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Comments: Not my cup of tea. It feels very similar to me as RPM Blast does -- very muted, better than average spin, and little/no power. I just prefer a little more pop, although this genre of string is never going to be deemed powerful, by any stretch. Brittany's comments in the video ought to be heeded: lower your tension a few pounds for better results.
From: Brett, 8/15

Comments: I am really starting to like this string. I string it on the mains and use a soft Goosen Micro for the crosses. My first time, I strung it a bit loose and it had too much bite. The next time I went tighter on my Babalot Pure Drive GT and really like it. It has very good bite, was soft on my arm, kept its tension, and had good control. Although it has good pocketing, I think a tighter tension works best with a soft cross string. I think this is much better than the Zo Tour and RPM Blast, which had problems with tension retention.
From: Paul, 3/15

Comments: A good string over all. There is a lot of spin on shots and pretty good control also. A bit low powered so I couldn't get my shots deep enough. It is a pretty stiff string for me and it does hurt my wrist after playing with it for a while if strung around 55 lbs. If I could I would restring it at a lower tension to so its not as hard on my arm and so I can get a little bit more power on my shots.
From: Sean, 9/14

Comments: I just played for the first time with the Moto 16, and love it so far! I'm using it in one of those whacky Wilson Steam racquets with the 16x15 string pattern that have a rep for producing tons of spin while eating strings. The Gamma seems to pocket the ball better producing more spin, and it feels much softer than the Luxilon 4G last used, which is what Wilson recommends in this racquet. Shots both my partner and I thought were sailing long dove in off both forehand and backhand sides, and it seemed like I was getting more power and kick on serves. I just hope it lasts and holds tension, because I love it! I'm a 55 year old 4.0 and play 3-5 times per week.
From: John, 1/14

Comments: This string is the first of the textured co-polys that I have tried besides the Pro Hurricane Tour, which for me, at low tension, was great but a pain in the elbow otherwise. This string definitely helps keep the ball between the lines, but if you like hitting with power you may want to use it as a hybrid with a softer string in the crosses to help generate some depth and power. I mated it with the Dunlop Silk and I have to say it's a pretty good combo. 58lbs on Moto 16 mains and 60lbs on the Silk and it does give very good ball pocketing.
From: Dustin, 7/13

Comments: I switched to this string after Gamma discontinued their fantastic Zo Tour string (for reasons I can't fathom, as everyone I know who used Zo Tour loved that string) and my Gamma rep recommended I use Moto instead. After about 4 months of playing on it to give it a fair shake, I have to say that it's not the glorious Zo Tour replacement I was hoping for. This is not to say it's bad string, however. It's definitely successful at doing what it advertises: generating spin. This stuff bites into the ball like Tyson into Holyfield's ear, to the point where loopy swingers may have trouble finding depth on topspin shots. If you struggle for depth, this may not be a good thing, but for those of us who tend to hit long this stuff tames shots back into the court very well. Other positives -- it holds tension well; the black looks good in most frames; it is very responsive; and is relatively inexpensive. Former Zo Tour fans (like myself) will have to look elsewhere for our fix, though. The main problem here is stiffness. This string lacks the softness of the Zo Tour, leading to jarring uncomfortable feel, less forgiveness on off-center shots, and in my case some pretty severe arm pain that sidelined me for two weeks after a few days of particularly hard hitting. It also doesn't feel like it pockets the ball well at's more of a "clicky" strike than a "boomy" strike (subjective, I know). Other cons -- pain to string with; durability is below average for a co-poly; and it isn't Zo Tour. I'd recommend this for: Juniors, those struggling with hitting long, people using VERY flexible frames or low tensions, people wanting co-poly on a budget. And I would avoid it if you're someone with arm problems; a senior; playing against big hitters/servers a lot (or if you are one yourself); or someone with a very stiff racquet.
From: Joel, 5/13

Comments: Very good string, good spin, ball pocketing, and good tension maintenance. Not too soft or too hard, right in the middle. I use it at 61 lbs in my Prince Diablo Midplus.
From: K.B., 3/13

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