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Comments: I have never been a fan of the Graphene technology. Currently using the version released 5 or 6 years ago called the Youtek Prestige Midplus. It has that buttery flexible feel that lacks in this graphene model. Everything else from a performance stand point is comparable, just the feel is lacking a bit with this version.
From: Hari, 12/16

Comments: Bought it as a doubles stick. My coach let me play with his, and it felt definitly a good deal more maneuverable than my go-to stick, the Volkl Powerbridge Mid Stealth version. The Volkl beats this one in power for serve and in feel. In all other departments, it is a toss-up, in fact. Surprisingly, this delivers as much topspin as the Volkl; this was really not expected, as the Volkl is no weakling when it comes to spin production. Maybe the Graphene polarized set-up makes up for the tight string bed. Where the Head noses the Volkl out is in ease of use. This one is a good deal more forgiving, much more than the difference in head size (punn intended) should explain. Who should look at this very underrated stick or its successor? Everybody except a Nadal or Blake type of player I think. Not the one to produce super heavy topspin (get Rafa`s stick) or flat fast strokes (get anything Volkl Mid and heavier).
From: Andrew, 7/16

Comments: Finally found my racquet. Can't really compare this to the previous Prestiges (only hit with my friends YT Prestige Pro a little and the difference in feel was more due to strings than anything else) but I can compare to previous racquets I used. Was using the Graphene Speed Pro before which felt more polarized, like the weight was less evenly distributed and a little stiffer. Great racquet but I like this so much better. Also different grip shape, the Speed was more square where the Prestige has that nice rectangular feel. feels similar to Volkl Organix 10 I used to have. Got a similar feeling from the RF97 too. I think I just prefer 18x20 string patterns. Tried playing with the radical MP for a little and at first I loved it and how fast it felt but was missing the mass on serves. This thing feels like extension of my arm. so precise, feels very maneuverable for its weight. Rock solid, good spin, perfect grip shape. Feels good stock but I added some weight around the hoop (9 grams from 11-1 and 6 grams each side from 8-10 and 2-4 using TW tungsten tape) and now it feels perfect. I can barely feel the weight and the plow through is just amazing. Considering adding leather grip but it feels so good right now I don't want to mess up a good thing. Strung with Kirchbaum Pro Line X 17 at 53 lbs feels just about perfect except I would maybe string it at 55 lbs next time. Tried it with Head Hawk 17 at 53 lbs and loved the control but not so much the feel. Very stiff. Seems like a thin soft smooth poly is the ticket. I bet syngut in the crosses with Hawk in the mains would work real good too. If you want a modern player's racquet this is definitely one to try.
From: Marc, 4/16

Comments: Been using the Youtek IG Prestige MP for the past few years, decided to give this racquet a try, wished I did that earlier. Although it doesn't have that buttery feel, I appreciate how the weight got redistributed ever so slightly. I feels like my Youtek IG with lead added at the top of the hoop, and I can tell I'm getting more depth by letting my racquet do the work. Don't mind the change in feel too much, but loving the added benefit from previous generations of Prestige.
From: Dennis, 4/16

Comments: A rather unforgiving racquet with plenty of power when you need it. If you like to finish your rallies off, this is the racquet great for attacking net players. I don't really think it is a pure baseliner racquet, but great for volleys and blocking shots. Overall an excellent racquet for players with a strong arm. Don't go looking for the racquet to generate power. You have to do the work. I found on serve, if I hit it sweet, it really motors. I would recommend this racquet for the advanced player.
From: Luciano, 3/16

Comments: Agree with the comment below. This Graphene version feels tinny and has a small sweetspot comparing it to the IG version. It might be a tad quicker through the air but stability and plow are sacrificed. I really wanted to love it because of the cosmetics but if Head's agenda is to make things stiffer and lighter I have to start looking somewhere else.
From: Marek, 3/16

Comments: I have been playing with the last 4 generations of Prestige racquets on a 4.5 level. This is definitely the weakest combination of stiffness and power compared to the previous ones. For the first time, I feel some light pain in my arm after playing with it, also the power is so much lower than the Microgels and IG series. I'm changing strings to compensate the stiffness and lack of power, this will probably work because it's a professional frame. But in my opinion this is the poorest Prestige over the last years.
From: Gabe, /16

Comments: I am a 5.0 player. I played for years with the Pro Staff 90 (different versions) and I practice/teach young aspiring tour professionals. I switched to this racquet several years ago and never looked back. Wish it were slightly heavier.
From: Fernando, 12/15

Comments: I've been a really big fan of the YT IG version, just like Chris. This is the first time in years I am having arm pain because of a Prestige. The Graphene version plays very solid as well but it doesn't absorb as much vibration. I', still playing with the YT IG Prestige Mid at 12.4 ounces.
From: Pat, 12/15

