Gamma Monoblast 16 String Reel Yellow Customer feedback

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Comments: I put this in the crosses at 53 lbs with Gamma TNT2 touch at 57 lbs in the mains in my Wilson BLX 95 16x18. I thought since it was a cheaper poly that it would be very stiff and cause arm pain. That is why I strung it at a relatively low tension. I haven't had any arm pain and I love the spin, control and power that I get from this set up. Next time I am going to up the tension on the crosses slightly. A few balls did sail long on me unexpectedly and hopefully upping the tension will fix that. I probably never would have tried this string if it didn't come with the stringing machine I bought.
From: Matt, 11/12

Comments: 2 words summarize this string: cheap and good! Usual polyester advantages, i.e. durability, holds tension, good spin, control, minimal fraying. Some string movement is there though, and although it says control on the packaging, it still packs plenty of power when hit on the sweet spot. I use this on my 6.1 prostaff 95, and strung 57 lbs. I should have strung it higher, cause this string is quite comfortable, and slightly more powerful than the class-leading polyesters like Luxilon big banger and Pro Hurricane tout by Babolat. If you like this string, you can try Gosen Polylon 17 as well. They play very similar. This is slightly more expensive, and slightly more attractive with the luminous yellow, so it has been a conversation starter on many occasions ("hey what fancy string are you using?").
From: Harold, Singapore, 12/10

Comments: I believe this is one of the best polys out there. It outplays more expensive polys out there. I hybrid it with Gosen OG Sheep Micro 17 in the mains. Doesn't last that long but I love the feel and the bite it gives to the ball.
From: Sylvain, Walnut Creek, CA, USA, 11/10
5.0 player

Comments: I bought a reel of this string and a reel of gamma advantage synthetic string in a 15 gauge and let me tell you the power spin and feel its amazing. The only thing I don't like of this string is that in the day it looks like green but in the night looks yellow. I use this string in Babolat aeropro drive cortex 56lbs.
From: Raul, Chicago Illinois 02/10

Comments: I wouldn't recommend these strings by itself. These are very stiff. But I would recommend them for hybrids. I use these as the mains and gamma synthetic wearguards for crosses. For some reason, even though these strings feel very slimy, they give me tons of spin.
From: Anon. 04/09

Comments: A nice string. Feels like a wire before stringing, but feels like a synthetic while playing. Nice control and power. Only complaint is that the strings look lime green. Can't wait to see a 17g version in natural color. (strung @55 lbs. in Babolat Pure Drive)
From: ANON. 04/09

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