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Comments: This is a very good grip and I highly recommend it.
From: Ted, 12/12

Comments: Apparently, there is a new formula & packaging for the Gamma Grip 2. I tried the red color (not as tacky due to color pigmentation), and white color (has tackiness), but in general the material is cardboard paper-like material. It's still thin, but not the same as previous version. Maybe not as soft or fabric-like material. Suggestion: try a pack first before ordering more.
From: Tony, 8/12

Comments: I bought this grip and as soon as I got it in the mail I re-griped my racquet. After playing a set I needed to change my grip because it was slippery and it got dirty quickly.
From: Zoey, Richmond,VA, 7/11

Comments: Great overgrip, I highly recommend this in white. It is tacky and comfortable even being thinner than other grips. I am really satisfied with this and use it for a year now. Great to see TW is offering white Grip 2 now. For anybody looking for a thin grip but with more tackiness and better feel than Babolat VS grip. Try it out, you won't be disappointed!
From: Rene, NRW, Germany, 11/10

Comments: This is the worst overgrip I have ever used. It lost its tack immediately with the slightest bit of moisture. And, as the day progressed playing two hours of doubles (9am to 11am) I went through the four rackets that I had in my bag wrapped with this overgrip. This overgrip is probably best indoors in the dead of winter. I'll stay with the "Wilson Profile", and that is not much of an improvement.
From: Arthur, New York, NY, USA, 08/10
USTA, rating 5.0

Comments: So I was looking for some Babolat VS OG replacement. I needed something really thin, comparable to Babolat VS; hence, decided to give this a shot. It isn't thin compared to Babolat, although on paper the stats are the same. The package sample feels nothing like the actual grip itself. It feels rather plastic like, very similar to Wilson Ultra Wrap that one can find in Walmart. And yes, I didn't wrap this grip inside out. Again, rather disappointed.
From: Jack, Maryland, U.S. 07/10

Comments: Very good grip, very tacky much better than the Babolat. Durability is not bad compared with other overgrips, I use the blue and I never tried any other color.
From: Mariano, Madrid, Spain. 5/10

Comments: This is definitely my favorite overgrip. It stays tackier longer than any other I've tried (Tourna Tac, Wilson Pro, Super Grap) and is also VERY thin, which is something I've been looking for. There is only one downside to this grip... you can't buy it in a 30 pack. But it is so good that I'll buy 10 regular packs of this before I buy a 30 pack reel of anything else. TW also needs to start selling it in white.
From: peyton, MS. 5/10

Comments: Great grip, hands down! Tackiness is still there after a couple of hours of play; as thin as stated, another satisfied customer. Unfortunately TW is not offering in either White or Red.
From: Rene, Koeln, Germany. 11/09

Comments: Purchased this overgrip because my current grip size is perfect and I didn't want to add extra bulk to the grip. I am very pleased with the fit, lack of bulk, and good grip. My hands sweat A LOT and I have to say that this overgrip has worked great. I only play 1 to 2 times a week, but durability has been good so far. Even if it didn't last very long, the lack of bulk and grip are worth the price.
From: Doug, Seattle, WA, USA 08/09

Comments: This is the best overgrip in the world so far. I tried tournagrip, Wilson grips, etc but this is the best. After a month and a half it still was good, but I had to change it cuz I started to get calluses. GREAT OVERGRIP:D
From: anon. 07.09, OAKLEY CALIFORNIA

Comments: I just have to come to the defense of this overgrip. I've read some reviews about it being slimy or slippery, but nothing could be further from the truth. I think those people must have wrapped the stuff on backwards or something, because this is a pretty tacky overgrip and lasts quite a while. I sweat moderately and have no trouble with this grip at all. Usually after about a week, the fibers inside the grip start to wear through, but it only absorbs the sweat faster! The tackiness might diminish after a week, but the absorbency gets better. Whoever said that it had a nice balance is absolutely right. There are tackier (Gamma Supreme) and there are more absorbent (Tourna Grip), but Gamma Grip 2 offers both in a very well balanced blend. Absolutely nothing to complain about with this grip. And also, it's ultra-thin (0.40mm), which allows you to use the overgrip without excessive grip size buildup, unlike just about every other overgrip on the market. A winner.
From: TonyB, Buffalo, NY, USA. 5/09

