Gamma Synthetic Gut 18 White String Customer feedback

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Comments: I agree with Steve's feedback below. These strings would work good as a cross with poly mains. I used them in my Babolat at 53 lbs. They seemed to take a long time to settle for me. Soft feel, avgerafe power and spin.
From: Doug, 1/16

Comments: I used these on my Yonex 95D the other day. They were pretty awesome! I could hit harder and the ball would stay in.
From: Anon, 2/13

Comments: I recommend using this string in the crosses to complement a polyester in the mains. One of the benefits is that it won't notch into the mains like an all polyester does when used in both the mains and crosses.
From: Brian, 7/11

Comments: Great string. Lasts a few days, although that does not sound great, is as long as it takes a Poly to go dead. With the Gamma Synthetic Gut 18 I get the same spin as poly, with the following advantages:
1) Softer - easier on the arm
2) Feel - much better feel for touch shots, volleys, drop shots, etc.
3) Stringing - stringing with this is FAR easier than poly
4) Price - 1/3 the price of good poly's, 1/2 the price of average poly's Compared to other 18 gauge synthetic strings, I would rate this as slightly less feel than the Head PPS 18, but with better durability. Softer feel than Gosen, which is crisper. For me, the perfect combo is a hybrid of the Gosen OG Micro 18 and the Gamma Synthetic Gut 18
From: Steve, Lincoln, NE, USA, 12/10

Comments: I decided to use a full bed of this in my EXO3 Rebel team 95. To my surprise they felt great! I am only a 3.5 player but felt like I could hit a LOT harder and the ball would stay in. I won a match tonight with it and I could just feel my confidence building with it. I just ordered some more!
From: Shay, Hemet, CA, USA. 07/10

Comments: Not as good as it looks play-wise. Quite stiff and dead feeling. I put it in a fairly heavy racquet (12.4 ounces Radical Tour MP Zebra) thinking that the weight alone would make the string pocket the ball better, but didn't happen.
From: Julian, Farmington, MI U.S.A. 06/09

Comments: Good strings for the money, hard to beat value. The Gamma Synthetic Gut 18 provided me with a good feel and ease of applying topspin. Don't expect great durability though; I'm a hard hitting baseline player and although they'll show minimal wear, these strings will pop within 6 to 10 hours of playing time. But then again, they are very cheap to replace.
From: Fabian, Schaumburg, IL, USA. 9/03

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