Donnay X-Red 99 Racquet Customer feedback

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Comments: I just finished a demo of the Black, Blue, Red, and Orange 99. I usually play with the EXO3 Prince Graphite 100 as a point of reference. I wanted to demo these racquets because I love a thin beam. I immediately found that a ounce here and there makes a big difference. I used to swing a 12oz plus racquet back in the day. Not that the 11.7 Black or Blue tired my arm or anything, it's just the difference between racquet head speed I could generate for the red at 10.5 and these other 2 was substantial. Going in I thought I would like the Black or the Blue because I was looking for more stability on the hard hit return of serve. But it wasn't worth giving up all that topspin I could put on my groundstrokes with the Red. The Red was stable enough, though I felt my Prince was more so. The Orange was so light I felt that my shots didn't have much heft. I ended up playing most of the week with the Red. The Red reminded me of the Youtek Radical Pro. It felt a little stiffer and a little more powerful than my prince. This might also be because I think the strings on the demo were a poly hybrid set up. I would like to have played this with syn gut. still the control was very good and I could pull off all of my shots. The spin potential I thought was especially good. I own a side spin forehand slice shot and I really felt I could get around the ball. Played a lot of doubles with this stick and the volleys were solid with a lot of pop. Overheads went were I wanted them to go. Ample power on the serves a good control also. The kick serve was kicking and the slice serve out wide had some major curvature. I think the thin beam helps with the slice because I really like to drag the ball across the string bed and a thick beam may often get in the way. The head is more oblong then the round Prince, which I like because I tend to miss high on the string bed and also it might give you a slight advantage going for half volleys. The handle shape is more rectangular like the old Fischers, which I like because it helps you know were you are on the bevels when you change grips.
From: Anon. 5/11

Comments: I found this racquet to be stiffer than the Head EXTREME MP. It seemed to have a lot of power and control but was not the top pick of the bunch that I demoed.I demoed the Donnay X-Red 99, 2 Yonex racquets, and I am going to purchase the Head racquet listed above because it seemed to have the control was looking for.
From: Liz. 5/11

Comments: This is a great racquet. The spin, control and feel is superb. I really loved the feel of the old Pro Staff 95 and the Prince Graphite 2. Two of the classics. This one is the closest I found to that feel. When I play with the 5g buttcap I think the racquet is perfectly balanced for me and my game.
From: Ken Ditlefsen, Norway. 4/11
String type and tension: 55-57lbs
NTRP Rating: 4.5

Comments: I was really looking forward to trying out this one and, unfortunately, came away a little disappointed.
It's a very strange racquet and the one aspect that many people like about it is what turned me off and that is the feel. Every shot that comes off the strings has a trampoline-like feeling, which is odd to get used to and I never did. Control was an issue as a result and I never had confidence in my strokes. It's easy to whip around due to the super thin beam and you can generate some good spin. Volleys were OK, nothing special.
The one area where the racquet shined was on serve. I was hitting some absolute bombs with both pace and spin. Very easy to get through the air quickly, again, as a result of the thin beam.
You'd have to string this thing tightly to get a handle on it but I'm sure it will work well for some players. Just not for me.
From: Hoosierbr on the TT boards, So. CA, USA, 03/11
NTRP Rating: 5

Comments: Have really come to like this racquet. I have mine strung with Big Banger Ace 18 and stability, feel, and plow through are all very good. I am using the lightest butt cap and none of the slide weights. Beautiful paint job.
From: Pat, Cleveland, OH, USA, 03/11
String type and tension: Luxilon BB Ace 18
Headsize: 99
NTRP Rating: 3.5

Comments: Is the listed weight and balance with the lightest butt cap and no slides on the frame?
From: Adam, CA, USA, 03/11
String type and tension: Babolat RPM Blast 55
Headsize: 99
(Adam, we measured the racquets with the sliders installed and the standard butt cap.--TW Staff)

Comments: TW - what is the string that comes with the Donnay's?
From: Anon, 01/11
(Anon, Donnay provided a hybrid set of a Poly and Syn Gut string. You can find this set on their official website--TW Staff)

Comments: Great Racquet! Does everything really well and you can feel the ball, thus giving you more control and placement. This is how racquets should be made. Pure quality plus you get more with Donnay, ie customizing butt cap weights, head weights, string and extra grips. I really did like the customization options. I put the heavier butt cap on and added a leather grip. Great all around racquet with exceptional feel.
From: Craig, AZ, USA, 12/10
String type and tension: gut 57lbs.
Headsize: 99 sq.
NTRP Rating: 3.5

Comments: I've demoed about 25-30 racquets in the past 15 months and this is among the top 3. I hadn't used Donnay before and I had low expectations. But...I love this racquet! Actually I'll probably bust a string because I'm using it so much. I have problems with tennis elbow but so far so good and it is strung with a poly main. The price is higher but the quality seems good. Nice paintjob. There isn't anything that blows me away like serves, or volleys, but it just does everything well. (I also have the Becker London and that has an edge on volleys and it is a very nice racquet so worth a try especially for people looking for something lighter but I just ended up digging this one even more.) I have the ps85, which people like because it is maneuverable, stable, but with power and control. This Donnay has all that plus a larger headsize. Down the line shots, slices, lobs, really anything was no problem. I played against 5.0 players and another who could serve 115-120 mph and I wouldn't need lead on it. It has more of a square grip so that is a minor adjustment but no biggie. The synthetic grip feels fine.
From: Mutantducky on TW forum, 12/10
NTRP Rating: 5.0

Comments:Great racquet, as are all of these Donnay sticks. The white is my favorite but the Red is not far behind. Serving with this stick is a breeze. Pin point accuracy and plow through power. Volleys are awesome as well. Groundstrokes were good but not as good as with the white or the orange. However I don't blame this on the stick but rather on my own strength. If I we 20 years old again I think this stick may have very well been my choice. (I played with no weight added to the stick)
From: Alex, New York, NY, USA, 11/10
String type and tension: Gamma ZO true 55
Headsize: 99
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: Hi TW staff, will there be a review soon?
From: Marcel, Quebec, Canada, 11/10
(Marcel, we are planning on reviewing this frame, look for it on our site sometime in the new year!--TW Staff)

Comments: Donnay is back in a big way! Great racquet, very similar to my Prince ozone tour. Generates racquet head speed quickly, great on serves, and a good amount of spin. Great touch shot volleys. Just wish they were a bit cheaper. Great players racquet as long as you generate the power. I have been a big fan since I used the original Pro One's and even though it's not the same company, I'm excited the racquet plays so well. The build quality is superb and the finish is something like I haven't seen. A black mirrored like finish. Great Job Donnay
From: Neil, Surprise, AZ, USA, 11/10
String type and tension: Hybrid
Headsize: 99
NTRP Rating: 3.0

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