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Comments: Kinked like crazy. Used it in the crosses of my Prince Tour Midplus. You have to baby it while stringing but it still kinks up. Plays crisp for a multi. I used Technifibre Black Code 17 in the mains at 56 and E-matrix in the crosses at 58. I normally use Forten Sweet 17. I just can't purchase again due to kinking no matter how well it plays. But at this price I guess there had to be a downside.
From: David, 2/16

Comments: Disappointed with this string. On my first hit, it feels like a hitting with a piece of dead plastic. After hitting with it for an hour or so, the feel improves, but I still felt very disconnected from the ball. The strings move around a lot as well, even when strung at a high tension. I'm going back to my Dunlop multifilaments.
From: Nic, 11/13

Comments: Zero durability. Does not last more than 4 hours. Considering stringing labor costs, this string works out expensive compared to other higher priced multi-filament strings.
From: Anon, 9/13

Comments: This is much firmer or more of a crisper feeling multi than X-One. I didn't get early fraying as some have said and the durability seems average. If you're looking for a multi with more feel than a single core string like Gosen OG Sheep, but not a meshy as X-one, then this is it.
From: Anon. 07/11

Comments: As always, strings should match your game style. Mine forehand is 80% mid-pace flat drives. Backhand is mid-pace topspin or mid-to-heavy slice. Serve is 80% flat (100mph), with 20% angled kick (in 70mph). This string gives me 10 hours of play. Of course, NRG2 gives me 20 hours, but at 120% price hike. Besides, NRG2 feel goes away after 15th hour. Therefore, if you don't mind stringing often, Matrix gives you 20% price advantage over NRG2, plus better playability curve for 20 hours of game play. 20 hours is pretty much I would need from any kind of non-poly, since after 20 hours strings resilience goes below critical point. Usually, I keep 2 racquets strung with Matrix, and one with NRG2. This would guarantee me to go through any match, even if strings were used a while. And yes, stringing is a bit tricky, it kinks a lot, so prestretching is highly recommended.
From: Eugene, Maple, ON, Canada. 4/11

Comments: Good string, for 4 hours (over 3 days) of hitting. Lost too much tension after that. I was disappointed.
From: Bryce, Fresno, CA, USA, 09/10

Comments: This string feels so crisp! It's really a great string. However, it is not durable. I hybrid it with Prince Tournament Poly 17g on the mains and I still only got about 2 hours.(I hit with lots of power and spin) I do agree with others: it's a pain to string.
From: Jesse, USA. 6/10

Comments: Great string! Plays very well, tedious to string but the durability isn't so great it only lasted me 5 hours.
From: Antonio, Milan, Italy 01/10

Comments: The stringing process is tedious, you have to be careful when stringing this, it bends and kind of kinks a lot so take your time stringing this. Other than that the string is like any other multi. Good the first few days then the quality of the string fades over time. Good feel, control, and spin friendly also, even though I strung it at a high tension (65lbs).
From: Elijah, Houston, TX, USA, 04/09

Comments: I play in college and I use this string (16 ga) in the crosses with either Babolat Pro Hurricane Tour (16 ga) in the crosses. It works really well and really helps to add some touch. I string my Babolat Pure Drive Plus at 56 lbs myself. I also use this string as the crosses with Luxilon Big Banger at the same tension. It has very good durability and plays very similar to natural gut.
From: David, Adrian, MI, USA, 09/08

Comments: As a player, this plays really nice. A good Wilson NXT clone. As a stringer, I absolutely hate this string. I strung this as a cross (with poly mains) in a midsize head, 18/20. This string kinks very easily, and once it does, it just goes to shreds. I had to start over twice with new half-sets before getting the job done. Because of that, my cost savings were in the trashcan. It would have been worth the extra dollars for NXT and save time/effort.
From: D.B., Chicago, IL, USA, 03/08

Comments: This string is terrible. It plays well and has a nice feel to it, but it broke in less than 3 hours. The price is good, but if you factor in the time or money for the stringing, this is not worth it for the amount of playtime you get.
From: Robert, Los Angeles, CA, USA, 01/08

Comments: I'm using it as the crosses with Babolat Pro Hurricane Tour as the mains, both 16g. Works really well as the "touch" part of the setup. Pure Hurricane: no volleys, no touch but ground stroke spin and control. Add the E- Matrix in the crosses, and you get the above with the volleys and touch. Durability is better when it's only in the crosses.
From: J. Powers, Columbia, SC. 12/07

Comments: Performance of E-Matrix 16 is extremely good. I have tried many different strings. This is the closest thing to natural gut regarding power, feel, touch and softness. Durability is at the lower end among the strings I've tried, but it is a great buy considering its price, especially for people stringing themselves and having time to do so. Be careful not to kink while stringing.
From: Roger, Houston, TX, USA, 02/07

Comments: This string was the first that I ever tried in my racquets. I've stuck with it, its got great playability, gives you power from the baseline, and touch at the net, but the strings move WAY too much. I have spent far too much time between serves trying to rearrange my pattern. It's also not the most durable of strings, after about 2 weeks, it would seem lifeless. It's good for starters, but as playing time increases, you should think about going for another more durable string.
From: DJ, Kirkwood, NY, USA, 10/06

Comments: Very good string. Very playable, good control and spin. Great on volleys. Some string movement. It does get softer and frays through use. Would work pretty well as crosses in a hybrid setup. Although an inexpensive string, durability is below average for multifilament/synthetics. Went from this string to LaserFibre LaserTour - a crisper string, even more playable, no fraying, and twice the durability.
From: Ryan, SLO, CA, USA. 10/06

