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Comments: Great grip! Stays durable and tacky for a long, long time. One of the main problems though is because it is so firm, you get blisters when playing with it at first. My hand has callused over at first and it's totally worth the first two weeks of pain. I'm getting more response from the ball from every hit.
From: Porter, 5/16

Comments: I gotta say, I didn't love this grip as much as I wanted to. I thought it was too firm and lacked a certain level of comfort. If you're really into leather grips, I'd give it a try simply because it's very affordable. Overall, I was fairly dissatisfied and have since been using the Prince ResiPro (leather colored) grips and couldn't be happier with them.
From: Jeremy, 11/15

Comments: I use this grip on my AeroPros, (one GT and one Original), and this grip goes great with a tacky overgrip like Wilson Pro, Yonex Super Grap, or Gamma Supreme. The ridges stand out pretty nicely and gives good feel. But the grip by itself is pretty hard on the hands after a while and can have the same consistency as sandpaper. I always use an overgrip so this isn't a problem. Overall, this is a good grip for using with an overgrip.
From: Shintaro, 5/15

Comments: A very good leather grip, easy to install and it does not have a strong smell on it.
From: Felix, 12/14

Comments: Decent grip. I prefer the TW leather grip, but this is a good alternative.
From: Lambert, 5/13

Comments: I must have gotten the bad apple as I have not been happy with this grip. I have used Fairway grips for years but cannot find them anywhere. The Gamma grip I received was so slick that I cannot use the racquet with this grip. In desperation I applied regular brown shoe polish to the grip and it did improve the tackiness a bit - but not enough. I'm a USTA 5.0 player and I need to know that I can trust the grip when I rip through my strokes - this grip is headed for replacement.
From: Sven. 5/11

Comments: Great grips at a very low $$$. Highly recommended. When you wrap this thing you need to make sure that you don't roll the starting end too close to the end of the butt cap. Otherwise, it will not stay in place.
From: Fred, Orange, CA, USA, 11/10

Comments: Good grip. Long-wearing and easy to install, almost as good as the TW grip. Used with and without overgrip with excellent results. Still hoping the TW grips come back though as they are out of stock right now.
From: Art, Los Angeles, CA, USA, 10/08

Comments: Great price for a leather replacement grip. You get the same feel as the Wilson leather and soaks up sweat nicely. Did not like the Babolat one much as it was too hard and wasn't tacky enough when my palms got very sweaty. The gamma leather is not as soft or tacky as the pacific leathers TW used to sell but a great alternative leather if you're on a budget. I'd definitely buy another gamma leather grip again.
From: Eric, LA, CA, USA, 07/07

Comments: I don't actually use the grip; I put an overgrip on it. But I have never felt so great a combo: natural grip, synthetic overgrip. I'd say use on overgrip on it, because it's brutal on the hands.
From: Wesley, Suffern, NY, USA, 06/07

Comments: So far so good, this leather grip is being used under an overgrip and it offers the feel like any other leather grip. In the past I've always used Fairway, but those are hard to come by. Feels a bit softer than Babolat, which I do use and also softer than Fairway. Can't comment on the durability since I use an overgrip over it. I just ordered a Wilson leather and will do a compare on all Gamma, Babolat, Fairway, and Wilson.
From: Karl, Santa Ana, CA, USA, 02/07

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