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Comments: Does anyone know the weight and thickness of this grip?
From: Doug, 1/15

Comments: I have just purchased these recently and am very happy with the quality. Definitely will be ordering more!
From: Malcom, 11/14

Comments: The last few that I bought from TW were disappointing. The tackiness did not last more than a couple weeks (playing 5 times a week). Did Gamma change anything? The tackiness used to last a lot longer.
From: Daniel, 8/14

Comments: One of the best grips out there. This grip has a nice balance of tack and dryness. The contour enhances the traction. The only comparable one is Gosen Contour grip. Gosen seems to be tackier than Gamma, therefore more suitable for winter use. Highly recommended.
From: Mike, 7/13

Comments: I needed a grip that my fingers could hold onto without feeling I was bearing down on the thing. I can now hit a solid one handed backhand, my volleys are spot on and the extra size allows my arm to stay relaxed while still holding the racquet firm. I can actually feel the octagon shape as well as the angled ribs. A good racquet starts at the grip, and this one is superb.
From: Eric, 10/11

Comments: Great grip when it comes to minimizing twist upon ball impact. It gives you greater control over the ball. I've found no mishits or shanks with the grip. However, my hands don't sweat a lot so I find that the contoured ribs give me blisters on my palm. The blisters are a pain and sometimes affect my game. Overall, great grip if the racquet tends to want to fly out of your hand.
From: anon. 06/09

Comments: Love it! Ditched my overgrips which only lasted 1,2 matches and wore out, this grip feels great. Super tacky, the ribs feel good as well. I won't bother with all the other overgrips (Tourna, Gamma, Head) anymore!
From: Davis
Atlanta 10/21/05

Comments: This grip has a great feel so long as its dry. It really is the best contour grip out there--so long as you don't sweat a lot. When itís humid (which is always in Houston), I have to keep a small towel in my back pocket to wipe this off. I think I am going to add a thin, tacky overgrip to this so that I can get some extra grip while keeping the comfort and precision of the Gamma underneath.
From: Ryan, Houston, TX, USA. 10/04

Comments: One of the best grips out there, I do agree.
From: Mike, Los Angeles, CA, USA. 9/03

Comments: The best grip. Period.
From: Jim, Fayetteville, TN, USA. 4/03

Comments: I've been playing with the Gamma Hi Tech Contour Grip for about 4 months, on an average of 3 times a week. This grip is fairly durable, very comfortable and has a nice tack to it. You can adjust the contour rib height by varying the tension or stretch used when wrapping the racquet handle. The more you stretch the grip when wrapping it will lower the contour rib height. I recommend it to all who like a grip that "fills the hand".
From: Jim, Enterprise, AL. USA 7/02

Comments: I concur with the other comments below. Now that my order has arrived and I have played with the Gamma Hi Tech Contour Grip Black, goodbye Wilson Contour and hello Gamma! (An order for a few more of them are going out today.) At this price, I can afford to replace my grips more frequently, especially in hot Texas country, and play a better game. With confidence I can say that I don't think anyone will be disappointed in this grip.
From: JoyceMarie, Dallas, TX. USA 6/02

Comments: This is by far one of the best grips I've ever used! It really does reduce the amount of rotation in your hands. You don't need to worry about the grip spinning out of your hands on mis-hits and shanks.
From: U.K., USA 5/02

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