Wilson Synthetic Gut Extreme 16 Natural Customer feedback

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Comments: Great string for the money -- good power, spin, and feel. Reviewers who have negative comments, what comparable string at the same price would you recommend?
From: Ben, 1/14

Comments: Outstanding strings! I am a teaching pro and have used these strings since 1999. I string my teaching racquet at 55 pounds for a softer feel during lessons. When I am competing I have another three racquets that I keep strung at 58 pounds. I have tried many so-called "magic strings" that cost 20 to 30 bucks from a pro shop. Frankly speaking folks, any synthetic gut from a reputable mfg is going to do the job. The difference I find with Wilson Extreme 16 is the durability. I generate a my own power with my four Wilson nTour 95 racquets. I have six of these racquets since they were introduced to the market in 2005. Bought two more back in 2009. Nearly impossible to find anymore but the nTour 95 with Extreme 16 are an excellent combination. I do use the same string for the mains and crosses. Incredible to read how the opinions differ. I think one of the main reasons some people say they lack durability is because they live and play in the southern areas of the USA. Any string is going to have a shorter life span when the UV rays from the sun are zapping racquet strings for hours each week. I know this from personal experience, I used to live in Arizona for eight years. In the north now (New Hampshire) and the strings last 6 months when I play competitively inside during the winter.
From: Anon, 1/14

Comments: Average synthetic gut here. I tried this out as a cross string with Luxilon 4g (mains) strung at 56lbs on my Blade 98 16x19. Had a decent lively feel when freshly strung, but that feel soon disappeared after just a day or two. This string also feels a tad brittle after its original feel dies out. I, personally, wouldn't buy this string again but I can see this as a good choice for people who string out of their own home and possibly are on a low budget too.
From: Shane, 7/13

Comments: Terrible string. Frayed badly within a few hours of play. Snapped after 3 hours of play.
From: Rod, 5/12

Comments: These strings are ok. Power: These strings offer a descent amount of power but there are more powerful strings in the same price range. Control: Average amount of control. Durability: I tried the 16 gauge and it broke after about 10 hours of play. Not the worst, not the best. Value: Pretty good value. Very cheap strings that will last long enough.
From: John, 5/12

Comments: Pretty good feel.. Predictable play. I get about 10-15 hours of play out of it, which is what you want out of a synthetic anyway. I usually string a new set in my racquet for every tournament match.
From: Mark, CA, USA, 01/11
NTRP Rating: 6.0

Comments: Fantastic string! I strung it with Solinco tour bite in the mains and this in the crosses at 65 lbs in my Babolat pure drive. So much more power and slice and touch are much better. Ball does fly however compared to an all poly set up over all best bang for your buck.
From: Alejandro, Philly, PA, USA, 11/10

Comments: This is about the worst synthetic gut I've every played with. Zero bite, zero feel, just a waste of money. Good thing its cheap, and you get what you pay for.
From: Tom, USA. 6/10

Comments: Easily the best string I've ever used. Not great durability but the playability is better than gut, NRG, etc. for me. I've played for 25 years competitively and tried everything out there and always go back to this string. Not even a close second to this one in my opinion.
From: Bryan, Portage, MI 03/10

Comments: Terrible. Starts fraying straight away after maybe a match or two losing all pop and bite with the strings becoming very loose. Then they break. They say you get what you pay and in this case it's true. Do not buy these strings. Spend a LITTLE more money on something decent.
From: Tom, New Zealand, 01/10

Comments: Wilson Extreme Syn Gut 16g are great strings. I play with a Babolat Pure Storm LTD. I string it myself at 65-67lbs. I am a 4.0+, hard hitting, topspin junky. A set of strings last me just about 3 weeks. At that time I start to feel a loss in tension, but they soon break at that point. The feel is great. Don't judge these strings by the price. Buy it if you want a string that is cheap in price, great feel and control, easy to string, and has a good hitting life. Forget it if you want to break serve speed records, don't care about price for strings, and want to match your Babolat racquet with Babolat strings.
From: David, RSM, CA, USA 11/09

Comments: This is about the worst synthetic gut I've every played with. Zero bite, zero feel, just a waste of money. Good thing its cheap, and you get what you pay for.
From: Jarrod, Overland Park, KS, USA, 08/09

