Gamma Infinity 16 Natural String Customer feedback

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Comments: These strings are really good. Plenty of spin. Plenty of control. Feels like a Ashway Crossfire but more control and power. I did however notice that the strings play better after a few sessions. Perhaps I had it at a tension that was slightly too high. Also, the strings tend to move quite a bit. But if you use a tight string pattern, it doesn't make much of a difference.
From: Lee. 9/11

Comments: Good set-up for a baseliner! I have it in my nTour 95 at 57M/59C and it plays great! It really lets me hit out on the ball with plenty of control and spin. It lacks feel however. It's starting to make me a kevlar fan.
From: Anon., St.Paul, MN, USA. 5/10

Comments: Has anyone tried using the kevlar as crosses with a soft multifilament?
From: Anthony, Chicago, Il, USA
(Anthony, You could try posting this question on the Talk Tennis message board. A lot of players who post there like to experiment with different string set-ups. -- TW Staff)

Comments: Gamma Infinty has good playabilty, but it is too stiff. I also disliked it because it moved A LOT. After 15 mingutes, it was moving, and never stopped tilit broke. Excellent control though.
From: Zach, Tampa, Florida, USA 02/10

Comments: I have used this for mroe than 2 years now. I have tried other strings but have always come back to this one. I am not a frequent string breaker, but I do break strings occasionally. I am very picky about tension. This string breaks in almost right away and plays well longer than other strings that I have tried (Luxilon Big Banger, Gamma Zo Power, Wilson NXT, Gamma TNT2). It feels great and provides great feel (regardless of what other people may believe because it is kevlar at the mains) and incredible control. While the strings tend to move after a while, they do not seem to interfere with the playability. Overall, this is a great string. I string my own racquets at 60lbs and striing crosses with TNT2 instead of the synthetic gut found in most packages.
From: Jimmy, Philly, PA. 1/08
Racquet: HEAD Flexpoint Prestige Mid

Comments: I use a semi-western grip and this string played very well. I have a tendency on breaking strings every 2 weeks. And with this string it lasted about 2 months. Great for spin or if you want to hit a screamer down the line for a passing shot. The feel of the string isnít that great for droppers but the playability is high. I would rate it a 9/10
From: Ron, Pleasantville, NY, USA, 07/07

Comments: This string is good for the first two weeks but afterwards they loose thier tension and break REALLY easily.
From: JPC, Gainesville, FL 04/06

Comments: Infinity is a relatively playable string but it has a tendency to break rather easily. I am a harder hitting college player and I can break them quite easily. However, they really do supply great control and really let you swing out.
From: Andrew, Philadelphia, PA, USA. 9/05

Comments: I was looking for a more durable string and I found the Gamma Infinity 16 surprising playable, right from the very first play. It produces rather good spin and slice too.
From: Chris, Singapore.1/04

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