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Comments: Indestructible -- played it for as long as 2 months before cutting it out and didn't have even the slightest grooves. Holds tension very well. Has good consistency and a nice dead feel -- provides good feedback if you like that sort of feel. The spin on this string is pretty bad compared to a decent set of strings. Spins like a $2 set of nylon string. I swing big and can generate spin well, but if you don't put forth the effort on every shot the ball won't spin -- either doesn't drop where you expect it to or it won't come off the racquet the way you'd expect (if you are used to playing a better set of strings). I would not recommend this string for anyone who uses spin to control their shots (i.e better players). If you are 3.0 player or less with short swings and play a flat back-and-forth type of game and want a cheap string that will last a very long time, this is great option. For bigger hitters, stay away. I'd rather play Gosen's syn gut and restring my racquets weekly than use this string again. It was fun experiment for the price but this string is all durability and very little performance. I'm a former Division 1 collegiate player who now sangbags as a 4.5 because that's what happens when you get old. Playing with a Head Radical Speed MP. Used this string at 62lbs, 58lbs, and 55lbs.
From: John, 1/14

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