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Comments: As others have said, it plays like a softer leather grip (and probably lighter as well) with better bevel definition than most other synthetics. It holds up well and is my non-leather grip of choice.
From: Mike, 10/16

Comments: Agree with the post below, this is the grip that is between a leather and synthetic grip. It has a denser feel than most other Synthetics, better "bevel feel" than anything short of leather. I recommend it.
From: Mike, 9/16

Comments: I've used Gamma Hi Tech grip in the past and remember it to be a very firm, dense, heavy grip -- something I can use as in-between soft light grips and leather. I got it in the red-orange color and this is no longer it unfortunately. This one is regular weight, squishy and stretchy. I'm very disappointed.
From: Anon, 9/15

Comments: I bought a few of these (in various colors) a while back, and noticed differences between the white grips and the colored ones. The white grips felt a bit thinner and less tacky than the colored varieties. The white grips did have the newer packaging, while the colored grips had the older Gamma packaging, perhaps the grips "formula" has been tweaked a bit. Not that it matters, these grips are still the best "non-dry" replacement ones on the market.
From: Brett, 4/14

Comments: Just the gold standard for years now. Firm feel, tacky enough, stable thickness as it wears, and most of all, this grip has been kept around and around -- not discontinued. Firm and stable -- reminds me of what leather could be. The grip can be made very firm with good stretching -- very versatile. Wears like iron.
From: Frank, 8/13

Comments: Decent grip. Played with it for the first time today and it was quite tacky. Very thin and did not change the grip size. Hopefully it will be durable.
From: Lambert, 6/13

Comments: Finally, a grip that has no problems at all! I stopped using any overgrip with it. My hand tends to be very wet when I play, yet this grip does the job well. Feel: 5/5; Tackiness: 5/5; Comfort: 5/5 (I don't like cushioned grips!); Durability: not sure yet, but it is built well and seems like it will last long.
From: Bilal, 5/13

Comments: This grip is absolutely no joke. The durability, tackiness, and solidness (if that's a word) are unmatched in any other replacement grip on the market. It does not get slippery with sweat, oddly enough, but it's not really absorbent. There's just something about the material that's rubbery yet soft at the same time. Not squishy, and not cushiony at all. As someone said, it's like a stiff rubbery leather. Allows a ton of feel to be transmitted through the grip so you can feel the ball without having it damped by a spongy grip. Unlike leather, it doesn't slip, so it doesn't cause blisters on your hand. A really top- notch grip overall.
From: Tony, 9/12

Comments: This grip feels like a mix of tough leather and rubber. It's quite firm and has a bevel edge so you can wrap it with depressions or nearly a flush surface. I have long hands (4 5/8) but I like the surface of this grip better than an overgrip. So I put a number of wrappings of duct tape underneath the Hi-tec grip on my racquet and it still remains firm and has good feel.
From: Scott, 9/12

Comments: Having tried a huge array of synthetic replacement grips, this is still probably the best of all of them. It's too bad that Gamma has such a small retail presence in most sporting goods departments and stores. Their products would sell much better if consumers could actually buy and try their products more conveniently, instead of having to go the mail-order route and shop blind.
From: Steve, 7/12

Comments: I've been using these for years on many different racquets and have never found reason to change. I've used black, red, yellow and white. Though the white's appearance becomes very dirty looking, it's grippyness seems to last the longest, for whatever reason.
From: Sander, 7/12

Comments: Excellent replacement grip at a very reasonable price. It lasts longer and stays softer than any grip out there I've tried. Now I have this grip on all of my racquets. Gray color is cool. I also have a dozen of them in stock.
From: Mike, Vancouver, WA, USA, 08/10

