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Comments: These strings moved a lot, was constantly straightening them out between points. Played about 10 sets before they broke in the middle of a match. The strings did a decent job of imparting topspin.
From: Rob. 7/11

Comments: I think a lot of the issues people are having with this string is that it's misrepresented. Asterisk is NOT a "power string." I think the best way to describe it is a "game improvement" string, and it needs to be treated as such. Don't attempt to treat it the same as a modern's much softer and really demands a higher tension (I wouldn't even consider stringing this stuff any lower than 58 lbs, and low 60s seem to be ideal). It's also unique amongst strings in that it seems to really take a bit of a "break-in period" before it starts to hit well. After about 20 minutes of moderate hitting it settles in and really starts to feel crisp and clean. It's great for adds considerable spin without adding any power, helping those long forehands dip inside the baseline. You have to take a good cut at the ball for this string to really do it's thing, but when you do it's fantastic. In short, if you're looking for depth and power look elsewhere. If you take a big cut at the ball and are looking for some extra control and consistency, this is the string for you.
From: Joel. 7/11

Comments: I did not like these strings at all. It made it feel like I was hitting with a piece of plywood. Much too stiff with poor power and playability.
From: Kevin, San Ramon, CA, USA. 5/11

Comments: This string sucks. I have strung it for three people and all complained that the string is to stiff and told me to restring it with something else. I am sure Gamma will drop this string as soon as they realize what we think of it.
From: Michael Crimmins. 10/09

Comments: Nice crisp string with good control power. Works well with Dunlop Aerogel 300 16 x 19 at 59 pounds. Settles in after a set or two and keeps tensions well. Would be a bargain at 10 bucks. I prefer these several of the premium pricey strings out there on the market. I'm a 4.0 player. I have my own stringer and have tried dozens of strings.
From: David, Jupiter, FL, USA, 05/09

Comments: Not a good string. They gave me little pop on my Babolat Aero ProDrive and the string feels dead. They tend to move quite a bit as well. A lot of balls soar deep.
From: Heath, Salyersville KY. 04/09

Comments: I used it on my LM Prestige as cross string to add some comfort and it sure did a fine job. My mains are TNT2 and tension is set as 59 lbs.
From: Frank, Columbia, SC, USA, 05/08

Comments: I use the Head Flexpoint Radical, and I am also using a hybrid of the Gamma Asterisk 16 with the Tecnifibre Pro Red Code 16. I have to say that this combination is one to try. It has a longer durability, more feel and pop. This hybrid has the potential to create good spin. I have found a lot of confidence with this combo, and I hope other players will try it too.
Isriz, Schaumburg, IL, USA. 2/08

Comments: String feels pretty good initially but eventually goes dead. Don't know what they are talking about in terms of improved durability because did not last me that long. Decent string but there are comparable strings for $8/set versus the $14-15 price tag on these!
From: Alan, Charlotte, NC, USA, 01/08

Comments: I heard this string talked up and decided to give it a try. I strung it at 58 lbs. myself on a Wilson nTour and looked forward to my first session with it, which turned into a major disappointment. Someone else's review here said that the ball would not go over the net. That was my experience. I stuck with it for the first two games of a set against a much weaker opponent and watched my opponent hold, then break me as I netted balls again and again. I went to the bag, got the same model racket strung with Big Banger at 54, won the next six games decisively. I tried the Asterisk again today and got my butt kicked again until I pulled out the same model racquet strung with Polyfibre TCS and stopped the beatdown. This string made me feel like Samson with a new haircut ... weak. The string moves all over the place with big cuts. I break strings constantly, but I am not waiting for this stuff to break. It can't break soon enough. I am going to cut this stuff out first thing in the morning.
From: Eric, Bradenton, FL. 11/07

Comments: When looking at the reviews below, you should keep in mind that this is a hybrid string that is unlike anything else available. It holds tension well, but is not stiff like a polyester. Furthermore, it is the easiest string I have ever installed. On the other hand, it is not a soft or comfortable multifilament. The string offers a good, damp, reliable feel with low power. You can take big cuts and create awesome topspin. The string does not move much and is durable. On the downside, I think other strings offer better value.
From: David, Arlington, VA, USA, 11/07

Comments: Considering OEM Toalson described the string as a crisp power string, this was a HUGE disappointment. From and Jan07 issue of Smash (JPN) "By arranging high resiliency nylon of different elasticity’s in a shape of asterisk, the string is designed to absorb shock and propel the ball. Tests confirms that ball acceleration off of the string bed to be be higher than the competition." This string was installed on Dunlop M-fil 300 @ center of recommended tension range. During the hitting, the ball would simply REFUSE to go over the net. Flat strokes seemed to respond better.
From: S, Durham, NC, USA, 06/07

Comments: Boy, this string was pretty awful. No pop, little control, and a lot of string movement. No wonder Gamma was giving them away for free!
From: Fabrice, Chicago, IL, USA, 05/07

Comments: I got a free sample of this from TW (Thanks TW!) and I really, really liked this string. So you can compare to your game, I'm NTRP 4.0/4.5, play mostly singles, and hit big serves and forehands, 2HBH and rarely come to net unless forced. The string itself has a very soft feel, which is very welcome to me as I normally play polyester mains and multi-crosses for durability’s sake. I tend to hit with lots of spin and had no problems generating it with this string, despite the dense string pattern on my racquet of choice (18/19) The strings didn't move around at all on my Head LM Flexpoint Heat strung at 60lbs. which really surprised me. Again, you can't be lazy with this string or you'll simply dump the ball in the net. Volleys felt wonderful which has always been a very weak point to my game but I had much more confidence to chip and charge with this in my stick. All that being said, $14.95 seems a little steep to me personally for this string. I string myself and others so my only costs are the string and *might* get this if I were getting other string at the same time to knock down the shipping costs. If the $$$$ isn't a drawback to you, it's one of the better strings I've hit with and I've hit with MANY.
From: Geoff, Richmond, VA, USA. 4/07

