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Comments: I had this string at 60 lbs on a oversize Wilson racquet at 9.9 oz and 3 head heavy. To me this wasn't a good combo for this racquet. The string does cut into the ball well at 17g and gives very good spin but this particular racquet may be a bit light for 60lbs/17g and it invited mishits for me to compensate on depth/pace. Slices were very crisp, accurate and spin-laden essentially putting the brakes on the ball when it hit the court surface. A good aspect of the string. After several hours of hitting maybe 12 hours or so, the string has gone very soft. It squishes and the ball spins and flies long. I wouldn't say this string holds it tension properties well.
From: Scott, 4/12

Comments: Nice string for the buck, using Pro Staff 85 62lbs tension. Very good string in my opinion. Solid 5.0 but this string only lasted 5 games for me.
From: Anon, 09/08

Comments: I really like this string. I bought a stringer from my friend and he gave me few strings with the machine. I said let me try it. I really like it so far and it's cheap! I have a Dunlop 300g 98. For the money, it's good for me.
From: Jsanchez, Rockland,NY,USA. 02/05

Comments: I'm using a Wilson Hammer H Tour and tried the Synthetic Gut 17 recently for a change from my usual Wilson Nxts and Sensation Supremes, and found it not up to my expectations. There is practically no feel whatsoever, and it is too hard for my liking. My slice serves went haywire. Not really recommended unless one is on a tight budget.
From: Mark,Singapore. 09/04

Comments: I strung my Wilson ProStaff Tour 90 with this after using Babolat XL Premium. The Gamma Synthetic 17 felt dead and hard by comparison. I also have a sore shoulder. I lost a significant amount of control, feel and the sweet spot disappeared with Gamma synthetic. I love the ProStaff Tour 90 which is a stiff racquet, but synthetic gut does not make a good combination. You can save money with synthetic gut, but you only get what you pay for. I'm a solid 4.5.
From: John, Pittsburgh, PA, USA. 12/03

Comments: This string is very good for baseline players and hard servers. It lasted 2 months for me and I play very aggressive with it every single day.
From: Khoa, Sunnyvale, CA, USA. 6/03

Comments: I really enjoy the feel of this string but the durability is horrible. I buy it because it's cheap and can't find anything in a 17 gauge that lasts longer. I have tried several Prince strings and Gamma Gut 2 and 3. Since I string my own racquet it doesn't cost me much to have fresh strings. I don't like the feel of a16 gauge string.
From: Frank, Tucson, AZ. USA 12/02

Comments: I recently bought a Head Ti Radical mid and had Gamma Synthetic Gut 17g. strings put on at 60lbs, since I usually use 17g. string and wanted to try something new. Unfortunately, I made a bad choice since these strings did not live up to my expectation. I've been playing with it about 4 times a week, 2 sets a night, and it's been 2 weeks. These strings lost tension about after 5 days and will soon break due to the presence of "pot holes" on the strings. It did play pretty well the first 4 sets, nice on the arm, powerful and had acceptional spin. But I'm compelled to continue experimenting with other 17g. I usually hit flat first serves and kickers on the 2nd. I'm usually a baseliner and my ground strokes are usually topspin.
From: Gabe, Riverside, Ca. USA 8/00

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