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Comments: The only negative feedback came from someone who admittedly may have strung too tightly in a 18x20 string bed. I strung my Wilson Pro Staff 97 at 42 lbs with Moto 17 and I absolutely love it. Very crisp with plenty of control and nice pop when you hit cleanly in the sweetspot. I have a bad arm and this string did not bother my arm at the tension that I used. Give it a try, definitely worth it! You may have to experiment with tension but start low and you should be fine.
From: Randy, 12/15

Comments: I tried this in the mains in my Pro Kennex Qtour (it was one of the mains I was able to choose when I got the racquet) and a synthetic gut cross, strung at 55 lbs for both. Now, I will admit, that may have been too tight for an 18x20, but it was awful. No spin, no power, and it woke up my elbow pain that had been controlled. I cut it out just to make sure I wouldn't put myself through another session with it. Again, I'm not saying the string is a bad string, but it is definitely a bad string at 55 pounds in a dense stringbed. Consider yourself warned. I'm a 4.5 former college player.
From: JD, 6/15

Comments: I have finally found the perfect string for my 4.5 game. The first time out, this string felt a little stiff at 53 lbs in my AreoPro Drive. The second day it softened up perfectly and stayed that way until it broke about 26 hours of play later. It does have huge spin with crisp volleys and deep driving ground strokes. Serving is also crisp but with crazy spin. I like the big snapping sound it makes when you hit the sweet spot. I have tried the 16 gauge and 17gauge and both feel great. I am sure if you string it to tight you might not get the results I have gotten. I have tried other really good strings like Solinco Tour Bite and Edge, Outlast, Head Sonic Pro, Babolat PH Tour, RPM Blast and Team and a few other hybrids of these. For my 52 year old left- handed spin friendly arm, this just works for me!
From: Keith, 11/13

Comments: Massive spin, great control. String bed was still stiff at 50 pounds on a Wilson BLX BLade 104. The string performed great, but my only issue was that it sounded hollow. The ping sound it made was terrible. Therefore, I cut it out. If the sound of the string doesn't matter to you, then definitely give it a try.
From: Dan, 9/13

Comments: Awesome string! Felt a little stiff as a full bed, so I hybrid it with Head PPS and wow! Hit away at the ball and it stays in!
From: Shea, 8/13

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