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Comments: I usually use Gamma 2 grips which are very tacky and are what I want. These grips are exactly as reported in the earlier comments. Not very tacky and wear out much faster than all of the other grips I have used.
From: Hank, 1/13

Comments: I have REALLY sweaty hands. I blow through grips like crazy. My friend gave me one of these and my hand has slipped maybe once or twice, but NEVER on a serve (thats where my hand slips most of the time). I have to say one of my favorite grips so far. I'll keep using it. P.S. Gamma maybe you should make a 12-pack????
From: Breanna, 6/12

Comments: This grip is cool looking but when your playing in the rain it gets very slippery and you lose control of your shot!
From: Patrick, Dublin, Ireland. 5/10

Comments: The Camo print attracted much attention and debate- some felt it cool others, too cold. But I suppose I didn't have to call in Hasselhoff to resolve my dilemma when after 2hrs of play my racquet kept spinning off wildly on shots and I spent the next 20 mins wondering "what-the" until it dawned on me (I changed to a fresh grip and solved the problem) that the grip had a "laminated" feel and thus wasn't able to absorb sweat enough. On another occasion, the bits of silkscreening attached itself to my hands like Venom attaching itself to the ManSpider and to be frank, it looked like it came from the poorhouse. Definitely not cool. What a pity, I REALLY wanted it to be my overgrip-du-jour.
From: Clement the Element, Singapore, Singapore. 6/09

Comments: I should have read the other reviews BEFORE I ordered. These are terrible!! I survived for one hour, then replaced it with the Gamma Smart overgrip, which is, by far, the best I have ever used.
From: Bob, Spartanburg, SC, USA. 05/09

Comments: I got the blue camouflage version because I thought it would look awesome on my Pure Drive, and it certainly did. But the grip quality was awful. There's no tack whatsoever, and it kept slipping throughout the entire time I played with it, from the first ball until the last. However, if your main concern is cosmetics, then buy this grip!
From: Matt, Easton, PA. 5/08

Comments: I got it just for fun, since these were new and looked pretty cool. I used these grips for the first time in a match, and my hand kept slipping, no matter how hard I held it. Therefore, if you want non-slip grips, these aren't the ones. However, these are fun to have
From: Davis, Oakland, CA, USA, 04/07

Comments: I really liked the look, as did all my friends, which was good. If you’re after a good feel, keep looking. It's thick enough, but not the tackiness I was after. Another thing to be wary of is the white parts of the grips. All grips get darker with sweat and dirt, but the white turns to grey in no time. Good novelty though and popular in social games.
From: Beuno, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 03/07

Comments: Okay, I just liked the idea of a multi-color overgrip. I hope it catches on. These new overgrips just look great! But, they're not really good. They're not tacky enough for my taste, and despite the other comments here, I think they are too thick. After 2 uses, I have to turn them around because the grip gets too slick. Usually, I get more plays out of an OG. I have to say, though, I love the funky designs.
From: Maria, Long Island, NY, USA. 2/07

Comments: First overgrip I have used. I have a Yonex URQ Speed 8. The grip that came on it felt a bit too "rubbery" so I wrapped it up (did it myself) with the Gamma. Played 3 hours today without a single slip. Smooth and comfortable. It's a great grip from a material that out of the package feels like it wouldn't. Very thin and stays dry, though I wish it were a bit thicker as I would’ve liked it to give me a bit more grip size, but I can fix that in the future.
From: John, Tinley Park, IL 08/06

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