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Comments: I have been playing with Glide for some time now and I have to say this an exception string. I have to disagree with Daniel and others on a few things. The string has by far the most spin potential, but, under the right setup. When paired with a good poly, you will find no other cross that gives you as much spin. Also, this string is incredibly soft so the comfort is stellar. My favorite setup is with another softer string like a multi. That's where I like this string the most. It feels a lot like a full bed of natural gut and the power is like no other setup. The durability of the string is pretty good. A few times I've seen it break, but I've seen the same thing have to full beds of poly so it's not that surprising. Definitely more durable than a full bed of multi. Overall this string is awesome and I would really recommend it to others.
From: Tim, 1/15

Comments: Like Daniel below, I'm am a former D1 College player and have been playing at the open level for most of my adult life. Recently, I injured my wrist rock climbing and needed a soft string with the control of a premium co-poly. Sadly, I learned that there is not one multifilament on the planet that has the control and spin of even the cheapest co-poly. So I decided to use a gut/poly hybrid. This is working out for the time being, then I read a review of how comfortable the Gamma Glide is and the amount of spin it offers. I thought this would be a great solution to further protect my healing wrist. Boy was I informed incorrectly. This is a horrible string! It felt very nice out of the package, soft and slick. But upon stringing and actual hitting this string felt stiff and out of control. The so call glide coating did not provide any spin nor snap back, nor comfort! I just don't understand how a company like Gamma can make such a false claim. Save your money and use a soft co-poly for the crosses and a gut main if you want comfort and control. My current setup is a Head Microgel Prestige Mid with Babolat VS Team 16 (52 lbs) mains and Kylano Rapid Fire 16G (48 lbs) crosses when I can get it. Love the color combination (white/red) too. I wish Tennis Warehouse would start carrying this German string, it's so hard to find. When I can't get it, I use Polyfibre TCS 16G, not as soft as the Kylano but very close. Both these poly are very elastic and soft with great snap back for spin. Because of their softness they don't seem to saw through the gut like stiffer polys. I can't wait till I can go back to a full bed of poly, but for now I able to play tennis without pain, which is better than not playing at all. Hope this helps other in my situation.
From: Tim, 11/14

Comments: I am a women's 5.0 league player and wanted a cross to compliment my current poly/multi setup. This has been a waste of $20 and $25 for stringing. This string must have been intended for beginner players, because it has way too much power and zero control for advanced players. Comfort was really just average and spin was non existent, I felt my current NXT crosses were much more comfortable and controllable. My girlfriends and I nick named this, the grandma string. My current setup: Yonex AI98, ALU Rough 53/NXT 56 lbs. Maybe I will try a poly/soft poly hybrid next for a change, since my game is requiring more control and spin.
From: Helen, 11/14

Comments: Love, Love, Love this string! I string Gamma Moto 17 in the mains at 57 pounds and Gamma Glide at 61 pounds in my Bolt 100. Amazing control, good power, impressive spin and very comfortable. Glide is the perfect blend. It is not as powerful as gut or some multis, but its not as stiff as some synthetic guts. It plays crisp with some nice pop.
From: Dan, 8/14

Comments: I am a former ITF and college player and I currently play with Head Youtek IG Prestige Mid and have used Luxilon ALU Rough and X-One Biphase and it plays beautiful, but the only thing was it only lasted me 6 hours and peels fast like gut, So they gave me a free set of the Gamma Glide String to test with Luxilon Alu Power Rough. To be honest, this string (Gamma Glide) is very stiff after only playing with it for 30 minutes -- my shoulder started hurting and it feels like electricity going to my shoulder! It was exactly like RPM blast, not soft at all. It did have extra spin but it was hard to hit through the ball because it had more power than they typical poly strings. Too much vibration that made my shoulder hurt. I strung the Gamma Glide at 60 lbs. I usually string it at that tension and didn't go any higher like recommended but if I had gone higher it would been even more stiff on my shoulder! I feel like it did gave me extra spin potential but the ball will leave too fast. After 30 minutes of hitting with Gamma Glide I cut the string because it is way to stiff for me. I will stick with Alu Rough and X-one Biphase because it is much softer with a lot of power and a lot of spin -- great feel like gut and you can hit through the ball!
From: Daniel, 4/14

