Gamma Hi Tech Gel Contour Grip Black Customer feedback

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Comments: This grip has the weight/dampening of a leather grip and the grooves create a nice contour. It's a bit thick and weighs about 23-24 grams. Perfect if you want a hand filling a contour grip with dampening, which is what I wanted.
From: Dennis, 9/15

Comments: This grip is great if you want to increase your racquet grip size. It feels great, however it made my handle almost round, it's really thick. I like to feel the edges, so this one did not work. I went with a Wilson contoured grip which is much thinner and works better for me.
From: Max, 3/15

Comments: Excellent grip. Great feel, good tack, significant shock absorption properties. This grip works for me in three ways. One, the shock absorption was tremendous and felt right away. It allows one to plow through groundstrokes without twisting or turning on impact. Second, the tack was great enough to keep from having to squeeze the racquet too tightly. Third, the contour allowed me to keep the racquet face steady throughout the entire swing, hence more control and spin. (USTA 5.0 all court game)
From: Mark, 7/14

Comments: This contour grip is by far one of the best on the market. Wilson makes a similar grip to this one but it is way too harsh. I also like Gosen's contour grip which is similar to this one at lower cost.
From: Mike, 2/13

Comments: Awesome grip! My hand never slips even though how sweaty they get. My game has improved so much with this contour grip. Thanks Gamma.
From: Shaun. 5/11

Comments: Same as SK notes. It is a very good grip. I have the non gel one as well and they both are good. Cuts the vibrations down and comfort is great. But just watch out because your grip will get bigger. I went from a 1/2 grip and it feels like a 5/8 or even bigger.
From: LK 08/09

Comments: I just replaced my Duratac grip on a Prince NXG L4. The original Duratac was a fine grip, but I am suffering from a sore hand, so decided to try this out. Fairly easy to change, and the recesses are well aligned to aid re- gripping. I played some 3 hours today for the first time, and the comfort is noticeably higher. The gel helps against those mishits that jar the racquet a lot, but a couple of things to watch out for: 1. The grip is thicker that most grips, and if your grip size is already on the high side, this will increase it. 2. Your racquet will likely gain about 1 oz. For me, this was actually a gain, because I wanted to add more weight to the handle, so the grip did that for me. The grip itself is very comfortable, the contours help, especially while switching, and when serving. Maybe if the gel layer was a little thinner.
From: SK, MV, CA, USA 04/06

Comments: I didn't think a grip could improve one's game as much as this grip did for mine. I always used a tacky overgrip for better grip but the racquet still at times would move in my hand causeing a off center/off power shot. This grip enabled me to hit better topspin and gave me more general confidence and control w/ my groundstrokes. It also improved my serve. I recommend this to everyone who currently is useing an overgrip of sort.
From: First Name: Jon, Duluth, Ga, USA 02/06

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