Comments: I have to completely disagree with the TW reviews for this racquet. I am an ex 5.0 player now playing at the 4.0 level after a 17 year layoff. My old Prestige Tour 300 is cracked so I demoed 11 racquets, all of the top players models from Wilson, Babolat, Prince, and Head, with the exception of Prestige line due to the really bad TW reviews. After months of demoing, I got really frustrated because none of the racquets felt like my old Prestige 300. My top 3 were RF 97 (great volleys and groundies but just too heavy for me and I like a 12 ounce racquet), Head Radical Pro (too light and unstable volleys), and Prince Textreme 95 which I almost bought. Loved it, but not enough put away power. So as a last resort I demoed the Prestige Pro and MP. Within literally one rally, I knew the MP was it. It has a perfect blend of power and control. Really solid and buttery, feels like my old Prestige but with more power. Almost too much power but I will just have to learn how to dial it in. The Pro was nice too but I am used to the 18x20 pattern. The MP felt more solid at net and more power on serves.
From: Jonathan, 10/15

Comments: I wrote the review on 2/14 and want to amend what I wrote. I have now been playing with the MP Graphene for over a year and a half. In that time, I went back to the IG version for about 10 minutes. I thought the buttery feeling had left the Graphene version but I now realize that buttery feeling was really a dead feeling. The Graphene has so much more pop than the IG without sacrificing any control. It will take some getting used to but the Graphene is worth the money. I haven't seen any loss in plow through, control, or spin.
From: Don, 5/15

Comments: I've been around competitive tennis as a player and coach for just over 20 years. I've always been fond of Head and Fischer classic racquets. I've been on the hunt for a classic feeling yet modern racquet that could give a little more punch to my game yet retain the solid feel and control I've been used to get. I read the Talk Tennis forum comments on this Graphene Prestige MP stick as well as reviews and consequently avoided it for over a year. But I still ended up trying it and oh my, this is it! With the right strings, it can add MPHs to your game all the while securing the control hard hitters need. Same control, accuracy as the classics but a 'pow' off the stringbed that I've rarely experienced. I bought a couple of them, one being heavier than the advertised specs. The heavier one is 345 grams strung and is the most solid, confidence-building stick I've ever played with, and I've played with all of the Head classics. Please don't disregard this frame. And Head, please keep this traditional mould alive.
From: SlickTennis, 4/15

Comments: I bought the Head Prestige MP two months ago. I had been playing with Head Speed MP, and I had been struggling with the lack of control on my forehand. As soon as I used the Prestige I realized that I was hitting the ball in the court again! However, this racquet gives you exactly what you put in. Despite the 18x20 pattern, the access to spin is great, however the only area I still need to get used to it is the serve. You cannot hit flat serves and at the same time the kick serve is not that accessible. I guess that is just adjustment. The return of serve as well needs required adjustment as you can't just close your eyes and hit the ball. However, this is a fantastic racquet that I would recommend to any advanced player looking for control.
From: Bernard, 2/15

Comments: As a mid/high level high school tennis player, I'm used to ripping the ball with spin but recently broke my backup racquet. I mainly use a Dunlop AEROGEL 4D 300 Tour using 17g Solinco Barbed Wire at 60lbs. After getting the Prestige as a demo, I instantly bought it a week later after seeing how much control I was getting in every shot compared to the Dunlop. I also recently just switched my main racquet for the Prestige MP and now string it using 17g Solinco Tour Bite at 60lbs. I've gotta say, it took a bit of practice to adjust to this racquet but I've gotta say it changed my game big time.
From: Eric, 10/14

Comments: After an elbow problem I decided to find a new racquet suitable for me. All my research pointed towards heavy+buttery+head light racquets and after almost a year of trials I ended up buying two Prestige MP IG. I've been hitting pain free with it for about two years now and although it demands a lot physically and technically, I haven't found a better racquet for me so far. I demoed the Graphene model last week and I agree with some of the comments here. I would say the new Prestige Graphene MP is better but there are no so big differences with the previous model in feelings. It may have easier access to power and depth from the baseline, but it is still a demanding racquet. For me it has the same plow through but may be a bit less buttery feel. I didn't feel any pain in my elbow and I'm quite sensitive to it. I really liked it a lot so I would definitively recommend it. Good job guys in TW Europe!
From: Alvaro, 9/14

