Gosen Polylon Comfort 17 722' Reel White Customer feedback

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Comments: This is a very comfortable string. I might use it again. I am using this string as a cross with natural gut mains. This is the most comfortable poly cross that I ever used. It is also very slippery and allows the mains to snap back.
From: Charles, 7/15

Comments: I've been playing with this string for about 4 years. First on Head racquets at 55 lbs. The spin is very nice and the durability is great. This year I changed racquets to the Dunlop 500 Tour at 46 lbs. The power is very nice, but the durability was shorter due to less tension, the control was a little lower, but it's still a great string. I would not change it ever.
From: Luis, 11/12

Comments: This is a very comfortable string. I hybrid this string with the OG Sheep 16g at 55 lbs on my AeroPro Drive GT. I love especially the soft feel and the ball pocketing. The spin is good as well.
From: Jeremie, 10/12

Comments: Terrific string. I tried a friends racquet that had this string in the mains and Gosen OG sheep micro 17 in the crosses at 52lbs. I then strung my racquet with this hybrid setup at 52lbs and it felt a little tight and lacked some power. Then I strung it at 51lbs and it feels and plays great. I find this hybrid setup very good for doubles play. Comfortable yet crisp feel, and very accurate. Does have good spin but not a high powered string.
From: John, 5/12

Comments: Full bed Polylon Comfort 17 at 45 lbs in a Dunlop 100G 4D (90 square inch head size). I've been stringing for 6+ years and have tried pretty much the full spectrum of strings (and many racquets). Modern polys, synthetic guts, multifilaments, and their various combinations in hybrids, in my opinion, have their unique general characteristics that hold true regardless of price. However the unique construction of this string seems to truly blunt the harshness of a monofilament poly while maintaining spin potential, tension, and durability. Good job Gosen!
From: Flip, 11/11

Comments: I got this string yesterday and I put it on my three racquets. The first one is the Wilson Sting 85 version; this is a kind of soft racquet for its high percentage of graphite. I put it on the main and NRG2 on the cross. (60/62lb) I found this string give me enough power(not too much) and control, but less feel than the Klip Kboom/NRG hybrid. Secondly, I put it on my Jack Pro Staff 85 (SV) at the same tension, the feel and comfort is perfect but I found this string give me much more power than ALU Power Rough/NRG2 hybrid. After finding that, I cut the string and increased the tension to 65/65, then I felt better control. However, it was still a bit too much power. And the third racquet I put this string on is a POG 90. Still with NRG2 hybrid I found this string works perfectly. Enough but not too much power, nice control, and also good comfort and feel. This is just some experiences for me.
From: Alex. 8/11

Comments: I've tried a lot of poly strings. Unfortunately, the ultra stiff polys did in my elbow. Still I loved the control a good poly provides. Using the USRSA string DB, I discovered the Gosen Polyon Comfort 17, which is only a few points stiffer than my favorite string, Gosen SM 17. So I created a hybrid of Polyon 17 comfort mains and SM 17 crosses. Strung at 63 mains and 62 crosses in a Prince Hybrid Shark MP. Power, comfort and control. Good for roughly 12-14 hours before the poly went dead. If the brand name polys hurt your arm, this one is worth a try.
From: Anon, 01/11

Comments: These strings can be good depending what you want in a poly. First off, I strung this Polylon Comfort 17 at 56 lbs on a 98 sq inch racquet and I was having arm trouble. My old tennis elbow started to kick in again especially on the serves. Maybe 56 lbs was too tight but I didn't like it. It got mushy very fast. The spin however is average or better and it hold tension very well. It really felt like it was still 56 lbs after it was on the racquet for a month with about 10-15hrs of playing time. As for power, not much for this poly since it got mushy quicker than I thought. I think this string is perfect for string breakers and those who love poly. After playing with Poly Star Energy 1.25, I don't want to try anything else.
From: Cho, MN, USA, 10/10