Comments: Great string, less power but you can rip the ball out with spin and the ball will keep in play. For people that knows how to generate their own power this string is the best bang for the buck.
From: Paulo, 07/09

Comments: Wilson Extreme Synthetic Gut is the best string for me. Its tension is at 60 lbs. And I love it. Lasts me about 3 months, and that�s great because I really go after the ball and hit hard w/control from the strings.
From: M. McLin, Joliet, IL, USA, 5/08

Comments: Good string for the first couple days of play. Lost tension quickly and strings became dead and powerless. They are pretty durable and haven't broken on my Babolat AeroPro Drive yet. For the money, I would recommend this string for a beginner, or one who has their own stringer and reel of it.
From: heath, kentucky, usa. 5/08

Comments: I have used these strings for a long time. I string them at 57lbs on my Wilson nSix-One 95. The feel and performance is amazing, but the only problem for me is durability. They usually break on average after 3 hours of good practice. After I'm done with my reel, I'll probably be looking for something different.
From: Will, San Diego, CA, USA. 2/08

Comments: I go lots of power from this string. I've been using it on a couple of Trisys 260s (340 grams strung) that I restrung at 58 and 64. No problem with either the durability or loss of power so far. I play 5-6 times a week and the plow through is still there. The control is the best I have seen on an economical string, so I plan on stringing the others with the same stuff. I'm still trying to break a string just to see how far it can go! This one's got my vote.
From: Art, Los Angeles, CA, USA. 11/07

Comments: It's an awesome string. It is perfect for spin, power and control, but it has poor durability. Very great string.
From: Stefano, Pescara, Italy. 11/07

Comments: Only worth a few days of high tensioned play, in that few days its good for solid hitting with great spin and bite, so its sort of worth the money, but after the great tension loss, play will be like very soft strings that will pop soon.
From: Freddie, Stockton, CA, USA, 07/07

Comments: I am a solid 5.0 player with strong heavy topspin groundstrokes. I love this string but I break it in and 2 and 1/2 hours! I recommend buying in bulk. I buy 15 sets at a time and that usually is good. Overall awesome strings but not too durable.
From: Daniel, CA, USA, 02/07

Comments: This string is great, it keeps its tension and has a very nice feel to it. I am 10 years old and just had this string put into my head prestige. I think this string is giving me more power because my prestige is more of a control racquet. I am a baseline player with medium topspin and am currently playing at the under 13's level.
From: Bob, Liverpool, England 04/06

Comments: Very good value string. Reasonably good feel and durability compared with more expensive strings I've used and great for an entry level product.
From: Alex, Adelaide, SA, Australia 02/06

Comments: Pretty good string. Though it's not the best I've ever used it's excellent considering how much it costs. Great feel and control. Though it only lasts several hours, overall its great economical string. I'm a 4.0 hard hitting, heavy topspin, baseline player.
From: Danny, NYC, New York, USA. 9/05

Comments: The string has a great feel. Very durable. I got heavy topspin. I had my racquet strung at 59lbs. It lasted 4 weeks before it broke, and I played 4-5 times a week for at least an hour at a time. Your best bet is to purchase these strings online in bulk, 3 or 4 packs at a time. Most stores charge about $8.00 for 1 pack, so it's a lot cheaper to buy them online.
From:Kyle City, State, Country: Sunbury, PA USA

Comments: I've tried a few different strings, and this is the best so far. I play an all court game with a Prince Precision Response MP, strung at 62lbs.
From: JD, Bismarck, ND, USA. 8/05

Comments: This string is great. It performed very well for the first few hours and did well for considerable amount of time. This string tends to break very quickly. It lasted for about 4 days before it broke. I do like to string my racquet to around 63lbs and hit the ball really hard. If you can afford to re-string your racquet every week this is a great string.
From: Harry, Falls Church, VA, USA 08/05

Comments: This string is great. It doesn't seem to last that long but the playability is great. I am a 5.o player and hit with a bit of power and lots of spin. I won't play with any other string in my racquet.
From: Jason, WI, USA 07/05

Comments: I personally like the synthetic better than the NXT because I get more feel for the ball. With the NXT, it's cushioned. Another plus is that the synthetic gut is pretty cheap
From: Bob, San Francisco, CA, USA. 09/04

