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Comments: Very close to gut-like feel. I highly recommend this string if you're having arm pain. As others have said, string a little tighter than actual goal, for there is some tension loss after a few hours of play. I use Wilson NXT Control 16 and Technifibre HDX 16 as well. I seem to have better access to spin wih these, but all perform very well. The Gamma Professional 16 is softer than the other two, which makes it more gut like in comfort ad feel!
From: Ken, 10/16

Comments: It feels wonderful! It does seem to grip the ball quite well and being a multifiamint string it's easy on the arm. It really is a heavy textured string. I've been stringing racquets since the late '70s and I've tried lots and lots of strings, these are a very rough textured, hence the better ball griping feel. I've been in love with Wilson NXT for a long time, these are advertised to be made similar with the extra rough wrap for more gripping feel off the ball. I've hit with it twice now and I do like it.
From: Bruce, 6/15

Comments: Very good string. I use it in my Prince ESP Tour 100 at 58 pounds.
From: Mike, 8/14

Comments: 4.5 junior tennis player. I have the Aero Storm GT. Put Gosen polyon 16g on mains and gamma pro spin 16g on cross. Both at a tension of 61 pounds; one of the best hybrids you can possibly get. Has a lot of bite and exceptional control. Adding on to that has a great durability. The Gosen is very cheap polyester, but still very good string and the gamma pro spin is a bit expensive. This hybrid causes a little bit of elbow pain, but goes away after a little while.
From: John, San Francisco, CA, USA, 08/10

Comments: I strung a new racquet with a full bed at 60 lbs (mid-point tension). It's hard to justify the cost after playing four sets. Pay 5 bucks more and you can have Babolat Tonic 15L natural gut, which holds tension better and has superior playability all around. I'd prefer this stuff as a hybrid cross string. I think a 17g poly in the mains along with this Gamma Professional Spin as a cross string could be a great setup. If you do like a soft multifilament, then I recommend you sting at the high end of your racquet's tension range. Otherwise, you might find lots of your shots flying long!
From: Jim, Montgomery, TX USA. 2/09

Comments: I'm a 4.0+ heavy serving college player. I used Prince Lightning and Babolat hybrid but recently changed over with advice from my coach to a Babolat VS Natural ThermoGut 16 Touch String and Gamma Professional Spin 16 mix. It works better than any string I have ever used. It has amazing control, power and durability. If you have the $60 it takes to get both, I would highly suggest it. They are a better combination than the normal Babolat VS Hybrid. The Gamma provides better spin and control than Babolat Hurricane, and the VS is the best gut available.
From: Thomas, Michigan, USA. 12/07

Comments: This Gamma Pro Spin string 16 gauge is quite good. It's made better than some of the other manufacturers of spin string. The Gamma Spin Professional 16 gauge held up well, produced good topspin, sidespin and slices. Good on volleys also. You'll notice a difference, so take this string for a test drive.
From: Greg, NJ, USA. 11/07

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