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Comments: I have this string on my Wilson Ultra 103S strung at 60 lbs. I was very pleasantly surprised at how good it felt. It does move a little but felt very comfortable on all strokes. For the price, it is hard to beat especially since I was using NXT comfort at $18.95 a package.
From: Mike, 2/16

Comments: I used this strung at 58 lbs in my Microgel Radical MP for a couple of years. Very good control and I was able to produce spin, although I do hit a heavy forehand. The strings move a lot and start to fray within 6 weeks of playing 2- 3 times per week. I ended up switching to Pro Hurricane 16 to get more spin and power, but these are solid overall strings if you're looking for predictable control.
From: Warren, 2/14

Comments: I strung this at 57 lbs on my Babolat AeroPro Team GT. I found this string to be uncomfortable at first, but after a little bit of breaking in, it produced good spin and decent power. I needed to restring my racquet often, though to keep my play consistent. Great price, especially when you have to buy as many as I need to.
From: John, 1/14

Comments: I have this string at 52lbs on a Donnay X-Yellow 99. I find these strings at this tension on a 10.6 oz strung weight racket to produce excellent spin and a comfortable whack. I have also found they hit best after a break period of several hits...after that they really shine, especially for 3.50 bucks. I cant speak to overall tension holding properties yet (3 days of hitting) but they are doing quite well on my setup.
From: Scott, 5/12

Comments: I went from Babolat RPM Blast 16 to Wilson Ultimate Duo 16 due to arm pain. Ultimate Duo was awesome, and practically the best string I've used. I wanted to try something much cheaper and more durable while leaving feel and spin at the same level as Ultimate Duo. Yes, I know this is impossible, but I tried to compromise. I went after Wilson Stamina 17. But because my inexperienced stringer broke the Stamina while stringing, I had to resort to another string. Basically, this string, Gamma Synthetic Gut 16, has good pop and power. But it has virtually no spin, especially since I'm comparing them to Babolat RPm Blast and Wilson Ultimate Duo. It's just not what I wanted.
From: Anon, 5/12

Comments: This is a decent string choice if you are trying to be economical. It is pretty durable, and arm friendly synthetic gut. It does take a little time to "break-in" and feels pretty harsh when you first use it, but give it some time and it turns into a comfortable string choice. One thing is that it moves around like crazy, once again a characteristic of syn gut. It is annoying, but a pay off of a comfortable, decently powerful, arm friendly low cost syn gut. If you like colors, it comes in an incredible amount of colors.
From: Chip, 4/12

Comments: Pretty good pop. No spin whatsoever. Takes a lot of effort to get a decent amount of topspin. Cheap and durable though. I strung it at 58 lbs. It hasn't lost tension and I've used it for about 100 hours. Good if you want something cheap and long lasting.
From: Alex, USA, 1/12

Comments: After the Gamma TNT2 on my racquet broke, I went looking for something cheaper and I found this. The spin production was not very good and the color faded away quickly. The good thing is that it has good pop and power. It was only a matter of days before the mains started to notch.
From: Ahsan, 10/11

Comments: No spin at all. Decent durability compared to other similarly priced synthetic guts.
From: Anon. 09/10

Comments: As a 4.5 hard hitting all around player who breaks strings twice a week, I used the ashaway kevlar as the mains and this string as the crosses. The results couldn't have been any better!!! The most durable hybrid could not have had a better feel for how durable it was. The combo also saved me huge bucks and allowed me to focus more on my game.
From: Steve, Charlotte, NC, USA. 07/09

Comments: I'm quite happy with these strings. As the years started getting to me, I realized that I had been spending a lot on my hybrid strings. There is no doubt in my mind that my mains should be strung with Luxilon Big Banger Alu, but the crosses were never great; even the expensive ones seemed to fail supporting my Luxilons as they wore off so quickly. Gamma does a great job with these economical strings and the only complain I have is the color of the ball wiping onto the strings. I can tell which side I hit my forehands on easily lol. Besides the loads of blotches of dark green spots on my strings, I love how nice the strings feel for being so cheap.
From: James Slidell, LA, USA. 05/09

Comments: One word to describe these strings...Wow! I just recently demoed a Babolat Pure Drive Roddick Plus with these strings, and I have never played better. These strings provide incredible pop and power, also balanced with outstanding control. For the price of these strings, there should be no doubt when making a decision.
From: Robert, Pennsylvania. 10/08
NTRP: 5.0-5.5

Comments:I have to say, out of all the strings I have ever tested, this is far by the best one I have ever played with. It's the most neutral thing with perfect power and control, with great pop and decent spin. If you're ever in doubt of what to get, you can never go wrong with this string.
From: Daniel, East Meadow, NY, USA

Comments: Pretty good string. I always use a hybrid of Klip Legend and Luxilon ALU Power Rough on my Wilson K90s and decided to give these strings a shot since my dad's been using the Gamma Synthetic Gut for many years. Surprisingly, these Gamma strings had good feel, moderate power, and good control. Not as good as my hybrid (of course), but for the price, the Gamma Synthetic Gut is a great deal.
From: Jan, San Jose, CA. 3/08

