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Comments: A good powerful racquet with good control.
From: Andre, 8/14

Comments: This is not a full review, merely an observation. Although the Yonex EZONE Xi 115 is fully a quarter inch longer than a standard racquet (the Ezone Xi 115 is 27.25" long), but its handle is curiously short. For players with a two-handed stroke who have medium to large hands, the Xi 115's handle will likely be uncomfortably short. When using two hands, three fingers of my non-dominant hand rested above the grip tape. Curiously, I playtested the Yonex EZONE Xi 107 at the same time, and despite clocking in at the industry standard 27" its handle was noticeably longer and more accommodating.
From: Namit, 6/13

Comments: I am a recreational player, 49 years old and I play tennis once per week. I had tennis elbow problems using Head racquets, and I tried the Babolat 107 and Prince EX03, but the Yonex EZONE Xi115 (made in Japan, by the way, unlike almost all other raquets which are made in China) offers me the power and control I was looking for without the stress on the elbow. It might be the technology they are using as well as the materials. Thank you Yonex.
From: Corneliu, 12/12
String tension: 45 lbs

Comments: Well, I switched from the RDiS 100 Mid (93 sq in), as the RDiS is very solid but you have to bring your own power. Even using its weight to do the work, I still hit short. Then it started to slowly give me pain in my arms and in my shoulder, so I decided to switch to this. The reason for it is that I already tested this racquet and as I said they performed so similar. The only difference is the comfort and power, and it is really good on the arm! With the RDiS, after every match my arm felt sore and heavy. Another thing is that while it is very stable in the first set, it is very heavy and stiff if the match extends to the 2nd or 3rd sets. Plus, with its weight you could hardly concentrate on the ball and even decide what kind of shot you would hit. I'm not a professional player, so I'm relating more to the majority of tennis players who don't train day in and day out. In turn, it helped me to realize that I needed a racquet that has the swing weight of a heavy racquet, has a bigger sweetspot, and has its own power to be able to rely upon. The Xi series is really comfortable to play with.
From: Anon, 8/12

Comments: This racquet is very table and I'm surprised for a light power racquet I could hit through the ball and come off with a powerful ball. Even with heavy struck balls the racquet counter punches so well and on the run you can really depend on it, I could hit a solid well placed ball while on the run. The serves are fantastic!i could really hit hard flat serves and the spin is unbelievable. Currently using RDiS 300 93sq.inch and I'm amazed how almost similar they performed. GOOD JOB YONEX!! ANOTHER CLASSIC QUALITY FRAME!!!
From: AJI, 2/12

Comments: Have been demo'ing super-oversized racquets for several weeks. Tried this one based on the kind words from TW, but after a 20 minute warm-up and 2 sets of tennis, put it back in the box and shipped it back. Just way too light to me - and anything hit even close to the outside of the sweetspot had nothing on it. Guess I'm just spoiled by my very solid Head Metallix 4; this one isn't even close.
From: Alan, 2/12

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