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Comments: My new baby! Forget name brands. This is a player's racquet defined...good strokes needed. An ounce lighter than I'm used to.
From: Anon, 6/12

Comments: I bought this due to positive reviews and to try. I wanted to like it, but I just could not get my shots perfected with it. I'm a baseliner and had issues with control. I did feel as if I could do anything with this racquet, but my shots wouldn't always go where I wanted them to. This racquet has a very nice light feel to it and was very stable. It's a great choice for those who like a players stick with a headlight balance.
From: Tim, 6/12
String type and tension: Pro Supex Big Ace Micro, 55 lbs

Comments: Putting this racquet next to my Wilson Ncode 6.1 it was crazy how similar they are. Strings in same places even uses the same exact bumper guard just the Wilson is branded. Plays very similarly just a little lighter and not quite as head light. Maybe even a tad more flex but really I almost think this is related to Wilson in some way maybe a complete knockoff or rebranding. Only difference is that little pws thing at 3 and 9 that Wilson probably has trademarked. A very nice players stick.
From: Chris, 2/12

Comments: I have been playing with this racquet for some time now and absolutely think it's a solid all around performer. Solid on groundstrokes, volleys and serves. My daughter has also pick up this racquet and has not lost a match. 11-0 so far. It has a nice weight to plow through heavy shots from our opponents, yet is still quick around the net. If you liked the old Edberg Wilson 6.1 Classic. You should give this stick a try.
From: Rick, Sacramento, CA, 10/10
String type and tension: Gamma Zo
NTRP Rating:4.5

Comments: Great racquet that is beyond under the radar. My coach had me switch from the Head Prestige Flexpoint about 1.5 years ago. I gave up some pop (~5 mph) on my first serves but gained an incredible amount of spin due to the difference in string configuration. This tradeoff was well worth it as I've gained confidence and ~10 mph on my second serve which puts it about as powerful as my first. Around the net this racquet easily puts volleys away with touch or power. From the baseline your opponents will be watching your shots fall just inside the line and cry about how they thought it was going to go long. It plows through the ball easily if you have a longer stroke/follow through. If you want to frustrate your this racquet! At a minimum give it a demo.
From: Dave, Atlanta, GA, USA, 07/10
String type and tension: Prince Hybrid Spin 3D 16
Headsize: 95"
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: I used to played with the Gamma G325,11.8oz,11pt HL,head size95,18x20, model four years ego which was great player stick(NO Brand Name, purchase 3pairs). 2008 I switch to Wilson KBlade Tour93. Anyway my comment on the new Gamma Tour330X .The racquet have good feel off the stringed and the open pattern 16x18 give you lots of power for 95 head size racquet if you can supply on your own. The slice cross court is amazing with this stick, spin friendly, volley is easy but it lack in baseline output, no control and big stability issues (compare to other players sticks like Dunlop 200G,Wilson Kblade, others. To give you idea I would rate this stick on 1-10 scale about (6.5). Where Dunlop 200G would get (7.5), KBladeTour93 about (8.5) , and Head Microgel Prestige93 about 8.5 also. The old GammaG325 (7.5)
From: Hanz, Maryland, USA 01/10
String type and tension: Gamma ZoTour17 @55
Headsize:KBlade Tour93
NTRP Rating:5.0

Comments: Pretty sweet stick right here. Great pace serves, and offers great slice, so will improves your sliced serves and your kickers for sure. Good spin on ground-strokes, but you really have to bend your wrist a lot to get that natural feeling, because just performing your regular wind-shield wiper forehand won't give you much spin. Good on volleys giving them power and precision. I would absolutely recommend this racket to a 4.0+ player, for me I had to lead it up to about 12.7 strung because 11.7 for me is a little light but nonetheless a great choice for demo or to buy.
From: Harri, Montreal, QC, Canada, 11/09
String type and tension: Luxilon Alu power+Head natural gut half-set
Headsize: 90
NTRP Rating: 5.5

Comments: Fantastic, solid racquet. If the 330X were made by Head, Prince, Wilson, etc, people would be all over this frame. It's a player's "player's racquet"...quite head-light, just enough heft to pound the ball if that's your game, stiff enough to give you the feedback on the ball that you need. It's not the single best racquet in any one particular area, but is so good at so many different things that it winds up being a keeper. This is a sleeper hit and a must-demo if you're looking for a ~95", very head-light, stiff racquet with a little pop. I come from playing with the ProStaff Classic 6.1, and this is how I imagine a PSC might feel if it were a full ounce lighter and slightly less stiff (the PSC was 72 on the RDC scale, whereas the 330X is 66). Oh, and one last great thing about the 330X--the handle is quite long for a standard racquet, so if you have a two-handed backhand like me, you will love the fact you can wrap both hands around it with no trouble! Great stick--highly recommend it. Don't be a slave to racquet "name brands."
From: Dave, Nova Scotia, Canada. 8/09
String type and tension: WeissCannon Silverstring 1.20 @ 59 pounds.
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: This racquet adds some 'pop' to your game while providing great control. I would rate its power as 'low to medium' rather than 'low'. QC is excellent -- I have two purchased weeks apart and weight and balance in stock form are spot-on. This is a real below the radar racquet that any decent player, especially a serve and volleyer could easily take to.
From: Charlie, Atlanta, GA USA 07/09
String type and tension:hybrid: Topspin Energy/Topspin Cyber Blue 53/50
Headsize: 95

Comments: Very nice racquet. I've played with POG mid since the '80s. Was looking for a better (ie easier) doubles stick - more spin, more control, maneuverability, & touch. This frame has it all + nice pop on full or flat strokes. Balance doesn't feel as HL as the specs indicate. has enough swingweight for plow on groundies and volleys w/o becoming heavy. As a lifelong believer in the 'swing the heaviest frame you can handled, I was surprised how comfortable I was with a slightly lighter frame (stock = 11.7 strung). Has more pop than other control ("player's") frames I tried, but frame allows great spin potential. I was able to create more spin on kick serves compared to my POG (not that POG was bad by any stretch). The slight extra stiffness over POG mid (6% stiffer) makes for extra bite on slices and volleys. Forget that Gamma hasn't produced a good 'players' racquet in a while...give this one a try!
From: JP, Atlanta. 04/09
String type and tension: Gamma Live Wire XP 17 @ 63#
Headsize: 95
NTRP Rating:4.5

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