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Comments: Ordered this shoe for my daughter. She wore them for practice and matches for less than a month and has already worn through the ball and toe of the shoe. Guess we know now why they were only $30.
From: Jen, 11/13

Comments: My daughter needed some shoes and happens to be a toe dragger. These looked good with extra toe rubber and an anti-abrasion top. Two weeks later and about 20 hours of tennis later, she has gone through both the rubber toe and top. The bottoms look 50% worn. It was only a $30 experiment. Not too good.
From: Mike, 9/13

Comments: This shoe has a great looking design, however they are tight for big toes and they seem a bit short for the size. My feet were uncomfortable wearing them. I thought it would take time to break them in but after a couple hours of doubles and one hour on the ball machine, I got blisters. I should have trusted my gut feelings to return them. I hope they will be ok for walking. I will shop for different shoes quickly for the season!
From: Anon, 9/13

Comments: Ditto to Jenn. I love Fila Shoes. They are great right out of the box. Flexible yet stable. I have narrow feet so they work well for me.
From: Charamine, 8/13

Comments: I was very surprised to hear the negative comments about this Fila Tennis Shoe. This shoe is very comfortable and I love it. I have bought 4 pairs to stock up. I have broad feet so maybe a broader-foot person is the type to wear this shoe. I also love the reinforced shield toe because I run up to the net a lot in tennis. I am a 4.5 competitive tennis player and I never stop moving on the court and I am fast. So, this shoe takes a beating. It is comfortable and when I wear them brand new I have no blisters or anything. I always buy my shoes a half size larger, so maybe that is what other buyers should try. I am a 8 and a half size shoe person and I buy all my tennis shoes in a size 9.
From: Jenn, 8/13

Comments: My daughter used these for the first time yesterday and had to quit early because her toes and heel were bleeding from this shoe. Comfort is horrible. Will never buy this one again no matter how cheap the price is.
From: Glen, 6/13

Comments: Love the way the shoe looks but comfort lacks. Not much for arch support and it makes my foot go numb because of the way it squeezes the toe box area. Also have to take the shoe off immediately coming off the court because it is so uncomfortable! Never had a shoe quite like this. Wish I had never kept it! Now I am stuck.
From: Cynthia, 1/13

Comments: I found this shoe are that it is a very stable shoe and good for players who run hard. There is lots of cushion on the tongue and around the ankle. I found the entire shoe is extremely comfortable.
From: Anon, 1/13

Comments: Sorry, but the new imitation metal(too inflexible) on the side makes this show uncomfortable and my toes are killing me. I am sending them back. I still miss the Alfa 2 shoe.
From: Rhonda, Encinitas, CA, 7/11

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