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Comments: The durability was good -- right up there with any other shoe with the 6 month guarantee (e.g., Nike Lunar Ballistic 1.5). I really liked these shoes and will definitely buy them again -- especially at that price. Wow!
From: Nick, 7/15

Comments: The shoe holds true to its spec and fitting, except the narrow head of the shoe that began to hurt my toes after an hour later. Not ideal for wide feet. It does require some break-in time to get used to it. The comfort is there, and it has pretty good traction. Overall, not bad for the price.
From: Nate, 4/15

Comments: This shoe is a very good buy for the sale price, and it's as good as shoes costing three times as much. I prefer to put in my own cushioned insole, otherwise it feels a little flat on the ground to me. And as all have said, it runs small. I wear 11.5 in every other make, and in this shoe a 13 is perfect.
From: Russ, 3/15

Comments: The Fila Sentinel is a good shoe for the price. You must order a full size larger; these shoes run very small. As for their durability, I cannot speak for yet. But these are a great deal.
From: Anon, 3/15

Comments: Just ordered a pair of these, and they are a 1/2 size (if not more) too small. Other than that, though, they seem like a badass shoes! I got them on sale, for a great price, and get the sense they're one of the best tennis- related purchases I've ever made! I'm going to exchange them for 1/2 size+ thanks to Tennis Warehouse's excellent free shipping for exchanges (best tennis store on the globe!), and will love these shoes for sure! I highly recommend them, just order up a 1/2 size.
From: Nick, 3/15

Comments: I am glad to see I am not the only one to find these shoes run small in length. I am not sure, but I think TW plus some initial reviews suggested ordering them a half size small. For me quite the opposite, I had totally given up on the shoes until I tried them half a size big. Going half the size big made the heel to loose but trying the laces in a runner's loop fixed the problem. Very comfy and plush shoes and they look very well built. I like the aesthetics of the white/navy/red colorway too which at $39 is a steal. I can't commend on durability but I am not worried given that they come with a 6 month warranty. Definitely consider ordering a half size bigger. Quality performance shoes at bargain price!
From: Anon, 3/15

Comments: I ordered a pair of these in 8.5, which is my normal shoe size (except in Nike, I always have to go up to a size 9 with them). This shoe was way too small. Ordered a size 9, but unfortunately, TW is out of the shoe in that size, so they just issued me a refund.
From: Tony, 3/15

Comments: Just received this shoe. No way is it a "wide" and the comment about it being wider in the toe area is totally inaccurate. I wear a standard D width. I could barely get my foot in these shoes. They look nice but back to TW they go in the morning.
From: David, 2/15

Comments: I wear a size 12 (US) with orthotics in my street shoes. With tennis shoes I can wear a 12 without orthotics and Thorlos. With these Filas, I first tried a size 12, and they were way too small. I exchanged them for size 13, and they are still too small. That's a little strange.
From: Michael, 2/15

Comments: Wow, these are great shoes! And the color that is on sale is just $39 with a 6 month outsole guarantee! I have a narrow 10.5 foot and even then they were a little tight in the toebox for the first 20 minutes. However they seemed to stretch out and now they fit like a glove. I agree with George, they seem to run a little small, however it seems the mesh design of the toe box allows for some comfortable expansion. These shoes provide great stability from side to side and if you're a heel striker. They'll give the back of the foot a soft landing. Great value, nice job Fila and TW.
From: John, 2/15

Comments: Very disappointed -- they don't last more than 2 months if you are play 3 or 4 times every week. Fila needs to do better because they are a nice looking pair of tennis shoes.
From: Rafa, 2/15

Comments: I agree with "Mike from 3/14." With respect to my previous pair of Nike tennis shoes, the Sentinels felt a half size smaller (even without thick socks). When I checked Tennis Warehouse's International sizing I discovered that notwithstanding the US sizing (of 11 in my case) for both pairs of shoes the European (EUR) sizing for the Sentinel's was 44 and 1/2 instead of the 45 which I had had with the Nikes.
From: George, 1/15