Comments: I strung my Prince Tour 16x18 racquet with Gamma iO 17G at 50 lbs on the mains and Glide at 55 lbs on the crosses (as it mentions on the package to string Glide 5%-10% tighter). I was extremely happy with the amount of power and spin that was added to my normal shots. As someone mentioned earlier, my regular hitting partner noticed a significant difference as he found himself miss-hitting more than usual. I noticed more kick on my serves and more shape on the ball dipping hard inside the baseline after plenty of clearance over the net. Moving from an all poly setup to a hybrid obviously helped with feel and I did notice some peeling on the string after about 5 hours of play. The strings are still playing great and have not broken approaching 10 hours. I'm a 4.5 player with a pretty heavy forehand and flatter backhand. I love these strings and would recommend them to anyone looking for added power, spin and feel.
From: Brian, 4/14

Comments: Strung in Prince 105 ESP, 57 lbs in mains with BiPhase1, 62 lbs crosses with Glide. Relative to usual setup of all BiPhase1 at 57 lbs, there is a noticeable increase in spin and a pronounced increase in power. I have a full swing at moderate speed and will continue to use. I suspect that big hitters using polys may not like, but suggest that it is worth a try to see if it helps your game
From: Will, 4/14

Comments: I strung my Wilson Steam 105S with Luxilon 4g in the mains at 56 and the Gamma Glide in the crosses at 62 lbs. This string did not give me anymore topspin than normal -- the balls kept sailing and getting worse. It was a complete bomb. I cut the string out after just one week of play. It was a total waste of money!
From: Don, 4/14

Comments: I strung my Wilson Steam 99S with Gamma Glide in the crosses (55lbs) and and Luxilon Savage (51lbs) in the mains. There was a significant loss of control compared to my normal setup with Luxilon Big Banger Ace 18 in the mains. Balls frequently sailed long and feel was almost non-existent. It may be that I should have increased the tension in the Glide strings above Gamma's recommended 10%, but I'm not willing to spend the money to continue experimenting with this string.
From: Sean, 4/14

Comments: Not a good first outing with this string. I use the Prince Tour 100T ESP. One racquet with Gamma Pro Spin at 66 lbs on the mains and Glide at 63 lbs on the crosses. Glide broke before using it. Second racquet with Pro Spin and Glide both at 66 lbs and it hit okay. I could not tell any real difference than using any other normal string. Doubt I will restring with Glide again, too expensive.
From: Mike, 4/14

Comments: Strung my PK 98 with MSV 17 S 50, Glide Crosses at 54 lbs. I've now had 8 hours of play -- no notching or visible wear yet. My experience: a significant increase in power -- (at least 10% on serves with no loss of control) and about the same increase in spin production. My opponent last night commented frequently that the "hearvy work" on the ball was causing him to misshit. Most of the racquet and string hype has little effect on play. However, polyester was a major positive change -- Aggasi said, after hitting with the early Luxilon that polyester was "either going to be ruled illegal or everyone would be using it." I'm no Agassi, but have played a long time and this string technology (other brands will certainly bring out their own versions) is going to be the same, either illegal or everyone will be using it.
From: Fred, 3/14

Comments: Very intresting string. I find that this actually helps more on flat shots than spin shots. It's a very soft and comfortable string that pockets the ball nicely. Doesn't appear to add any spin on my "normal" shots. Have to really brush up on the ball to feel the "snapping" of main string then it seems to add some spin. Just feels different from all the other copoly strings out there. Might be worth a try, but not quite as advertised although that might depend on your style of play. Can't comment on durability or tension maintenance yet.
From: Bob, 3/14

Comments: I really enjoy this string and it plays really well, but after a 3 hour match I noticed the string was degrading. Such as little pieces of the string were peeling away. I hope this doesn't result in the string breaking earlier than I had expected, especially with the price.
From: Patrick, 3/14

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