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MSV Focus Evo 17 (1.25) String Customer feedback

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Comments: Used the MSV Focus HEX on the cross and Focus Evo on the Main. Plays good but not much on the spin. Before trying the HYBRID I play with Focus Hex which gives a lot of spin, but the Hybrid I don't get much spin. Next time I re-string my racquet, I will do the opposite. I use Wilson K-factor Six-One Tour 90.
From: Cesar B., North Hills, CA, USA. 5/10

Comments: I have tried many strings on my racquet and I can honestly say that these ones are the ones. I have a tight pattern 18x20 Kblade 93 headsize and it is really hard to hit the ball with spin; this string allows you to hit with spin. The feel is amazing and the speed of my serve has improved a lot. The control is perfect; this will be my strings from now on.
From: CG, palmdale, CA 04/10

Comments: This string really works for me. I was having some elbow problems with other strings (even gut for some reason), and decided to try this one at the low 50s and it's great for my arm. It's very soft and easy to string compared to most other polys and has good playability and tension maintenance. I tried a lot of different brands before settling on this one and it's definitely a keeper.
From: JD, Hayward, CA 01/10

Comments: I can only say, its a magic string with very good spin and live impact. You can hit as hard as you can.
From: KC, Hong Kong 09/09

Comments: Well I've given up on poly but I tried these before and I restrung the other half in a hybrid for a friend. Comfort level has been fine and I would do it in the low 50's. Good spin and power and it lasted over 20 hours. Also, the string really does look great when the sun hits it perfectly.
From: LK, 08/09

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