Comments: I used the Wilson Sensation 16 and switched to Wilson Extreme 16. The difference in feel, bite, and control is phenomenal. I am a hard hitter playing at the 4.0 level, and these strings are very durable.
From: Jeff, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. 8/04

Comments: This is a great deal if you string your own racquets. I used to play with NXT 16 at 65lbs (Prince Org. Graphite OS), and I switched to Extreme Synthetic 16 at 62lbs. The difference was miniscule in terms of performance. This string breaks after 3 matches, compared to deterioration after 5-6 matches with the NXT.
From: Anjan, Carlsbad, CA, USA. 3/04

Comments: I just bought another Wilson Hyper Hammer 6.2 and got this string free. On my other stick, I was using Wilson NXT Tour 17 string and wasn't really happy with it. It started to fray really fast and took a while to break. Well I absolutely love this string. I get a lot of ball bite and ball feel. My groundies are really solid and my volleys couldn't be better. My serve has also improved using this string. I would really recommend this string if you prefer ball bite and feel. I also hit with heavy topspin and this string is still really good. No loss of tension at all.
From: Adam, San Jose, CA, USA. 8/03

Comments: I first used these strings as a Tennis Warehouse throw-in, free with new racquet purchases. I like them very much, and you can't beat the price! Great ball bite and feel. Nice snap. Reasonably durable, with not a lot of movement. Strong value to performance ratio.
From: Sandy, NY, NY, USA. 7/03

Comments: These strings are the best. I switched to them from Gosen strings. I play Varsity Tennis for my high school for 1-3 hrs a day everyday. I have some SERIOUS topspin with some SERIOUS power. I use a Wilson Hyper Pro Staff 5.0 and the string feels great. I break my strings once every 2 weeks and these strings are the best because they are cheap and they last long.
From: Saurabh, Gahanna, OH, USA. 4/03

Comments: One of the best economy strings and better than many expensive ones.Good bite on the ball, easy on the arm, average durability.
From: Toby, UK. 4/03

Comments: This is a very good string. It doesn't last me that long but I get good and hard hits off of it. It will only last me about two weeks and I'm re-stringing, but overall it is a very good string.
From: Corey Gaines, Elberton, GA. USA 2/03

Comments: Wilson Extreme 16 Synthetic Gut has a good feel to it, but suffers in durability. I bought a reel and I am restringing every 10 days. I can only get about 6 hours of play before it breaks.
From: Jim, Peoria, IL. USA 5/02

Comments: Wilson Extreme Synthetic Gut 16g is a very good feel string but doesn't do that well with durability. I am a 4.5-5.0 NTRP level junior player and I use the string on my Head i.Prestige racquet. I hit with heavy topspin and power and it seems that the string can't go beyond 2 weeks of 1-3 hours of play.
From: AY, Princeton, NJ. USA 4/02

Comments: I like this string a lot, it has great feel and the ball really pops of the racquet. But is durability is limited. The best I can do is about 3-4 weeks in the racquet before breakage. My skill level ranges from 4 to 5.5 and I play a lot of tennis. I have a heavy top spin and slice which adds to the wear factor. A great playing string, I just wish it was a touch more durable.
From: Art, USA 10/01

Comments: I think the Wilson Extreme natural is the best string on the market. It is extremely durable and bytes the ball. I can get good speed and control with it and it lasts for about a week or two. Its great stuff.
From: Kyle, Lexington, KY. USA 4/01

Comments:I asked a local pro about string. He recommended Wilson Extreme 16 or 17g. Synthetic Gut String for my Wilson Hammer 6.2 Stretch. I have found it to be extremely durable, responsive, and economical string. When I first put the string in my frame, the ball seemed to explode off of my racquet. I am a 4.5 level player with pretty hard groundstrokes.
From: Joe, Richmond, Va. USA 6/00

Comments:Wilson Extreme Synthetic Gut 16g. seems to maintain low durability. I play several times a week, and am not an avid string breaker, but this string breaks often. It feels nice, but doesn't last long.
From: Steven, Champaign, IL. USA 4/00

Comments:Wilson Extreme 16 Synthetic Gut has great overall playability. Durability is questionable but worth it. I'm a 4.5+ player and have found great feel with this string.
From: Ben, B.C, Canada 08/99

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