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Comments: First off, the book is worth the money, however it is easy to see that most of the reviews are politically or personally motivated; friends, fellow coaches, etc. It is not near as great as the reviews indicate. Now, with that being said, the book is a good book, is worth the money but for the most part it tells exactly what 75% of the responsible, educated parents would already know but it is good to have a reminder.
From: Stephen, MO, USA, 02/07

Comments: My wife and I thank Kathy Bryan for sending us "The Formula" 3 years ago. It truly is a fun and refreshing blueprint to raise kids in todayís society. Our twins, Michael & Jayson are now 5 years old and having fun going through the journey.
From: Ernie & Ellen, San Diego, CA, USA, 02/07

Comments: This book can be read in an afternoon, but the positive effects will last a lifetime. The concepts seem so basic and yet we tend to forget them on a daily basis. Keep a yellow marker handy when you read this book; you will highlight the secrets to a better life for everyone close to your heart.
From: Vic Braden, Vista Santa Rosa, CA USA.

Comments: Raising Your Child to be a Champion personifies Wayne Bryan's enthusiasm, energy and zest for life. It presents simple, concise, short and inviting chapters full of relevant and fascinating anecdotes! The Formula emphasizes FUN, positive reinforcement, realistic goal setting examples and simple rewards for accomplishment. This book is tremendously uplifting - it simply feels good. The recipe offered in The Formula really works. This must be one of the best and most useful books on parenting ever written.
From: Dick Gould, Men's Tennis Coach, Stanford University.

Comments: This little blue book is great for EVERYBODY. It will even help coaches, and you can believe that!
From: Sparky Anderson, Hall of Fame manager for the Cincinnati Reds and Detroit Tigers.

Comments: This book is vintage Wayne Bryan - filled with positive anecdotes & fun, energy & fun, strong values & fun, motivation & fun . . . It is amazing how a book that is so easy to read can say so much. Anyone who interacts with kids in ANY capacity needs to read this book. Our society needs a book like this and who better to do it than him. I'll be waiting for his video.
From: Michele Conlon, Women's Tennis Coach, Iowa State University.

Comments: I truly LOVE it! I immediately thought of all the people I should give it to. I enjoyed what he has to say and certainly agree with all of it. It was so refreshing to hear from a guy whose kids have succeeded at the highest levels.
From: Lissa Muscatine, Washington, D.C., Hillary Clintonís Press Secretary.

Comments: FANTASTIC. TERRIFIC. PASSIONATE. RELEVANT. USEFUL. The book is just filled with wonderful, useful, engaging and insightful pointers - for parents, for kids, for players, for anyone with any ambition in anything.
From: Joel Drucker, Tennis Writer, Oakland, CA.

Comments: I'm not sure there is anyone I know who doesn't look up to him in some way: as a father, a motivator, a teacher, a coach, a personality. He has set the bar for all of us to aspire to with his variety of good, no great, works, his humanity and his tireless commitment. Tennis is a special community which will continue to thrive in a large part because of the work he has done on so many levels . . . I dove into The Formula the moment it arrived and have already shared some of his tenets with my boys.
From: Leif Shiras, Tennis TV Broadcaster, Laguna Niguel, CA.

Comments:What a tremendous gift he has written for all of us who are on this marvelous journey as parents. I love it, I love it, I love it! It can bring families closer together and build a life long bond that will enrich and nurture. I hope this gets in the hands of all parents for it comments on our greatest legacy which is to grow and mentor happy, challenged, inquisitive, dynamic young people who will positively impact all those around them. Once again he has made such an incredible and lasting impact on me.
From: Greg Patton, Coach of the Boise State Tennis Team, and a National Speaker, Boise, ID.

Comments: You should get this book! This guy is the smartest and best guy at raising children I have ever met. His boys are the Bryan Brothers who are the #3 doubles team in the world, straight Aís all through school, NCAA Champions at Stanford, and the coolest kids ever!
From: Steve Bellamy, The Tennis Channel, Pacific Palisades.

Comments: Everyone needs and will benefit from this book. Parents and kids.
From: CathyAnn Simon, Santa Barbara, CA.

Comments: My order for five is on the way. There are some Midwest coaches who really need the help of The Formula.
From: Tom Rettenmaier, Rock Island, IL.

