very soft on the arm. If you're a string breaker, I recommend using this string on the crosses with a string like Luxilons on the mains.
From: Josh, CA, USA, 03/09

Comments: This string is not so great. For the first two hours, it hits like a dream. Then it loses tension, then it snaps. I played a 3 and a half hour match with a racket freshly strung with this, and broke it in the third set.
From: John, Chicago, IL. 5/08

Comments: This is amazing string. I used a mix of Wilson NXT Tour and Enduro Pro, TNT has much more comfort and power. I give this string an A. Trust me, try this string and you will love it!
From: Bryan, Orlando, FL, USA. 3/07

Comments: Best strings ever! Ever since I got them Ive been playing awesome. Love them! But only bad thing about them is that it looses tension quickly!! And tends to break very fast every time I use them because I play very nice and smooth with them. They are really comfortable, I use it for the crosses and use Babolat for the mains.
From: Raquel, Brooklyn, NY, USA, 03/07

Comments: This string is bad. It loses tension too quickly; way too quickly. You can generate some power, but later it becomes to have too much feel and I can't get any balls in. Id give it a B-
From: Anthony, Los Altos, CA, USA, 02/07

Comments: It has good power, and it feels crisp, but it can lose tension quickly, and break. I use it on the crosses and use a very durable string (TNT Fusion Plus 16) on the mains.
From: Toby, USA 08/06

Comments: To me this string seems to offer power, control and comfort. I used to use Wilson NXT 16 but thought it a good idea to try something else. I think I shall be sticking with this string mainly because of the comfort. It is probably better durability wise. NXT goes dead.
From: Morgan, Scotland 07/06

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