Comments: I bought this and had two other Prestige MP IG models that I kept switching back to. I felt bad that I paid so much money for the Graphene so I kept using it every other hitting session. I wrote the review on 2/14 and at that time I preferred the buttery feeling of the IG model. After about a month of hitting with the new Graphene racquet I have totally changed my mind. The new Prestige Graphene is better. I have restrung it about 4 times and for some reason the vibration has totally disappeared. Maybe the racquet has now broken in? Or perhaps I have found the sweetspot finally. Either way I feel the new stick has easier access to power, spin, and still has the same plowthrough. I broke strings a few weeks ago and had to pull out the IG model. It felt dead, hard to generate power, and felt like I was having to work overtime to generate the pace that the Graphene has. I thought it may have been the strings so I pulled out the other IG I still had with the fresh string job and still the same dead feeling. I was critical of the Graphene Prestige at first but now I am sold. I even sold my two IG racquets and bought a new Graphene. I hit with the new racquet expecting to feel the vibration again like I did with the first Graphene I bought and as hard as I tried I could not find it vibrating. This leads me to believe the sweetspot is slightly different than the IG and now that I am used to it the racquet felt great right out of the box. My advice, give it time and I think you will enjoy the new Prestige line too.
From: Don, 8/14

Comments: I have been using this racquet for the past 6 months, I've come to both, love and hate the racquet. As a mid-level high school player, I'm not particularly good nor bad at tennis, but I usually hit the sweetspot when hitting. Downsides: a small sweetspot (as everybody has said; I've become so used to not hitting the sweetspot, that when I do, I end up hitting long), tennis elbow (I've never had this issue before, but now, whenever I serve or don't hit the middle of the racquet, my elbow flares). Upsides: excellent control (I was able to place my shots pretty much anywhere on the court), easy volleys, and solid stability through groundstrokes.
From: Nick, 6/14

Comments: I have played with the previous version of this racquet for several years and I agree with the other other comments -- this racquet feels totally different. I liked the extra depth I got on the ball, more power, but ultimately gave up trying to get comfortable with this frame. I had it strung with Babolat RPM blast 18, 53 lbs. I'm a 4.5 player.
From: Royce, 4/14

Comments: I am a 4.5 player and try to play multiple times per week. I play with a two-handed backhand and have played with the Prestige MP Youtek and IG version and this Graphene version is different. I agree with those who say it has a more modern feel. I believe the sweet spot is still in the same place but felt different even though I used the same string and the same tension (MSV Focus Hex at 46lbs) as my IG racquets. I hit with it for only one hour and came to this conclusion: the Graphene version seems to have more power, swings a bit faster, but has lost that buttery feel with the older versions. I noticed no noticeable gains in spin, plow through, pace, etc. Head did a great job with the paint and look of the racquet and I do not think it is better or worse than previous versions, just different. It lost the buttery feel, gained a more modern feel at the same time gaining a bit of power while sacrificing the same amount of plow through. If you are not a classic Prestige player you might like this but the more traditionalist might find it a bit harder to put down the classic Prestige.
From: Don, 2/14

Comments: I demoed the Graphene Prestige MP today on an indoor carpet court. Hitting balls for one hour. Since Summer 2009, I have been playing with all of the previous Prestige models (Microgel, Youtek, IG). For string, I usually use the Tecnifibre x-One Biphase. I am a lefthanded baseliner with a one handed backhand and flat strokes. The feeling is totally different from all the other previous Prestiges -- head heavier! But I found a lot of stability on my groundstrokes. Access to spin is pretty much the same than before. The racquet is awesome on blocked balls! Easy power! If you are not that much of a "prestige traditionalist" give it a try. I did, I liked it a lot. It's going to be my next Prestige!
From: Till, 1/14

Comments: I have tried just about every racquet in this weight range including ones used by the pros. Of all the iterations of Head (PT280/630, Intlligence, Flexpoint, Liquid Metal, Microgel, Youtek, Youtek IG) this one is different. With a Wilson leather grip and a Tourna overgrip and a rubber band as a dampener strung with ALU Power, it weighs 12.2oz with a 315mm ballance but the swing weight is high do to the graphene giving the throat enough stiffness to be able to distribute the weight in the head and handle where you want it. The feel is true with the right amount of stiffness 64 RA. I've always used Tecnifibre x-One Biphase in the Prestige's so that will be next, but I will compare Head IntelliTour because that is what Gilles Simon uses in this racquet. If you have a one handed backhand and you find the weight and swing weight a little to high, try on move you hand up a litte bit on the racquet, that will lower the swing weight.
From: Michael, 1/14

Comments: This new model is slightly head heavier than the IG Prestige MP. Therefore, the swing weight is a little higher, more stable, more power, and it is muting. The paint job is really awesome plus the red cap grommets. Mine was strung with RPM Blast 17g at 54 lbs and the racquet hit very good with great power and precision. It has great plow through. If you have the IG Prestige MP, you can add some lead tape at 10 and 2 and then it will hit just like this new version of Graphene Prestige MP. Stiffness on both are the same.
From: Anon, 1/14

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