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Comments: I find it doesn't work as good as the phone app, RacketTune.
From: Deborah, 5/16

Comments: I had a new racquet strung at 60 lbs (based on chart with the ERT 300), and my initial reading was 62 lbs, which dropped to 59 lbs after a couple of matches, which appeared to be perfect. As I liked the racquet, I purchased a second identical racquet with the same strings and tension through the same supplier, but this time the ERT 300 read only 53 lbs, and has stayed there for 9 matches over 3 weeks. Both racquets seem to play identical to me. I complained that the second racquet was not strung properly, but was told by a reputable tennis gear supplier that the meter could only read Dynamic Tension, and extrapolating this to actual tension wasn't possible. I've used this device for a couple of years now and had confidence in the accuracy of readings until this comment, but now I'm confused.
From: Dennis, 6/15

Comments: The ERT300 that I recently ordered is not working well. I followed the instructions, but I get an error message repeatedly. (I tried many racquets several times.) After pressing the button, I think the ERT 300 should vibrate, but it didn't vibrate at all for check.
From: Seohana, 3/14

Comments: This is a very useful tool. Don't bother taking a reading and extrapolating back to strung tension using their calculator - that is of little use because with different string characteristics that never correlates back to the tension you strung. What this is very good for is taking a reading after a restring and then after 1 hour of play, after another hour of play, etc. You'll quickly learn what DT you like to start with and how fast certain strings lose tension. I know that when DT hits 34 most poly/multifilament hybrids become flat and lose all power. I like to start out at about 41, which is a mains poly at 54 lbs, multifilament crosses at 59 or 60 lbs on a 98 square inch headsize. Keep records and you'll know what customers like as a starting DT. Learning what strings keep tension best is such a great thing.
Some tips: It won't read more than 3 times quickly without generating an ERROR on the screen. Some sensor in it overheats or something and needs to rest. Just be patient and let it sit for a minute or so. Don't drop it. Not for field use, this is kinda fragile. Measure in a consistent spot - 1 string row higher (towards the head) than the exact middle of the crosses is what I chose.
From: Rob, 10/11

Comments: Excellent gadget to control the life of your string job and diagnostic whether the stringbed or your play sucks! I combine it with a stringmeter in order to check the quality of the string job on each string and understand where the DT comes from. This way I really realized the crosses (poly) should be strung 2kg more than the mains (gut).
From: Denis. 5/11

Comments: I've had one for about 6 weeks. Saw it used by an MRT who's a friend, and was sold on the idea. I check all the racquets I string for customers (about 75 a month) and do it periodically on my own. The readings are consistent and also keeps me on top of keeping the machine up. Have started a program at my club to check members' racquets, taking the guess work out of "should this be re-strung." It's great tool, and allows you to market your stringing service "if" you're doing you're "doing good work." My clients are coming for racquet service MUCH sooner and that means better playing sticks and more string business for the club! I give it a thumbs-up.
From: Jim, Peoria, IL. 9/09

Comments: This is an awesome tool. First up the quality craftsmanship - this is made in Switzerland, not in China. If you are serious about your stringing quality and would like to know how well you machine pulls you just cannot live without this tool. More importantly you will always know when to restring. Enclosed is a guide that matches the actual pull tension to the dynamic tension. For those of you who do not see the difference - dynamic tension is only realistic measure of the whole string bed - not an individual string. Thus when the whole racket is strung ERT 300 will show you the actual tension of the string bed. The price is excellent - never seen one sold below $190. All in all excellent addition to the tennis warehouse stock!!!!
From: Maxim, Santa Cruz, CA, USA, 10/08

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