Comments: Awesome string! I string at 62 pounds, and this has excellent control and some pop when i need it. I love the colors too. Best string so far. This hit better for me than the Gamma TNT2, and it's cheaper.
From: George, Bay Area, California, United States. 3/08

Comments: This string generates no spin whatsoever, has very little feel, and I broke it after 3 hours of play time. The 17 gauge version broke after 1.5 hours. The quality of the string is reflected in the price.
From: Jean-Luc, California. 3/08

Comments: I love the feel of these strings. They produce lots of spin and some controllable power. Thank you, Gamma, for making the strings that I will use for years to come and for putting them at an affordable price.
From: Jonathan, LA, California. 2/08

Comments: This is a great string for a hybrid. I used Babolat Pro Hurricane our crosses with this string on my Prince O3 Hybrid and loved it.
From: Matt, North Vancouver, B.C., Canada. 10/07

Comments: Like someone before mentioned, I too got a set of these strings free with my Head Flexpoint Heat. I figured I'd give them a try since they were free and I was actually pretty surprised. I thought I was going to cut them out after hitting with them once or twice and put my usual Head Intellitour 17g or Gamma Infinity 17g in there but I decided to keep them. This is probably the best cheap synthetic gut I've hit with. Though I still prefer a thinner gauge with the dense string pattern on my racquet, I'm going to keep them in there until I break them. If you're looking for a plain old less expensive syn gut.
From: Anon, 02/07

Comments: I bought these after a friend mentioned them and have used nothing else for the past year. I tried most of the top end strings and this one seems to hit the best and hold its tension. I play an all court game doubles and singles. I serve and volley a lot and these strings stay nice and tight for volleying. You have to work a little for heavy spin but no problem kick serving or slicing with power. First serves and spin serves feel great. Best buy out there, highly recommended. Great feel and reaction, better than expensive strings. I play with a Volkl Tour 8 strung 57 lb.
From: Jon, S. Portland, ME USA 04/06

Comments: Before I started using these strings, my friend was already using it, so I thought, "Mmmmm, maybe I should try it out just to see if it's the right string for me too." And sure enough, when I did try it, it fit my game perfectly. It has good feel and decent spin on it, although the durability is not great. Anyway, great string for the price!!!
From: Mike,Indiana, USA, 11/05

Comments: I got this string free with the purchase of my RDX 500 MP. I thought I would tear it out in favor of my hybrid of Luxilon ALU Power and Gut. I was really surprised how well it played and felt. Unlike other basic synthetics that are springy and soft, this string is a firmer and stronger. I like that. If you have a slightly flexible to flexible this string will you give you firmer feel. It's a great alternative for those that don't want to spend so much on strings.
From: Mark, Dallas,TX, USA. 01/05

Comments: Gamma Synthetic Gut 16g is one of the best synthetic strings I have ever used. It holds tension well and very durable. Playability is not as good as that of Wilson Sensation, with which I am using now; but is the best among its class. For those of you, who want a good, overall string and still save a few bucks, should give it a try. Highly recommended.
From: Roger, Houston, TX, USA. 12/04

Comments: I think Gamma syn17 plays better and has much more spin than the 16. If you're looking for buttery soft feel, consider Ashaway Liberty 16. I like it a lot. However I do not know if the tension would last as I tried it only recently.
From: WKSOH, Singapore. 11/04

Comments: Long Lasting. Crisp volley but Lack of spin. Better than most economical strings.
From: WKSOH, Singapore. 11/04

Comments: I usually use Babolat VS natural gut in the crosses and Pro Hurricane in the mains on my racquets at 65lbs. But I put these strings on my reserve racquets. So one day I ended up using these strings on a reserve racquet. At first you notice less grip and topspin compared to the Babolat hybrid, but thatís a given. But after I got used to it, it played pretty decently. I have no complaints, they have lasted pretty long even after hitting the snot out of them. Good price and good string.
From: Steve, Flushing, New York, USA. 9/04

Comments: A great string. I am used to playing with Wilson Sensation 15L @ 60lbs, but I have found that this string (@ 57lbs) is almost as comfortable as the sensation, but is a lot more lively and wears down over a longer period of time.
From: Dor, Israel. 12/03

Comments: I have used Gamma Synthetic Gut 16 for about 5 years and it is the best string that I have tried. Other strings just donít have the feel that the Gamma Synthetic Gut 16 has, it's awesome!
From: Chris, Virginia Beach, VA, USA. 8/03

Comments: Gamma Synthetic gut has much better feel than TNT at 1/3 the price.
From: Larry, Farmington, MI. USA 6/01

Comments:Highly recommended. One of the least expensive synthetic strings I've used, but has better feel than expensive strings. I am not using any other strings except Gamma Synthetic Gut 16g.
From: Emmanuel, San Francisco, Ca. USA 12/00

Comments: I have used Gamma Synthetic Gut 16g. for the past seven years and I still use it. It has a better feel than other strings I've tried and it costs quite a bit less than the top end strings.
From: Ben, Grand Junction, Colorado, USA 8/00

Comments:I play a lot and I use Gamma Synthetic Gut 16g. String. It doesn't last long, but has better feel than the more expensive strings.
From: Doug, Westfield, NJ. USA 12/99

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