Forten 15 Nylon 660 Reel Yellow Customer feedback

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Comments: Hello Tennis Warehouse community! To start off, I am a teaching pro in MA and have won various open level tournaments over the past few years. I have used almost every string under the sun as well as almost every racquet. I am currently playing with the Prince Graphite 107. I have been using this racquet with various strings at 67 lbs. My go-to string right now is a 15l Prince Synthetic Gut with Duraflex. I love the way this feels in this racquet. However, tonight I found a reel of Forten Nyon 15l laying around my club. I strung one of my broken racquets (refering to string) up with some of this at 67 lbs. I hit it side by side with the Prince Duralfex strung at the same tension. In comparison to Duralfex, the Forten Nylon is a little bit stiffer right after stringing. I found this string to hit like a poly at first (without the spin). After about 30 minutes of hitting though the string softened up and became much more playable. I can tell that string will last about the same duration as the 15l duraflex but will not quite have the same playability. I found that this string is the opposite of RPM blast (in regards to feel on topspin and flat shots). It feels soft on flat shots and harsher on spin shots. The power and control are equivalent to Duraflex. While Duraflex is much softer feeling when it come to finesse shots. Overall this is a great string for the money. Let me repeat this. This is a great string for the money! It is not too far off from the most popular synthetic gut in the world (Duralfex), playability wise, for 1/4 of the price. This is not a game changing string but a great alternative for those looking for a very economical choice with good durability and playability. I used the black color for anyone that is curious. Hope this helps!
From: Cam, 11/16

Comments: At 1.4mm, a full bed of this starts off with a gummy, heavy feel to it. After it settles and softens (especially in a light racquet, sub 11oz.) the $20 for 600+ feet turns out to be a great value. It has good durability and pocketing. I have hybrid strung this stuff in varying combinations in the mains and crosses with polys and multifilaments, with the 15g generally in the mains and I have had good results. This means it does what I want it to do.
From: Scott, 1/13

Comments: For roughly $0.025 per foot this is definitely the most bang for your buck. It's especially useful if you have your own stringer and want some "cheap" string. It's nice and soft and I have very decent feel with it.
From: Lance, 10/12

Comments: I got about 6 hours of play out of this string. Not six days, but six hours. While it lasted, it marked all my balls, an effective method of keeping the guys of the other court off them (you could see the black layer peel off). If you want to have fresh strings all the time though, this is a great string because as something to actually play with, it's okay.
From: Kaishin, 10/12

Comments: This is the best string for the value on Earth! Great performance!
From: Anon, 9/2

Comments: The durability is unacceptable, as it lasted me just 4 days. This just doesn't work for me. I'm not going to make this a product I buy again. It's nice and soft though.
From: Philip, 8/12

Comments: Forten Nylon is a good string for tournaments. It is durable for long hits on hard courts. I have been using this string for 10 years.
From: Niyongira, 10/11

Comments: Good string. For the price you can't beat the performance. I used this to string for my teammates and they all loved how it felt. I personally use it on the crosses. I recently purchased a reel of the black string and it seems to have some sort of coating on it that the other colors did not have. When stringing the crosses with it the string snapped. I would recommend pre-stretching it before using to really get a good feel from it.
From: Eric, USA, 01/11

Comments: For a "cheap" reel, this string packs a punch!
From: Sella, Port Elizabeth, South Africa, 01/11

Comments: Bought the reel to get a feel of stringing racquets and I have to save that I LOVE IT!! I use a semi- western forehand grip, so I impart a lot of topspin to my forehands and found that these strings are extremely durable. I have tried poly's, as well as other "durable" strings and found these to be both durable and powerful!!
From: Kevin, FL, USA, 12/10

Comments: I bought this string to get started stringing racquets. It had good feel and control but I snapped it about every other day. The only problem I had with this string was it lost its tension fairly quickly. I use a K Pro Tour strung at 60 lbs. I will try it in hybrids soon.
From: David, Tupelo, MS. 5/10