Comments: An open mind can be a rewarded mind. I was hesitant to give Fila a chance because of its history with Grant Hill basketball shoes being blamed for his ankle injuries (later admittedly not the problem). I come from a history of Nike Court Ballistec, Vapor 9, Air Cage 2, Breathe Cage 2k10/2k11, adidas cc Feather 2, Head Speed Pro. etc. to name a few of the past shoes I've worn. I'm an all court player with an aggressive game. Fila tennis shoes were always getting poor reviews for the most part. This was the first shoe that got positive feedback on all the websites I checked. They are very sturdy. Passed the three point test -- minimal flex in forefoot, no bend in midfoot and heel support which is what I try to look for compared to something like the adidas cc Feather 2 which flexed almost everywhere except the heel, but had the best ventilation to date. I have a wide forefoot with a medium arch. I've worn them once for an hour of play and traction was up to par, my feet were able to breathe and were stable on lateral movements. There was no break-in needed. Comfortable from the beginning. Can't beat the sale price for a 6 month durability shoe (can't comment on yet, but seems like they will hold up). Considering picking up another pair (wish another colorway was at that price). Highly recommended.
From: Vince, 1/15

Comments: I have a wide foot and this shoe is one of the very few that I can wear on the court and not worry about any foot problems. I have to search high and low for shoes that will fit and give good support. I wear very thick socks and I found that ordering a half size small works very well. I highly recommend. Fila, please don't change this shoe!
From: Jason, 11/14

Comments: These shoes are very much worth a try! They're not too expensive compared to Nike and adidas, but they have the needed comfort and stability, thanks to the plastic shell covering the shoes. I also concur with the review that ventilation is not as good, but it is not something to worry about. They're also comfy enough to wear on a regular basis.
From: Ash, 6/14

Comments: I ordered these to try for size. My normal shoes are the Prince T22s. I followed the suggestion of ordering a 1/2 size smaller and I do not agree with it. I wear a 10 in the T22s and ordered these in 9.5. Too small. I have relatively low volume, wide feet that require extra room in the toebox for my pinky toes. The 9.5 Sentinels didn't have it. If you need a wide shoe, do try the new Yonex Pro Cushions. I ordered them in my normal size 10 and they feel great on my toes.
From: Charles, 5/14

Comments: Good comfort, pretty good durability, and decent cosmetics. I got fewer compliments than what I got with my Propulses, but they felt more flexible and forgiving. Despite no break-in time, the shoes seemed to widen as I wore them, causing some unwanted movement which resulted in sore toes and some minor blisters. But that was for the brief latter stage of the shoes, right before they ripped through. Overall, good shoes.
From: Brian, 3/14

Comments: Contrary to the previous write up, I think the Sentinel shoes run a half-size small and should be ordered a half-size larger due to a narrow shoe box and wearing thorlon socks.
From: Mike, 3/14

Comments: Fila is Back! The 2012/2013 line before the Sentinel was horrible. I have been wearing the pro player Fila line for at least 5 years and generally they have been the most comfortable and durable until that last line. With the Sentinel they have come back strong with a shoe that's light, durable, comfy and inexpensive. Give these a try. I put my Babalot's in the back of my closet.
From: David, 2/14

Comments: I highly recommend this shoe. No break-in needed. Extremely comfortable out of the box. Excellent lateral support, and even though the toe box space is pretty generous, it still provides good support in quick sprints and backpedalling. Very comfortable and supportive if you wear a size 2E athletic shoe. I didn't find the need to get a 1/2 size smaller.
From: Ray, 2/14

Comments: Just got them and they feel great. I have not played with these shoes just yet, but I love the initial feel. No break in will be necessary. This was my alternative to the T-22 that was out of stock. Do get a 1/2 size smaller as suggested by TW. They also run slightly hot (as reviewed).
From: Philippe, 10/13

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