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Comments: Great tape, sticks well without being a hassle to take off. It is a bit thin so the tape will start peeling off with a couple of scrapes to the ground. Best part is that you can adjust the length of tape being applied to the racquet. Other vendors will give a certain amount of tape to be applied for 1 racquet, making adjustments more annoying. The tape is easy to tear off with your hands. I usually change the tape whenever my strings breaks, which is usually once every 2-3 weeks. The tape I have been using does not have any logo.
From: James, 9/16

Comments: The one I got recently is all black without any logo (unlike the previous version which was dark grey with Gamma logo). Unfortunately, it also appears that this new version wears quicker than the old one. Seems like it's either thinner or less strong. The old one will rarely wear all the way through with one single hit on the ground, but the new one does. Will be looking for an alternative now.
From: Andrew, 2/14

Comments: I enjoy this head tape a lot and it has protected the head of my racquet from a lot of nasty scratches. Make sure to change the tape at least once every 2 weeks, or the tape will just stick on and it will be a pain to take off.
From: Alessandro, 12/13

Comments: The last couple of rolls that I bought don't have the Gamma logo on them and don't seem as sticky. Gamma has confirmed that this is the new format. I've been using it for years, but will likely move on.
From: Matt, 10/13

Comments: Excellent tape. It stays on the racquet well. There is no Gamma logo on it like others have complained about.
From: Bilal, 9/12

Comments: When I first ordered it I got the one with the gamma logo, that was very thick and not too sticky, that came off very quick and wasn't very adhesive. I ordered 3 more the other day and I just received them today, they are plain without any logo, much softer and stickier, make sure that u order the plain one and not the gamma logo with it. It works just fine without the logo and sticks on the sides with less bubbles. I'm a stringer and put this tape on all of my customers racquets.
From: Ali, 5/12

Comments: An update on my previous comments: 1.) Looks like there is a picture showing the Gamma logo now. Maybe I missed it before or TW has put it up. 2.) The tape can be torn through easily with hands without using scissors. 3.) It takes about 2-3 good whacks to the ground at one location before it scrapes all the way through. I usually replace it after every 2 sessions because there would be holes somewhere. 4.) For those that think the tape is too sticky and have trouble removing it, an easy trick is to stick the tape on some dusty or linted area (like on a cotton shirt) to "dirty" it up and reduce the stickiness before applying on the racket. I find that this reduces the stripping of paint on old or beat up rackets.
From: Andrew, 2/12

Comments: This tape is much tougher than the Babolat tape. Iím not sure if I got a bad roll, but the glue doesnít seem to be sticky enough & it keeps popping up.
From: Domenick, New Kensington, PA, USA, 10/10

Comments: I just want to point out that the tape is lined with the Gamma logo all the way through. The picture doesn't show this. I was looking for a head guard tape that was totally plain, and it turned out this wasn't it. However, the tape performs well. No complaints there.
From: Andrew (Prostaff 6.0), Arcadia, CA, USA. 4/10

Comments: This is OK. Generally, it works. But drop it on the ground and a huge chunk peels off.
From: Nick, USA 03/10

Comments: This is ok tape. I honestly don't think there is any tape that will compare to the plastic bumper guards. This gets the job done pretty well unless you drop your racket, which can lead to huge chunks of tape peeling off.
From: Corey, Ocean, NJ 09/09

Comments: The tape is quite tough while remaining relatively light. I used it on my Prostaff 6.0 and it has protected the grommet and head numerous times from unwanted scratches and damage. Replacement of tape is pretty easy and, after applied, does not peel off involuntarily.
From: Anjian, Goleta, CA, USA, 11/07

Comments: This is a real good protective tape, it seems to have layers and layers of woven fibers that even when scraped the first time there is a second layer that will protect any actual damage to the racket.
From: Eric, Seattle, WA, USA, 08/07

Comments:This protection tape is awesome! I use it to protect my beloved Head Prestige Classic 600. I am a frequent string breaker so I replace the tape every time I re-string my Prestige and this tape comes off very easily without any residue left on your racquet.
From: Ivan, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, 06/07

Comments: Lasts forever and protects your racquet a lot. It comes off really easy if you want to change it. I am currently using a Pure Drive with hybrid strings and it protects the strings.
From: Anonymous, 5/07

Comments: While this tape did protect the top of my Head Flexpoint racquets, it was very difficult to remove when it came time to replace the tape. The manager of a local tennis shop recommended using Babolat tape instead.
From: Ron, Montgomery, AL, USA, 06/06

Comments: This really helps with string durability. My Yonex VCON 17 has the muscle power technology that exposes the strings, so I get a lot of broken ones. This stuff is really good! I've cut down on string costs tremendously.
From: Tommy, Columbus Ohio, USA. 08/04

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