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Comments: I think these strings are an excellent all-around type and very comfortable to use. Despite seeing numerous negative comments about wear, I find that I get excellent durability. String inserts can really increase this factor (Wilson inserts are the easiest to install) these strings are also priced reasonably.
From: Tom, 1/15

Comments: I have no idea why people claim pop is some kind of string virtue. I had this string at 58 lbs on a oversize Wilson racquet at 9.9 oz and 3 head heavy. Vibration compared to poly strings is much less which makes this string very comfortable to hit with.I didn't feel that it imparted the same amount of spin at first as a previous poly string but it give good depth and control with a similar swing and as the filaments began to get rough/chipped, more spin. My backhands didn't seem to have the preciseness as with a poly but were certainly softer on the arm. I would say a drawback is that the strings will move around quite a bit and need constant resetting. A shoulder problem prevents me from performing kick serves but the ball launches comfortably off the racquet face with slice serves and kept low and skiddy.
From: Scott, 4/12

Comments: I absolutely loved this string other than the fact that I would break about 2 of them a week with it as the crosses combined with Luxilon Big Banger Rough 16 gauge. They are so easy on the arm and have excellent feel, control, and power wasn't too bad either. The only thing bad about this string is the durability.
From: Matthew, 10/11

Comments: I tried this string on one of my friend's racket and my first impression was, "Wow, this is a really mediocre string." It was really hard to control the ball and the string kept moving all over the place. I lost a lot of power off both wings and my serve. My volleys plopped into the net. There was nothing that I liked about this string. From what I saw, it was also fraying. However, I do not know how long he had the string in his racket and his racket was a really low-end Head. Still, I thought the feel was almost like punching a pillow.
From: Michael, 05/09

Comments: This is a great string for any player. I used to hit with Babolat Pro Hurricane 16g. at 58 and my arm consistently hurt, so I switched to this and it really helped. So I think it's a great string.
From: Colton, Little Rock, Arkansas. 1/09

Comments: Makes an exceptional hybrid with Gamma Ruff 16 or Gamma TNT2 Ruff 16. A very soft string that has the playability of a Big Banger but much softer and easier on the arm. Has great durability for a multifilament and has great control and power
From: Ben, New Canaan, CT, USA, 04/07

Comments: These strings have a good amount of power with some control in them. I didn't like them so much though because they arenít that durable. They seem to peel and break easy. I like the prince lightning 16 on the 03 white racquet. If you play a lot of tennis these strings break really easy so I donít recommend them.
From: Natty Schneider, Bradenton, Fl. USA 4/2/06

Comments: A powerful string with average control. Loses tension and feels fast after a few sets. Below average spin, average durability. Iím a 4.5 player.
From: Gary, Detroit, MI, USA. 11/03

Comments: Lasted me 3 hours playing with a Hammer H6 strung at 58lbs. Not something you should use if you hit hard with a lot of spin.
From: Darren, Singapore. 11/03

Comments: This is a soft nice feeling string with more power than some of the traditional synthetic guts (TNT, Prince Synthetic). However it loses tension very fast and lasted less than one week at 2-3 hours of play. I am a 5.0 player, all court. Gary, Detroit, MI, USA. 10/03

Comments: I thought this string played great out of the box. The ball stays on the string longer than Gamma XP and has great spin and touch. But it seriously puttered out after 5-7 sets and is now kind of loose and dead. Going back to XP. Iím a 4.0 player.
From: Steve, San Antonio, TX, USA. 4/03

Comments: As far as playability is concerned, Live Wire is one of the finest strings available. Great "pop", excellent bite on the ball, and comfort are the most notable attributes (I believe it does the first two much better than NXT). Unfortunately, it only lasts a little over a week and a half (10-14 hours). Thus, I don't experience the dead feeling that allegedly develops over time. If you don't hit with lots of spin and can afford to restring every week or two (neither of which describe me), I would highly suggest this string. Strung in a Dunlop 300G @ 75-71lbs.
From: Dean, Appleton, WI, USA. 3/03

Comments: I've been playing regularly for the last 11 years and this is the best synthetic string I've had the pleasure to use. I have two identical racquets except for the string. One has Wilson TourGut (natural gut, my favorite of all the natural gut strings) and the other has Gamma Live Wire Pro 16. The two racquets hit THE SAME! Try it and you won't be disappointed.
From: Dan, Maine, USA. 2/03

Comments:I feel this string is pretty lively for the first week or week and a half, but after that, it starts feeling dull or "dead". However, this string is very durable and lasts for a while. Personally, I feel the Wilson NXT 17 is a much better choice and for practically the same price.
From: Andrew, Silicon Valley, CA. USA 2/03

Comments: I usually find multifilament strings too soft but the Gamma Live Wire 16 has bite, more so than the Pro version. I play top club level and have re-strung all our 1st team's rackets with this string with only positive feedback. I did have one go very quickly but with string savers on the vulnerable strings I am getting good use from my ProKennex 5g strung at 56lbs.
From: Toby, England 8/02

Comments: I was excited about Gamma Live Wire 16, but was disappointed with the string. The problem I faced was the string was just too dead feeling. When I called Gamma, they said to adjust the tension up to 5 pounds lower that I used with my previous Gamma Pro Plus strings. While this adjustment improved the feel, I still did not enjoy the string as much as Gamma Pro Plus 16.

On the "plus" side, these strings are one of the more durable "premium strings" offered by Gamma. In my opinion, they are an excellent string for a hard-hitter/string breaker who is reluctant to go the Kevlar route.
From: John, Chicago, IL. USA 8/00

Comments:I recently just got my racquet restrung with Gamma Live Wire 16g. I think it's great but the longevity is not that good. It lasted me about two weeks.
From: Tom, Carmel, Ca. USA 4/00

Comments:Gamma Live Wire 16g. is one of the best strings I have ever used in the 17 years I've been playing. I have tried so many different strings but not one exactly fit me. I am a player who likes delicate and creative shots. I used Gamma TNT 16 before I changed to Gamma Live Wire 16. I also used some different strings such as Prince, Wilson, Babolat, and Tecnifibre. What seperates Gamma Live Wire from other multi-filament strings is that it's more elastic and durable than others.

After I played tennis on a hard court for 12 years in the U.S., I play on clay now in Korea. I have played at a 5.0 level in the U.S., both singles and doubles. At the age of 43, I usually play doubles in Korea.
From: Kim, Seoul, Korea 2/00

Comments:I am a big hitter and break any string easily. Gamma Live Wire 16g. String has great feel for a week and a half, maybe longer depending on how often you play.
From: Matt, Cincinatti, OH. USA 1/00

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