Comments: This is a great grip and it is perfect for me. I play every day all week and the only problem is durability. I usually change grips every week and a half.
From: Kyle, Fort Mill, SC, USA, 04/09

Comments: Good for about an hour then the grip becomes slimy and traction is lost. Consider another grip. This is the worst grip I've ever used.
From: Eli, Los Angeles, CA, USA. 1/09

Comments: I agree with the some of the bad reviews about the Teflon feel. The grip got so bad my hand started to hurt from gripping the handle so tight.
From: Tom, Simi, CA. 9/08

Comments: At first, this overgrip was great- real good tack. Then I was playing in really humid weather and my hands were sweating non-stop. I liked this overgrip up until my hands sweat, then it slips like no tomorrow! Though, this does keep its tackiness for a very long time (considering I play 5-6x a week).
From: Jackie, CT, USA, 07/08

Comments: I've tried several different grips. From Prince over grips to Wilson grips, and now Gamma grips. These are truly the greatest over grips. I hated Prince over grips; they didn't last long in my hands. But Gamma grip gives me a comfortable feeling. So my forehand and backhand came back to me. And my service speed has returned to the usual.
From: Xiao, USA 08/06

Comments: I've been using the gamma grip 2 for 3 months and it shows hardly any sign of wear. Even if your style of play requires you to grip tighter than others, this thin grip is a good choice.
From: Alex, Hesston, Kansas, USA, 06/06

Comments: I sweat a lot, and I find this to be the best overgrip for playability (sticks to my hand, dry or damp) and longevity (I play 2-3 times a week, and it lasts for months before I have to replace it) and price (cheapest I've seen!).
From: Steve, Frankfort, KY, USA 04/06

Comments: I don't know about the other colors, but the yellow is by far the longest lasting grip I have ever used. At least 10 hours of hard-hitting, and no wear. It actually feels better as you play more. It's length just barely makes a standard grip; it would be nice if it were a little longer.
From: Big T, Encino, CA 06/05

Comments: I don't like this overgrip as a little sweat can make it slippery.
From: Max, Baltimore, MD, USA. 9/04

Comments: I play 5 times a week and the Gamma 2 Overgrip is tops. The feel is like your arm is coupled to the racket and I never have to worry about my grip in match play. The durability is not even questionable as I change grips once a week regardless of condition as I like the new tacky feeling.
From: Mike, Cairo, Egypt. 06/04

Comments: Great grip, very tacky, however, these grips don't have much durability.
From: Leon, Renton, WA, USA. 5/04

Comments: I think that the Gamma Grip 2 is tops. The yellow version does get dirty quickly, but it feels so good when it's fresh. There's no slippage and it really contributes to grip awareness, which is always a plus for me! The TournaGrip (blue) lasts longer, but doesn't hold a candle to the Gamma in "grippyness" and in confidence-building!
From: Lauren, New York, New York, USA. 5/03

Comments: Very tacky grip, definitely no slippage. I play 5 times a week and I need to change the grip every week. Durability is the only downside.
From: Jeff, San Leandro, CA. USA 9/02

Comments: I've been using Gamma Grip 2 for about 10 years. I teach tennis part time & I compete in USTA & the Atlanta League ALTA. This grip gives a lot of confidence with an enhanced feel for the racquet. I especially love the extra tacky feel and it really helps when you change your grip for a spin serve.
From: Steve, Roswell, GA. USA 5/02

Comments: Gamma Grip 2 is super! It is very comfortable and pleasing and won't let you down.
From: Bob, Dade, FL. USA 7/01

Comments:I've used Gamma Grip 2 for a very long time. I've tried others, including Tourna-Grip, and have always come back to Gamma Grips.
From: David, Mandeville, LA. USA 4/00

Comments:Gamma Grip 2 is the perfect overgrip for me. My hands don't sweat so I can't use absorbing overgrips because they tend to be too slick, and I don't like overgrips with an excessively sticky feel. For me, Gamma grip 2 strikes a nice balance between the two. My only complaint is that they don't last very long, I only get about 4 to 6 hours of play per grip.
From: Cliff, Tennessee, USA 1/00

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