Comments: This string is pathetic. I am disappointed with Gamma for making such a weak string. Gamma normally makes very premium strings, but I think it was foolish to make a string that could only maintain its tension. As I do not like wasting strings, I’ll have to wait for these strings to break.
From: Cal Gao, Melbourne, Zhejiang, China. 4/07

Comments: This is a very comfortable string, but plays crisp. Not much feel or feedback from the string bed. Tension maintenance is above average. Power level is average or slightly below average for a multi. Comfort is average or slightly above average for a multi. Spin generation is only average. String movement was slightly more than average, but not horrible. All in all, a solid choice for a good multifilament that you can rely on to hold tension throughout the bulk of the string's life. However, there are several other choices for better multifilament strings at this price point ($15), or even lower. If someone gave me this string, I would use it, but I do not believe I would buy it with my own money at its current price. Strung in a Fischer M-Speed 98 at 54 lb.
From: Tony, NY, USA 04/07

Comments: The string may be weak string, not giving any power to the hitter, however as a player that tends to hit the ball deeper in the court this string is great. The lack of power helps the player to put more spin of the ball, which helps to keep the ball in. The only problem with this string is the costliest of them all and there are no close substitutes.
From: Thom, USA. 4/07

Comments: I used this string as part of Gammas free trial sample and can honestly say after trialling it that it is not worth the asking price, you can get better synthetic multi's from Gosen and the like for much better price performance ratio. On the upside it held tension well for the month that i had it on (before it broke after 12 hours) and gave about as good a performance from any 3-6 dollar multi out there.
From: Josefa, Springfield, MO, USA. 4/07

Comments: I tried it full job at 58#, I loved the feel, and spin, but on flat shots control was not enough. I use it in the mains at 60# and Tecnifibre Pro Red on the Crosses at 55#. I really like this combination.
From: Juan, Pearland, TX, USA, 04/07

Comments: Fabulous string. Great tension maintenance, good multifilament feel but popped after 2 weeks of playing 3x/week. String played consistently through this time. Will try the spin version.
From: Blair, San Diego, CA, USA, 04/07

Comments: These strings were great, I loved them. They lasted for about 4 weeks and then they snapped.
From: Aran, Oxnard, CA, USA, 04/07

Comments: Received my free Gamma Asterisk 16g string from TW (Thanks Spencer) with the promise of submitting feedback. I strung it @ 60 lbs for mains and @ 57 for crosses on my RDX500 MP (same as my standard string OG Sheep Micro 17g). Like most multi's it's easy to string with but it seemed like it stretched a lot during pulls. I've hit with it for about 8 hours and I like the string overall but can't say it's special and improved my game. Softer than OG Sheep Micro and I would say that it feels like it's lower powered than some other strings I've used but that's ok, I don't need powerful strings. The topspin and control of Asterisk is average but my slice didn't seem to have as many rpms and the ball floated a bit (strings sliding?). Tension maintenance appears good as I didn't feel a big change from hour 1 to hour 8. Asterisk performed better after the first hour of play. The definite bad thing I can say is that Asterisk does have a tendency to move more than OG Sheep Micro. I hit with heavy topspin and slice. I can't comment on durability yet but it made the 8 hour mark. I usually break or replace @ 20 hours. At $15, it will be hard to give it another try unless I really need to soften the string bed with a poly...but I'm still stuck on $15 that's half a reel of Gosen OG Sheep Micro. Thanks again TW for the opportunity to try out these strings.
From: Mike, San Diego, CA, USA, 04/07

Comments: Although I was excited when I finally got this string strung in my racquet. I found it weak, literally. If Gamma wants to make its strings worth buying, it should not only create a string that can only maintain it's tension but a string that is powerful, has a high precision of control, and is durable. As a string-breaker, I will wait until time is up for this string and it finally breaks.
From: Anon, 03/07

Comments: Great string compared to the rest of the Gamma range and the various offerings by Luxilon and Iso-Speed. Nothing compares to the feel of gut, but for a synthetic this has amazing bite and control. Its feel is great but different from gut in the direction that tonic+ is from VS, however it is good enough that you will be able to hit lines solely with feel. Power is a little less than some multi-filament users will be used to but you will see that the great spin that this string possesses is actually quite nice, even more so for a 16 gauge string. Tension loss was amazingly only 1/2 lb over almost a month of playing, which is so far the best I have seen for any synthetic. To truly test this string I compared it with a full set of what is now the benchmark string: Babolat VS gut 17. The Asterisk came extremely close if not matched the VS' spin potential despite being 1 gauge thicker. Power was definitely less, but I felt like this lack of power made me use my body more during my shots, which increased my overall consistency. Control was just phenomenal. I would have to say that in some situations this actually beats the gut, such as when hitting off center, where the gut doesn't take the shock nicely. Now by no means is this string meant to replicate natural gut, but I compared to see how it held up to the benchmark of strings and I have to say I'll be buying some more of this. 9.2/10 for me.
From: Al, New York, NY, USA. 03/07

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