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Comments: Feels really good. You can swing freely and the ball lands. It's good in all areas of my game. It has uped my game to another level.
From: anon. 06/09

Comments: These strings offer great control and good longevity. But don't wait to break a string before you change strings! This is a common mistake made by the average club player. Once a racquet loses a few pounds of tension an advanced player will ALWAYS restring the racquet. In general, looser strings mean more power, but less control; tighter strings mean more control, but less power. I play at a 5.0 level and get about eight matches (at max) out of these strings, which I consider to be very good durability.
From: Michael Boyle, Ferndale, MI, USA. 04/05

Comments: I am a player who plays 4 times a week and plays very aggressively. I hit hard and play with a lot of topspin. When I am using ordinary synthetic gut strings, they do not last more than 2 single-matches on an outdoor clay tennis court. After I have been introduced to Gamma Infinity 15L I can play 8-10 single-matches before they break. I do my own restringing and I make sure that the racquets are strung exactly the same way each time. And the strings always last 4-5 times longer than ordinary synthetic gut strings.
From: Soeren, Copenhagen, Denmark, 4/04

Comments: I've been using Gamma Infinity 15L for about two years now and believe me, these strings are very durable. The Kevlar seems to fray slightly after long periods of hitting since I am a hard hitter. I would recommend these strings for anyone looking for maximum durability. I used to string them at 80lbs on my racket but now I string them at 78lbs on my Wilson ProStaff Original 6.0 85", and have total control on these strings. The only downside to these strings is that once they tend to lose tension pound after pound, the balls seem to fly. Its harder to put topspin on these strings when they lose tension. Well to me they do. Iím thinking about jumping up to 80lbs again so I can keep the control of the ball longer when hitting for hours. I enjoy these strings a lot, but Iím also looking towards buying the Gamma Marathon 16 for more feel, though.
From: Nic, SoCal, USA. 8/03

Comments: I am a 3.5 - 4.0 player who hits with a lot of top spin and I play about 10 hours a week. All I have to say is that these strings can last you forever, maybe even outlast your racquet. I strung it about four months ago and the strings are still perfect. One set back is that it takes some time for the strings to soften. Once it does, you will like it and I again emphasize this, the string last FOREVER.
From: Jim, Portland, OR USA. 7/03

Comments: I am a 4.5 player with a tremendous amount of topspin. I was forced to buy my own stringing machine because I was paying too much to have my racquet strung. A friend told me about Gamma Infinity and Iím very pleased with the outcome. Now I restring every three months and that is exceptional. Gamma Infinity gets 5 stars.
From: Alexis, Fort Worth, Texas, USA. 4/03

Comments: I am a solid 5.0 player who hits the balls five to six times a week. I have used a number of different strings in the past, namely Prince and Wilson from 17 to 19. They all more or less have the same qualities, feel and control to them. The only problem I had with all of them is the longevity. I had to restring my racquets at least three times a month. At $25.00 each it was heavy on my pocket. Then one day a friend of mine told me about Gamma Infinity 15, and I decided to give a try. I could not believe it! It has the same qualities as the more expansive and overpriced strings on the market but they last FOREVER! I have yet to break a string. I have played for almost three months with the same racquet and yet to loose the feeling and control of it. Keep in mind that I play five times a week for about three and a half hours a day! If you have the same problem as I used to have, try this string and you will be glad you did.
From: Val, Chicago, IL. USA 12/02

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