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Comments: The bite and feel of this string is amazing, but unfortunately at this price durability is not its strong point. I continue to buy this string but have to re-string my racquets every other week.
From: John, 11/12

Comments: I've tried more expensive strings than Gamma Gut 2 and I find this string provides very good value for the price. Good control, feel, spin, with average durability. It's also easy on the arm. Would it be possible to get this string in a reel? I certainly would order one.
From: Steve, New York, NY, USA, 09/10

Comments: I've tried others, but for the price you can't beat the feel, durability, and ability to hold tension of this string. It is arm friendly and has good access to spin with its textured outer wrap. I like to use Gut II on the mains and Gamma FlexCore Power crosses.
From: Roddy, 3.5 player, Wildomar, CA, USA. 8/08

Comments: Stringing: Gamma Gut 2 is much stiffer than Gamma synthetic gut. Because of this, I found it easier to use 2-piece stringing as opposed to the one-piece stringing I use with regular synthetic gut. The Good: Compared to Gamma synthetic gut, Gut 2 holds tension better, is a bit easier on the arm (softer), and is significantly more durable. The Bad: Softness and durability come at the expense of feel and control, i.e., playability. Shots hit with this string just don't feel as crisp as those struck with a racquet strung with regular synthetic gut. Bottom Line: If you're looking for a reasonably priced synthetic gut that's easier on your arm and more durable, this is definitely worth a try. For me, I don't have arm problems and prefer a crisper feel, so I switched back.
From: Stephen, Washington, DC, USA 07/06

Comments: I bought this string for the first time in a few years and it felt very steady with good control, soft feel and reasonable power. I plan on getting it again.
From: Doug, Alpharetta, GA 04/06

Comments: The string gave me a very good balance of power and control. No elbow pain. I felt so confident that I was literally painting the lines with each stroke. Every swing I made felt like they were all going in. The sensation it gave was unbelievable. It felt like a dream until it broke after 2 hard sets... Alas, the downside is the durability.
From:Rommel City, State, Country: Manila, Philippines

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