Lobster Elite Grand Five LE Portable Ball Machine w/Rem Customer feedback

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Comments: The lobster Grand V LE is probably the best potable ball machine out there but that doesn't mean it is perfect. Far from it. A quick run down on the good which have mostly been covered: 1. Well built and solid feel. 2. Easy to move with the big wheels and the fold out handle. I could not imagine trying to fit a playmate into my car. 3. Does the basics of what a ball machine should do - spits out balls mostly to the same area in a fairly consistent manner. 4. I like the pre-programmed drills, 2line etc. 5. I like the manual setup option for single shots (but read the next section there is no way to get these into the wiz bang feature they tout to sell this unit) 6. Good customer support in that they are accessible but not sure that they can really do that much other than the basics - send out machine, basic trouble shooting and then apologize for the short comings that may not be that obvious at first. The problems: 1. The biggest problem with the machine is its programming. If you go to the manual programming and set up a ball, you have full control over aspects like speed, spin (+/- 3), elevation and to a degree left / right placement (which unlike elevation is locked to the center and then +/- 3 left and right). The +/- 3 options should be like the elevation and give much more precise control. I get the perfect shot and write down the settings and then program another shot and write down the settings. Say you have a line drive to the deep left corner and a shallow blooper to the service T. Now you want to practice that combination so you go over to the drills button to program in the two shots you have created. Well, there is no way to do that. In the drills section they force you to use their pre-made grid for the location and then you have to muck about trying to replicate the shots you already worked out in manual mode. This is very frustrating and for me means that it is just not worth t he extra money for features that look good on paper but are hard to use in reality. 2. The iPhone remote to program custom drills is a joke. There is no library of shots so even if you overcome the frustrations in #1 and get your shots figured out, you can't name that shot and then bring it into one of the 12 sequences. And what happens when your 12 custom slots are filled? There needs to be a shot library and a way to select a sequence of shots, edit shots and save them, a way to share shots online with others etc. Their website should have a whole section on shot programming and shot sequences to try with video to boot but for the great feature they use to sell this machine, the site has nothing on how to actually use it in a functional way. Forcing you to use their grid for where a ball goes means that you have little control on how it gets there - is it a line drive or a lob that gets a shot to where you select? While #1 is frustrating, #2 is flat out disappointing. The iPhone remote also constantly disconnects when you phone goes to sleep, a call comes in etc., and it can take 2 to 5 attempts (closing and re opening the app) to reconnect.
From: Jane, 4/16

Comments: I have been very pleased with this unit and with Lobster as a company. The unit is compact enough to fit in a standard trunk, and has a handy unfolding handle to pull it like a piece of luggage. It includes numerous drills and even allows you to practice with a partner in "two-line" mode. You can add speed, spin, adjust the height, adjust the placement -- just about anything. Awesome practice tool. And best of all, when we experienced an error message, we got a call from the President of the company, who ensured the issue was addressed to our satisfaction. The customer service really cannot be beat. Highly recommended!
From: Jay, 7/13

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