Ektelon Speedport Camo Racquet Customer feedback

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Comments: Best racquet I have ever used. I have played with friends racquets (Head, Gearbox, E-force) and I have always come back to Ektelon. Very powerful, very accurate. Like everyone else on this comment thread says, Best racquet you can play with.
From: Mike, New Albany, IN, USA, 09/12

Comments: I would have to agree with anyone who says that this is the best Ektelon racquet. Excellent power & control.    
 Daniel, Tampa, FL, USA, 03/11
String type and tension: Ektelon Premier Power/30lbs.

Comments: I have been playing with this racquet for over 2 years now...well balanced well made great power...love the racquet...no complaints. Thank you Ektelon for making a amazing racquet!
From: David, Bakersfield, Ca. USA, 10/10
Skill-level: A
String type and tension:36 each

Comments:  I have been playing off and on for about 15 years.  I have always been a fan of Ektelon racquets, since my Ektelon Helix Arc 2 racquet.  I love this racquet; it's got great power from the back of the court which is excellent for the back court kill shots and slat shots.  I like it so much I bought TWO. 
From: Steve
City, State, Country:Avon Park, FL 04/10
Skill-level: B+ / A-
String type and tension: 17g ektelon premier power @ 38 lbs.

Comments: I used this racquet for about a week with the demo program. I've been looking to upgrade form my $60 racquet and found that this will not be the one. There was a ton of vibration and the grip wasn't my favorite. It also felt cheap...I was looking forward to this being the big upgrade for me.
From: Travis
City, State, Country: Medfield, MA 12/09
Skill-level: c/b
String type and tension: factory

Comments: This is by far the best racquet I've ever used! It has good power and great control. I've hit the wall a few too many times, but the racquet is still unaffected.  I love the customization with the plugs, I'm a power player, so i use all four in the top, but when my arm gets tired I can take a couple out so I can still bring that racquet around quickly with a little less effort. And, although the handle took a little to get used to, I couldn't imagine going back to a round handle now. I say this is the best racquet out there.
From: Frank
City, State, Country: Deerfield Beach, FL 12/09
Skill-level: A-
String type and tension: Ektelon Lightning @ 31 lbs.


Comments: This racquet has great power, weight and I love it, but I prefer the new EXO3 and recommended only for B to open skill level. It breaks too easily.
From: Adrian
City, State, Country:Costa Rica
Skill-level: C

Comments: Changed from the o3 red to the Speedport Camo and love it. Great power, lovely grip shape and nice touch / feel. Don't bother with the power plugs as i like it without and think they are a bit of a gimmick anyway. Racket seems strong as have hit the wall a few times and no marks on it yet.
From: Chris
City, State, Country: Birmingham, UK
Skill-level: B
String type and tension: TF X one biphase 1.18

Comments: I enjoy hitting with this racquet. It is very accurate with a full swing. It has improved my game play very effectively. Only bad experience I have noticed is control, I have always been less effective in a touch and finesse game. Maybe something I have to work on more and not the racquet. However, the customization option of the racquet is great. I am currently using the middle two plugs and seen some great gains in my passing game. I have even tried all four top plugs; still making a judgment call on this.... Thanks Ektelon for an awesome racquet.
From: Ricky Villanueva
Pittsburg, CA 09/09
Skill-level: A / Semi
String type and tension: 16 gauge Ektelon premier, @ 30-32

Comments: Great racquet, but I break my mains every three weeks. String cuts by frame.
From: Keoni, Hawaii, USA. 08/09
String type and tension: prince XX on mains and poly nova on the crosses 17 guage

Comments: This racquet is a good buy! Switching from the Ektelon O3 White, this is a real change but for the better. I have been able to hit the ball harder very effortlessly. Very good racquet!
From: Jesse
City, State, Country: Pojoaque, New Mexico, USA
Skill-level: B+/ A
String type and tension: Ektelon Premier @ 34 lbs

Comments: It is a really good racquet.
From: Richard
Stone Mountain, GA 06/09
Skill-level: C/D

Comments: I have only been playing for 5 months and was looking for a better racquet (was using head mx190) when a friend let me use his speedport red after the mx broke. All I can say is wow!! This thing hits a ton with very little effort, accuracy is great, feels great..light and fast. Love the customization options (my choice is top 2 center plugs). What more can a guy ask for?? So I bought from him...LOVE THIS RACQUET, great job Ektelon!!
City, State, Country: Iowa, USA
String type and tension:Factory

Comments: This Racquet has a lot of power, but its easy to break so i wont recommend it
From:Enrique Ainsle
City, State, Country: Mexicali, Baja California, Mexico
Skill-level: B
String type and tension: Don't know

Comments: This is the best Ektelon racquetball racquet I ever play with. It has a Great power & control. The Plugs that comes to customize this racquet really works. My choice is all 4 tops plugs in (head heavy).
From:Luis Campo
City, State, Country:Baq-Colombia
String type and tension: Factory

Comments: Over the last five years I have tried almost every top of the line racquet on the market and have been very happy with E-force, until this year when a Pro told me to try the Ektelon Speedport. The combo of power and the fantastic control made me a believer. The racquet and grip took a while to get use to but now I own two a Red and a Camo. Simply put, The best racquet I have ever hit with. You have to try this one.
From: John Dole
Santa Monica, CA
Skill-Level: B
String type & Tension: Tecnifibre 18 @ 36 lbs.