Comments: I've tried a few polyester strings and in my opinion these strings were the worst of what I've tried. This string was NOT easy on my arm. My elbows started hurting five minutes after I started playing with it. The strings don't move if thatís what you're looking for but, in my opinion I'd go with the big bangers.
From: Eric, Los Angeles, CA, USA. 11/06

Comments: I love this string because it's durable, fairly cheap, has good power and feel, comfortable, spin friendly, and they do not move! Try them out - I doubt you will be disappointed.
From: Kevin, San Diego, CA 04/06

Comments: This string will give you comfort, spin, durability and controlled power. Also, the strings do not move and produces a pop in sound when you make contact with the ball. Tennis players should try this string.
From: Ron, Fort Wayne, IN, USA. 2/06

Comments: I use a Yonex Tour MP-5 with Gosen Polylon Comfort 17G on the mains and Gosen OG Sheep Micro 17G (unbranded as it's a lot cheaper) on the crosses all strung at 26KGs. If you can imagine driving your favourite sports car, this is how these strings handle. Lovely crisp feel, lots of control and the strings hardly move at all! I can't comment about durability as I've only recently strung my racquet, however as its a polyester, I'm expecting the string to be very good in this department.
From: Peter, London, United Kingdom 01/06

Comments: This string is great! It plays softer and is more comfortable that any other polys that I have tried. After playing about 6 hours, it shows minimal notching. This string does not move. No question in my mind that this string is durable. This string has bite and feel without the dead arm problems Kevlar presents. I used a hybrid job with Polycomfort in the mains (63 lbs) and Prince Original Synthetic 16g in the crosses (62lbs. )I play with a Fischer Pro Extreme FT, which is a pretty spin friendly racquet to begin with. The only drawbacks are stringing is difficult, as with all polys. But, as far other polys, this one was probably the easiest to string. It does lose tension faster that synthetic. But, again this string does not lose tension as fast as other poly strings. I am a 4.0 player S/V singles and 4.0 doubles player.
From: Rod, Orange County, CA, USA. 3/04

Comments: I'm a 4.5 player, and play mostly from the baseline. I bought 2 Head i.Radicals strung at 62 lbs. One was strung with Luxilon ALU Big Banger and this Gosen Polylon Comfort 17 to see how they compare head to head. I totally expected the Luxilon to play very well (with all the great reviews and higher cost) and they did, only the Gosen felt even better. It even had a little more pop than the Luxilon and when you really hit hard, the Gosen gives you that extra control. It seems to hold on to the ball a little longer to help you guide the shot better. When you hit with this string, it sounds so good you won't believe it. The great thing about this string is how inexpensive it is, and being a polyester string, you would think it would be stiff, but it's actually a pretty soft string compared to other polys. Also, on a somewhat dense string pattern, this 17-gauge string gives me plenty of spin when I need it. I'm totally sold on this string, plus it's been quite durable. I've played with it a total of about 10 hard hitting hours and there's been no wear whatsoever. Overall, the ALU Big Bangers are great, but this Gosen is much better and cheaper.
From: Paul, Fairfax, VA, USA. 2/04

Comments: I've tried a few of the poly's that are out there and it always seemed to be the same story, nice spin but too much power and limited control. Based on a recommendation from a buddy, I recently purchased the Polylon Comfort 17's, only strung it a couple of pounds less than I strung my NXT strings. I can't believe I'm saying this about a poly, but here goes: Great feel, great spin, nice pop when you need it but not overwhelming power. I play with the i.Radical OS @ 64lbs, I like to swing through the ball and can generate plenty of my own power, I don't want a string that adds to the power that already comes from today's rackets and what I can bring to the court. This string does exactly that. It compliments your game while giving you the confidence to be able to swing out. The only thing I haven't completely mastered with these strings is the slice, but I'm sure that after a few more hours on the court it'll come back around. The greatest thing is that there's no more string adjust
From: Jason, Los Angeles, CA. 9/03

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