Comments: I've just started to reread it - God, I wish I knew all of this when the kids were little. The Formula should be mandatory reading for every pregnant mom and dad - maybe OBGYN's and hospitals should make this part of the prenatal package.
From: Melody Braden, Vista Santa Rosa, CA.

Comments: Wonderful book! It's informative, inspirational, and fun to read! A great primer for any parent, coach, teacher, and mentor of any kind. It made me think, evaluate, and inspired me with the powerful lessons in each chapter to be a better coach! The chapters had a great flow and I loved the ending with the story about Josh, which had me in tears. Thanks for a great Formula for success and fun.
From: Joe Guglielmi, San Francisco.

Comments: I would like to provide them to some of our young coaches at Ventura College that are still in the early phase of child raising. I know how much his personal direction and modeling has meant to so many young kids over the years. To have that message stand the test of time and now be recorded for others to read is sensational.
From: Steve Tobias, Former Football Coach and Athletic Director at Ventura College, Ventura, CA.

Comments: I thoroughly enjoyed reading The Formula. It is a wonderful upbeat and informative source of information, with many profound points that are beneficial for any parent.
From: Nick Saviano, National Tennis Coach and Author, Davie Florida.

Comments: I read it last night, couldn't put it down. It's the perfect size - short and sweet, not overwhelming like a lot of how to books. Anyway, today, thanks to his book, I have renewed determination to help each boy find his own passion (and a secondary one). I can see my 3 boys growing up to be champions.
From: Lynndee Conley, Voorburg, The Netherlands.

Comments: Terrific! Fantastic! Practical! Enthusiastic! A must read for every parent in the world.
From: Chuck Waldron, Mountville, South Carolina.

Comments: It is a compact and concise way to view and experience the joys of child rearing. The Formula puts into words those skills which parents try so hard to master.
From: Judy Warburg, Sacramento Capitals.

Comments: I read The Formula this past Sunday morning. I was so inspired and encouraged by his common sense, enthusiastic approach that I almost woke a sleeping baby to practice his advice!
From: Lori Taylor, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL.

Comments: Itís a wonderful and informative book. At the present time I am trying to convert my household to The Formula. If you know someone who wants to purchase 5 TVs and a video game, please let me know.
From: Tommy and Virginia Buford, Memphis, TN.

Comments: He has put it down in a simple, sequential system that works. Like countless others, I have learned much from him. This is not just a book for raising children, it works for raising your own level of excellence. Do yourself a favor. Buy this book. You will not be sorry. It will be the best money ever invested in your child, yourself, and your future.
From: Lee DeYoung, President CoRead Corp, Redondo Beach, CA.

Comments: I have read this book and I feel that it is a must for parents of all our junior players. Having seen Wayne giving seminars on and off the court and watching him having a special relationship with his family, I feel that this book will be a great guide for anyone who has children in any special activity who want to avoid burn out or give up because of not having fun.
From: Fernando Velasco, Austin, TX.

Comments: What an awesome book! It's concise & to the point, yet has a 'TON' of great information for parents to grab onto and utilize. I read it once and then had to go back and read it again this weekend. That's the kind of book it is and what I like about the format - always something else to pull from and learn and you can pick up different insights each time you read it. What a great book!
From: Jim Wolff, Professional Drummer, Ventura, CA.

Comments: I loved the book. I know it's got a great future. I couldn't put it down and would recommend it to anyone of any age. We can all learn some valuable life lessons from it.
From: Anne Guerrant, former pro tennis player, Gilbert, AZ.

Comments: Thank you, thank you for coming out with something so wonderful. That night I came home and started to read it right away and I knew that this book is not for reading from cover to cover and then put it away. You can use this book over and over again. It gives a nice frame to work with in a loving, concise, practical, and humorous way.
From: Mila Horak, Westlake Village, CA.

Comments: We both loved it, and plan to refer back to it again and again. I think that what we liked most was that he taught not just how to raise great athletes, musicians, etc., but most importantly how to raise great human beings.
From: Sheryl & Daryl Priest, Camarillo, CA.

Comments:What a great group of ideas bundled in an entertaining and easy read.
From: John Benson, Englewood, CO.

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