Comments: I tried the Speedport on the demo program along with a number of other new racquets. I liked this racquet a lot. It seemed a bit more stable than the O3 white, with plenty of power and control. However, during the demo the racquet developed a lot more vibration than what I experienced initially and the control also seemed to suffer. I could not understand what happened until I noticed that the center strings had gotten stuck outside the groove in the grommet. I tried moving it back by hand but was not able and it being a demo I didn't want to be too forceful. In my opinion this is a great racquet (one of the best I've tried), but I would recommend that Ektelon increase the depth of the groove for the strings stay in the grommet properly.
From: Michael
City, State, Country: Chico, CA
Skill-level: B

Comments: I'm only a D player right now, but based off my research and my demos of the E-Force lethal, command, Head Extreme, GearBox 250GB and this one, I can say that I would rather learn to play with the best racquet with the best accuracy and get used to it rather than play with a worse one and then have to switch and learn a new racquet. I love this racquet, I love how it feels, it's power with accuracy is incredible! Thanks to this, I recently took first in my division last tournament ( that's not saying much since I'm a D player, but I'm getting there! ) One thing I love about this, is I can customize this as I get better and desire different or less weight with more maneuverability! I love it!
From: Brian
Sandy, UT 84093 11/08
Skill-level: D
String type & tension: Stock

Comments: I've had a chance to demo many of the latest racquets and the Speedport has the best control/power combination out of any of them (just ordered two). I tried the GB250 Feather, e-Force Command 170, and PK Kinetic Quad (all great racquets). However, within the first few hits, the control of the Speedport was notably better. I felt like I could hit the ball low and with consistency with little effort when using the Speedport. Pinches and splats were almost effortless. While the power was not quite as strong as with the other racquets (I'm sure it would improve with the plugs in; I didn't use any), I felt it had ample pop when I needed to hit a pass or kill shot. My main preference is for more control and the Speedport comes up big in that category! I am going to stick with the factory string setup, but will probably try some Tecnifibre 18g once that wears out.
From: Anthony
String type and tension:Factory

Comments: WOW!!! This is the best Ektelon racquetball racquet I ever play with. It has a Great power & control. The Plugs that comes to customize this racquet really works. My choice is all 4 tops plugs in (head heavy). I was playing for the last 4 months with the new Gearbox GB-165, Excellent racquet, Power & control with this racquet is amazing,has a solid frame but head extremely too heavy for my taste. I recommend this racquet for anyone that likes head heavy racquetball racquets. I tried all top racquets from: E-force (Command 160/175), Head Amp 175, Pro-Kennex KC, HC2 165 and the Ektelon White & speedsport red and my opinion is the best 2 racquets out there right now are the Gearbox GB-165 & the Ektelon Speedsport. Both racquets have great control & power.
From: Omar Guerrero
San Diego, CA

Comments: I normally play with the Head MX 170, which is a great racquet. I decided, however, to check out the newer racquets. I tried the E-force NXT Gen 170, Head Extreme 170, Ektelon O3 White, Ektelon Speedport, and Head AMP 175. The E-force NXT Gen 170 has a great feel and the most power of any of the racquets but I could never get adequate control out of it. Too little control + lots of power = lots of "left up" balls. The Head Extreme 170 also felt good and was one I kept coming back to. It has a good swing feel, great power and good control. The dwell time the ball takes as it hits the strings and rebounds off is really long and takes getting used to. The Head AMP 175 is ultra stiff and can generate awesome power with control but for me the head of this racquet is too heavy. It's a 175 but swings like a 190 and is much too cumbersome in the forecourt. The Ektelon O3 White and Speedport took some experimentation with the power plugs to get the weighting and balance right but I really liked them. The racquets are quite stiff and transfer a lot of power to the ball. They are also the most accurate racquets of the group. I ended up using two power plugs on the outside of the head for a slight "head heavy" weighting. The rectangular grip took some getting used to but in the end helps with control. The Speedport has noticeably more power than the White and as much or more control.

After trying all these racquets I ordered the Ektelon Speedport. I'm not sure if it's better than my trusty MX 170, it has more power and control but doesn't have the some bounce off the strings or head speed.

I really appreciate Racquetball Warehouse's demo program. Out here in the desert we have a lot of racquetball players but no racquet dealers. Racquetball Warehouse is the only outlet I found that would let me demo 4 racquets at a time, all for the price of two anywhere else.
From: Alec Mauritsen
Artesia, NM 10/08

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