Comments: Wow. Plays just like a poly, maybe better. By far more durable, and great feel. I used kevlar because I snapped polys twice weekly. That stuff took its toll on my arm after a few hours of play. This stuff I could play for hours on end, and nothing wrong with my arm. And my when I served my sliders and kick serves were biting a lot more; big serve big forehand. Heavy topspin one hander. Strong baseline game, but like to serve and volley often.
From: Joel, Camden, SC, USA, 01/10

Comments: This stuff gives an amazing bite on the ball. Previously played with Gosen's ProForm Tuff (another 15L gauge tournament nylon string) for about a year and a half, and the switch to this really paid huge dividends on helping me to correct my technique. The ProForm Tuff is suited more for flatter hitters, feeling more like a board and very unforgiving if you are attempting to put spin on the shots. I would get a lot of depth, but this was mostly due to the flatness of my shots, and I would end up spraying many balls long. Forten's 15L tournament nylon gives an amazing bite in comparison, pocketing the ball very well and allowing you (WITH GOOD TECHNIQUE) to create an immense amount of spin on shots. Placing the ball around at the net (volleying) was also much easier due to how much it pockets the ball. The difference between the strings is like night and day. My setup: 3 stock Wilson ProStaff 85s. string color: BLACK (looks beautiful in prostaffs, and much easier to tell if you are hitting your shots cleanly and centered)
From: Abel, Lawrenceville, GA, USA, 07/09

Comments: Used this string for 4 years. Was our college team's string. Plays great for a 15 gauge. Nice feel and good spin for nylon when freshly strung. Loses these nice playing qualities very fast with heavy hitting (30min-1hour) and can have an unpredictable feeling from the stringbed, then breaks within 2-3 hours of heavy hitting. But for 1 dollar a job a great deal. I found pre-stretching the string allowed for a more uniform stringbed feel, and it kept its qualities until breakage, but this also reduced durability by a small margin (and takes longer to string). If I was in a hurry, I would string 3-4 lbs above target tension, then lightly step on the stringbed, this would give a similar feel to pre-stretching.
From: Jonah, Tulsa, OK, USA. 06/09
NTRP Rating: 4.5

Comments: 30 hours of playing before breaking! I have been playing tennis for over 35 years and presently rated 5.0 NTRP level. I purchased this string for my son (4.0 NTRP) because he kept breaking the expensive string that I get with my contract and I couldn't keep him in it any longer. I strung his 102 midsize racquet at 64lbs (fairly tight) and it held up wonderfully. He also liked the feel as well as the more expensive string. We played over vacation both on hard and on clay courts, and kept the racquet in the hot car of Florida most of the time. It lost some tension (+4lbs) by the time it broke, so I recommend stringing it a little tighter to compensate for the string stretch. I would recommend stringing your racquet with one string instead of two different string types. This helped with the uniformity of the tension. A good purchase.
From: Brian, St.Paul, MN. 04/09

Comments: I needed a cheap solution to my problem of breaking strings so I decided to go with Forten Nylon 15g. My first string lasted 3 sets, but the second one broke after playing for 1.5 Hour. I think I will get back to my Wilson Enduro Pro 16g.
From: Nitin, Kingsport, Tennesse, USA. 3/09

Comments: Great String for the price. Can't beat that price. Very durable. I've had them for a week and there is barely any etching into the verticals. I strung it on Dunlop 200gs and Yonex RDS 002 tours. Amazing feedback on contact. Tension is strung at highest. Durable, feels great on arm.
From: Alfred, Toronto, Ontario. 3/09

Comments: I have played tennis for almost 2 years. I have used plenty of strings I use to get my racket strung by my friend but the strings kept on breaking every 2 weeks. I was wasting money. I bought my first stringer and got these strings. This string does not break at all. I have used these strings for 2 months and play tennis every other day for 3 hours every day. This last long and its ok on spin but the power is incredible. GET THIS STRING IF YOUR ON A BUDGET AND WANT A LONG LASTING STRING. IT'S WORTH IT. Now I have a little money and am going to get the 16g next so I will have 2 string for the people that want me to string their racket.(I'm getting 16g so they can BREAK their strings every 2-4 weeks and ill make money.)I use the 15g. I'm in 11th grade but I'm #3 in my DIVISON./CIF
From: Michael, CA. 11/08