Comments: Very nice string. Very cheap so it is worth buying in bulk because of the lack of durability. Snaps in about an hour. Basically an Wilson nxt clone for less and worth every penny.
From: Josh, Chicago, il, usa 07/06

Comments: The string took about 30 warm up minutes to break in, but then it felt quite good. Very nice feel, good power, control, and spin. Unfortunately it took approx. 5 hours to break. I'm a USTA boys 16's players and high school player, and it's a good string, but you will need about 3 strung rackets of these for any use. Go for something a bit more durable.
From: Su Ji 07/07

Comments: A high performance string at a budget price! Excellent feel and power. Make sure you practice with it for 15 minutes prior to a match to bed in. A pain to string with as it often kinks.
From: Justin, Adelaide, SA Australia 04/06

Comments: I agree with Andrei's May 2002 review that this string plays hard just after stringing and needs a short break in period. After the break in period, the string plays very well. Yes, it does fray, particularly on clay courts. But for $5 per set, it's a really good deal.
From: Eric, Westchester, NY, USA 11/05

Comments: I think that synthetic gut plays just as well as it and it breaks really fast. This only lasted me 6 hours. I do hit kind of hard with a lot of spin though.
From: Fred, Little Washington, PA, USA 07/05

Comments: The best multi out there and for the price a steal, I've tried plenty and paid much more and this is the real deal. It doesn't last long though.
From: Chris, Ca, USA. 09/04

Comments: The best synthetic I've ever played. Average durability. Honestly, no synthetic or gut is durable, so, please don't compare it with poly or kevlar.
From: Brian, Macau. 5/04

Comments: This string has great playability and bites into the ball extremely well. One of the most responsive strings I have ever played with. The durability is non-existent. I am a 5.0 player and hit the ball quite hard but the string will last only 3 or 4 practices at most and begins to fray immediately. A great string if you want to string your racquets once a week. I personally don't want to do that
From: Ben, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA. 4/04

Comments: This string feels really good, great playability. It has this "touch" that you normally get from a lot more expensive strings but there is a price to pay: durability is very poor - none of the ones I used so far (6 sets) survived 4 hours, typically frying at the end of the 3rd hour and then breaking within next 30 minutes. I play Prince Precision Equipe Midplus with 27/26 kg tension. I do play a lot of topspin and maybe that is a "problem". Conclusion: if you are not a big hitter and do not play a lot of topspin then this might be the best buy for you.
From: Zig, Ebreichsdorf, Austria. 3/04

Comments: This string is nice because it gives you great feel and control for the price, I don't really care that it breaks often because its so cheap that I can just buy a bunch of them and still spend the same as one fancy string.
From: Mateo, Boston, MA, USA. 3/04

Comments: This is the best string on the market. It has very good feel. Great for the advanced serve and volley players. Durability is pretty good for the price. I am a nationally ranked junior player.
From: Adam, Woodstock, Georgia, USA. 9/03

Comments: Great string and great feel for the price but durability is something that contradicts the good bargain. I guess you get for what you pay for. I'm using the 17 gauge and it only lasts two matches. The 16 gauge lasts a little bit longer. If you have your own stringer, it would be ok. Otherwise, more $ out of your pocket if you pay someone to string it every time.
From: Peter Le, Houston, TX. USA 2/03

Comments: This is a good string if you want playability. Durability is really poor. I still recommend that you try it out and decide for yourself whether it is worth the money or not.
From: Bryan, San Jose, CA. USA 1/03

Comments: I prefer using Tecnifibre E-Matrix 16 in a hybrid with Prince Synthetic gut 16 as the cross strings. I use it in a Prince Graphite (original) 110 strung at 76lbs. It has great feel and pop in this arrangement and durability has been as good as most synthetic gut strings while providing increased playability. Great buy!
From: Tony, Mentor, OH. USA 8/02

Comments: Tecnifibre E-Matrix 16 has high playability (less than natural gut but more than Gamma TNT 16). The string has a multifilament construction with a polymer outer coating. There is no solid center core. Durability is low compared to TNT 16 with about one sixth of the life. It lasted about 25 hours with string savers. At its price it is a bargain if you order enough packages to offset shipping costs (3 packages weigh about 4 ounces).
From: Frederick, Canada. 8/02

Comments: The Tecnifibre E-Matrix 16 is an average multifilament string. The feel changes somewhat with time. Just after stringing it had a very "hard" feel and needed a break-in period of half an hour or so. Closer to the end of its life the string felt very soft, likely due to a tension change. The durability, in my opinion, is about half that of the premium strings like Wilson NXT.
From: Andrei, Starkville, MS. USA 5/02

Comments: Tecnifibre E-Matrix 16 is very good, it has excellent playability, the tension hold up really well and the durability is okay. Although it only last about 60% the time the GOSEN OG Sheep last. Tecnifibre E-Matrix is a super buy.
From: Henry, Houston, TX. USA 5/02

Comments: I used Tecnifibre E-Matrix 16 in a junior tournament and was impressed with the control and playability. It played better than other multifilaments I had used, like Sensation or Forten Fiber-Flex. Unfortunately, the durability was sub-par, and the strings broke about 3-4 times as fast as regular synthentic gut. For the price, however, it is a good buy.
From: Jeff, Seattle, WA. USA 5/02

Comments:Tecnifibre E-Matrix 16g String is a good buy. Very high playability, surprisingly good durability. Recommended if you don't want to shell out 30 bucks for natural gut.
From: Dan, Carmel, Ca. USA 3/00

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