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Comments: This is a great machine, very reliable (which is the greatest strength of Lobster), the battery lasts long (I usually play 2 hours/day for 2 consecutive days and then recharge). It can vary topspin and underspin rotation, power, vertical angle and horizontal and vertical oscillation. At the beginning, I played on fixed position only, but after one month or so I felt the need to vary and switched to horizontal oscillation. I bought the remote, but do not use it, however I find the cover very useful and strongly recommend it. Be careful not to play if the field or the surroundings are wet, as balls get stucked in the machine if wet and you need to wait until they dry before playing, which can take one or more days.
From: Corneliu, 11/13

Comments: Replaced my old Tennis Tudor with this machine. Used the Lobster for the summer now and overall I'm enjoying it. The things I like are the large handle and big wheels which make transporting it much easier. Adjustments for topspin and underspin work very well. I highly recommend getting the vertical oscillation function -- it works well and adds a lot of shot variety. The machine has been very reliable and performs a long time on a single battery charge. The things I don't like would be that the horizontal oscillate function is very noisy, much more so than my old Tennis Tudor. The plastic case around the machine is thinner and more flimsy than the Tennis Tudor and overall I don't think it's built as well. The remote is virtually useless -- I could never get it to work consistently more than about 10 feet away, even after replacing it with a new one from Lobster. As others have done, I drilled a small hole in the side and ran the antenna wire outside the machine, but this only increased the distance about another 5 feet. I've also considered replacing the antenna with a fixed external mast, but the Lobster won't give out the radio frequency. So at this point I consider the remote a faulty design that Lobster can't or won't fix and would not recommend spending the money on it. Overall I'd recommend it, just without the remote.
From: Will, 8/13

Comments: I tried out my new ball machine today. Very easy to use and it's speed and spin adjustments go well beyond my capabilities. This is going to be a great training tool. It allows you to work on your weaknesses without losing points or worrying about trying the patience of your hitting partner. The Elite 2 is well built and quite portable. I didn't think it was loud, even when using the oscillation. My basket of used tennis balls that I have collected over the summer worked just fine in this machine. Yes, there was some speed and distance variations, because of the varying pressures of the balls, so I had to move a step forward or back in some cases but that was not the fault of the machine. I will do some more experimenting, but I'm not going to run out and by the expensive pressure-less balls just yet. I expect to have many, many hours of fun with this thing.
From: Lynn, 10/11

Comments: I really liked hitting with this machine. I didn't have any problems with jamming, or inconsistent throws. The speed and adjustable is a great tool for improving my game. The horizontal oscillation is great for simulating someone on the other side actually hitting to me. All in all, this was a great purchase!
From: Chris, Chicago,IL 07/09

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