Comments: This is a good string for any player who doesn't know what gauge they want. Not only that, but I've played with this racket for about 2 weeks know and I played every day for 2 weeks and this is a good string for any player with a tight budget and they always break their strings. I'm used to breaking my strings every 3 weeks and that's with a Prince 16 gauge. I highly recommend this string. It has an ok spin, but it lasts very long. I'm going to also buy the 16 gauge Forten string because it has better spin and I have my own stringer. This is a good string. It doesn't matter what anyone says, it's good but you won't have as much spin on the ball as you like.
From: Michael, San Bernardino, CA, U.S.A. 8/08

Comments: If you never want to break strings again get it! I mean seriously get it, I get more spin from other strings, but if you are looking for durability get it. I break strings every day or so without these strings, but with them they stay in there a month or two at a time. In other words extremely durable.
From: Daniel, Goldsboro, NC, USA. 3/08

Comments: Started using this string while on a university tennis team in the US. Since returning to my homeland (England) 8 yrs ago, I have imported it into the country from tennis warehouse. I have been a full time coach since my return and have tried other strings but I always prefer the Forten. Its durability varies to whom I'm currently coaching, but can vary from a few days to a few months. I coach up to 10 hrs a day, so need a string that will not wreck my elbow. This string is slightly on the soft side, yet still has good feel. As for the price-wow what a bargain, even with delivery costs. I use this string in a Wilson ncode six- one tour 90 weighted to 363 grams. Strung at 59lbs, with string pattern 16x18 (leave bottom string out for bigger sweetspot, it seems!) Being sent K factor version from Wilson in few weeks, and will be using a similar set up!
From: Pete, Shropshire, England, UK, 02/08

Comments: There is some high-end string that I like better, but not nearly enough to pay the difference. This stuff is pretty durable, performs well, and is so reasonably priced that I just can't get myself to buy anything else. It's better than any of the mid-level strings from the racket manufacturers. Higher tensions seem to perform better. Danny (previous commentator) is right about pre-stretching. When stringing I make 2 pulls each time, which significantly improves the string's ability to hold tension.
From: Brent, Orange Park, FL, USA, 02/08

Comments: I bought a reel of this stuff, and my initial impression before I strung it was that the string seemed kind of stretchy. I played for about four hours with it and the string has all ready notched about halfway through itself so I imagine it will break within another four hours of play. For 15L, I get a lot of spin with the stuff and I really have no complaints. The only minor thing is that the color starts to fade away a little, but I think that's also just a sign of stress on the strings. The tension drops pretty quickly, though, but that's nothing too bad. I imagine pre-stretching the string would prevent this from happening. It's definitely cheap enough to go ahead and cut out of your racquet if it loses too much tension. 4.5 all court player using nSix- One Tour 90 (stock). Tension 55-60lbs for typical string.
From: Danny, California, USA. 1/08

Comments: I play with this string for over 6 years now, and still happy every time. Lasts about 5 hours on gravel. It's I think the most all-round string in this price-range. Good durability and good enough feel. I'm an all-round player (4/4) in the Netherlands. Prince TT Graphite MP.
From: Stefan, Eindhoven, The Netherlands. 03/05

Comments: I love this string because it's so cheap. It doesn't really feel or play like other cheap strings I've had before. It really is almost as good as more expensive stuff, and is a good idea if you break a lot of strings and can't afford to keep replacing them.
From: Biren, Atlanta, GA, USA. 4/04

Comments: A very durable string for a good price.
From: Henrik, Halden, Norway. 6/03

Comments: This is a great string for the price. I'm an open level player and have always used Prince Nylon. I bought a reel of the Forten Nylon and it plays just as well and is just as durable.
From: Eric, Tewksbury, MA. USA 3/01

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