Gamma Glide Hybrid w/ Moto String Customer feedback

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Comments: Love the power and control. Yes, power and control. I was previously using Gamma TNT2 string, but after I tried the Gamma Glide Hybrid with Moto String there was no going back.
From: Ronald, 1/17

Comments: Update from 8/16 -- this hybrid loses tension quickly, say 8 hours or so and then the spin and control falls off fast.
From: Jeff, 10/16

Comments: I have tried stringing my own hybrids and have not been too happy so I've stayed with poly sets. But this prepackaged one is great. Gives me lots of control and nice spin, not as much as say ALU Spin or Kirshbaum Spin versions, but you pick up pace on serves, volleys, and overheads. And I get just as much control by dialing back the swing a shade. Generous sweet spot. Smooth. A bit more expensive then some well worth it. Follow the stringing instructions. I did mains at 52 and crosses at 55 on a BLX 98 18x20.
From: Jeff, 8/16

Comments: These strings are great. Nice bite with the moto for spin. These strings really bite into the ball. My kick serve was "kickier" and my slice was "slicier!" I also felt there was more power.
From: Daniel, 6/16

Comments: As it turned out, this Hybrid string set is a perfect match for my YIG Prestige MP at a lower tension. I followed GAMMA's guidelines and strung the crosses 5% higher than my mains: at 50 lbs M/55 lbs X. I couldn't put the frame down -- wanted to play and play for hours. I felt like putting an expensive set of tires on the Bentley. I have not broken the string yet -- which is surprisingly good. I would have been through my 2nd set of strings with my usual Babolat Hybrid PH/N.VY setup by now. The strings neither moved nor showed any signs of wear. They are a must try for any Head Prestige user. I'm thinking about trying it on my YONEX RD7 frame next. Will report back shortly on the "spin production" as well as durability of the string on more aggressive 16x19 string pattern vs. the 18x20 of the Prestige. I only wish the price was $5 lower.
From: Sergei, 4/15

Comments: I've been a Gamma user since the 1980s. I've always tried their new products, and always felt like I was getting my money's worth. I've been eagerly waiting a product to replace their late, great Zo Tour. In my eyes, this product is an epic fail. The much hyped cross strings seem to do nothing to add spin. For all I can tell, the Glide string is nothing more than Gamma 2 with Armor All. The hybrid set as a whole produced minimal spin; far, far less spin than my other frame strung with 4G. The only claim that Gamma made was the true is that the Glide improves comfort. That can be said for any poly/multi hybrid, when think about it. Add to the fact that a string job with this product is going to cost you $12-15 more than a typical Luxilon or Babolat string job, yet it will give you no better spin than a full bed of 17g multi. Imagine spending 40-some dollars for all the performance of Prince synthetic gut.
From: Steve, 4/15

Comments: Gamma Moto with Glide is the best combination for players look for maximum spin and power. I used to use a full bed of Moto and had great results but now with Moto and Glide I am seeing even more benefits to my serve and groundstrokes. I've seen increased spin on my kick serve allowing me to push opponents off of the court quickly, opening up the court for an easy pass. I am also able to go for more from the baseline without having to change my swing. The Glide really does help Moto snap back allowing for maximum bite on the ball. I've also seen increased control from the Glide which is great for volleys at the net. It's the best hybrid I've used!
From: Sean, 8/14

Comments: 3.5 male player with decent topspin for my level. Currently use Gamma Moto 17 with Babolat Pure Strike 18x20 at 62 lbs. I just strung the same racquet with Motto/Glide hybrid at 58/62 lbs. I've noticed a slight increase in my spin on all my shots. The string bed is just a bit softer and perhaps bit more powerful. I think the Glide strings do work as advertised.
From: Lu, 4/14

Comments: This is a great string. Fantastic amount of spin, especially on the serve. Groundstrokes go deep. Most of my lobs stay in. Good angles and crisp volleys! I strung these strings on a Wilson Juice 100 S at 58 lbs mains and 55 lbs cross.
From: Emily, 3/14

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