MSV Focus Hex Soft 17 (1.20) String Yellow Customer feedback

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Comments: I love MSV FH Soft! I first found it when a guy brought a racquet to me to restring, and I noticed his Mains had almost no tension loss. They still had the "twang" in them! I took them out and strung them in my own Mains as a hybrid with Nylon crosses, at about 62 lbs, overall tension. I felt like I was hitting in a dream! The spin and control were amazing! I bought a reel for my friends and I, and I have never found someone who did not love it! I have since strung down to 60 lbs (overall), for even more power and spin. They last and last! I have restrung my Nylon crosses up to seven times on one FH Soft set in the Mains. That is over a year of 5 hours a week, 4.5 ranking play!
From: Sean, 1/15

Comments: I'm an advanced beginner who always played with multi-filaments. I've tried a few soft co-polys and this is the one I liked best. The most powerful I tried (I still wanted a string with some power) yet with noticeably more control than the multi-filaments I played with in the past. Even a 2.5 like me can get a lot more control with this string without compromising on forgiveness or power (when compared to synthetic gut or multis). I'm stringing my Aero Team at 48 lbs now and restringing every 2 months. I play 4 hours per week. I started playing with this string as soon as TW had in stock and have no sore elbow or shoulder yet.
From: Paolo, 5/13

Comments: These strings are truly amazing. Good control, spin and power. Can barely notice the loss of string tension and the durability is through the roof! I strung my Head Radical Microgel MP at 46/44 lbs and performance has never been better. Highly recommend it to all level players.
From: Barry, 1/13

Comments: I'm a 4.5, mainly doubles serve and volleyer. This string plays like the MSV Focus Hex, but after playing on Saturday and Sunday my body was sore for 2 days. It's stiffer than the original Focus Hex. Would not buy again.
From: B., 1/13

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