Dunlop Explosive 17 Silver String Customer feedback

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Comments: To me, this string is the best in the world. I have played recently with Babolat Hurricane Pro, RPM Blast and Techifibre X One Biphase but for me this is by far the best string. The secret is to string at lower tensions -- around 45 lbs and it's just magical. Feels soft with plenty of power and also control. My racquet is the Head Extreme IG Pro 2.0 and I have found perfect combination. Well done Dunlop!
From: Sasha, 9/15

Comments: I am a flat hitter and control type player who primarily play doubles and who is looking to get more sting in my shots. These strings are reasonably priced and has almost too much power but with good access to spin with on or near center hits. It is like hitting with a soft trampoline. Therefore, I would not consider these strings as control strings as I do not have the same touch on drop shots, lobs or flat shots. I have a hybrid stringing setup on my Ti S2 racquet but my elbow is tender by the end of a day's play. Two friends who use this string as a full bed are still without complaints. This string may be better suited to those who use more topspin in their normal play and/or play with heavier racquets.
From: B, 3/14

Comments: I tried Lux and Black Widow. They both hurt my arm so I tried this string and it is so soft and very arm friendly. I strung it on my Yonex 97 Tour at 48 lbs and it has an amazing feel.
From: Gerry, 4/13

Comments: I was recommended this string. I was looking for the best string for a reasonable price and that is what I got. I don't know anything about how strings are supposed to feel but these strings seem great and it is like hitting a pillow when you hit the ball and they seem to have a great feel and power. I think you will definitely be happy with these strings, I am.
From: Brendan, 4/12

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