Comments: The reviews don't lie. This grip is so quality, that I am deliberately holding off on using my Yonex Super Grap, which itself is the best overgrip. Now, I will admit that I was replacing a HEAD stock grip, which seasoned players know really ought to be replaced anyway -- but I have played with a lot of leather and overs in my day, and this grip was a complete shock to me when I first held it. I have a sweaty forehand, too, so when I first held my racket and burst into smiles, I knew I'd done my homework right. You will definitely not miss your old grip with this, and you may even convert from leather for the rest of your racquets!
From: Michael, Riverside, CA, USA, 07/10
NTRP: 5.0-5.5

Comments: My favorite synthetic grip by far. I typically replace stock grips with leather, but doing so made my Gamma G325s, already 11 pts headlight in stock form, too whippy. But after trying the stock grip with no overgrip (which you can add without making the handle too round or cushioned), I decided I prefer the feel of the Hi-Tech to leather plus overgrip. It has a great combination of firmness and tack that allows you to feel the bevels and keep your fingertips in just the right spot with no slippage or twisting.
From: Matt, Washington, DC. 03/10

Comments: In my opinion is the best synthetic grip I've found.
From: Morries, Europe. 12/09

Comments: Best grip ever - period. They last long! Try this out and you will not be disappointed. And for me it has the best balance between tackiness, cushioning and durability. It feels like it lasts forever!
From: Bogdan, Toronto, Canada. 08/09

Comments: Just enough cushion but not too much. I put a gamma overgrip over this and it works great! I recommend this grip.
From: Matthew, Murphy, Texas, USA. 07/09

Comments: Best grip, not too soft, not too hard, perfect texture, great feel.
From: Jon, Holyoke, MA, USA. 11/08

Comments: This grip is the best one... I used to have racquets slip out of my hand when I swung so hard on the serve... The tacky grip is stuck in mitt of hand for never-come-out crazy high swing velocity.
From: OpKiFl, West Palm Beach, FL. 11/08

Comments: Best grip I have used for tackiness, feel, durability. Not the most comfortable of all, but a perfect blend of feel and comfort.
From: Jon, Northampton, MA, USA. 9/08

Comments: This is definitely the best synthetic grip I've found. It's very firm and tacky, about the closest thing to a leather grip you can get but a little more cushioned than leather and absorbs shock better. Much better bevel feel than other synthetics.
From: joe, mesa, az. 7/08

Comments: I prefer this Hi Tech Grip over the Hydramax Tour that came with my M-fil 300. It's tacky and not overly cushioned, yet shock absorbent. Unfortunately, I have really sweaty palms, so this grip does slip in a slick mess, but it's not as bad as the Hydramax tour. Hi Tech's thinness and firmness works well with an overgrip (Tournagrip XL is my preference).
From: Ted, Utica, KY, USA. 6/08

Comments: Yes to all! Best grip my hands have graced. Lasted me a good 70+hours.
From: Jack, Corpus Christi, TX, the USA! 5/08

Comments: I think this is an excellent grip when used with an overgrip. It is very firm (for a synthetic grip), not too thick at 1.8mm and provides a really good balance of comfort and feel. I find many synthetic grips feel too soft and spongy when used with an overgrip, but not the Hi Tech grip.
From: Craig, Perth, WA, AUS. 12/07

Comments: Best grip I've ever tried on any racquet, used it for a week and found it to be firm, tacky and sort of rubbery feel. Didn't slip even as my hands were getting moist.
From: Anton, NYC, USA. 6/07

Comments: I don't recommend this grip. I wore it out in about a week of about 10 hours of playing. Caused me blisters and really hurt my callused hand.
From: Josh, New York City, USA 06/06

Comments: This is a fantastic grip! It is very tacky, holds up well and absorbs a great deal of shock. Beware that it is fairly thick due to the cushioning, so the grip will be a little bigger than most standard grips.
From: Dwight, Woodstock, GA, USA. 09/04

Comments: This is the best replacement grip I know of. It is firm, yet has a more tacky feel than leather and works great in nearly all weather.
From: Eric, La Jolla, CA, USA. 9/03

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