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Comments: I really like these strings. I got everything I wanted for my excellent Donnay Gold 99.
From: Milos, 11/12

Comments: Strung this at 50 for the polys in the mains, and 55 for the synthetics in the crosses. In my opinion, it felt very cheap and plastic-like. I could get spin and power, but never together. To get the amount of spin I wanted, I had to sacrifice all my power, and to get the power I'm used to, I had to hit my hardest and flatter than I'm used to. Not very comfortable on my arm either. I strung it in a Babolat Aeropro Drive GT Plus by the way. I let my friend hit with it and he agreed on everything I said.
From: Chris, 6/12

Comments: These strings are way underrated, I usually play with the Babolat Natural VS Gut (17 gauge) and Luxilon Flouro. I strung this new hybrid when I made the switch to the X- Dual Silver 99, from a Pro Staff 85. Strung them at 46.5 on the mains and 49.5 on the crosses. The pocketing feeling was unreal and the spin was even more ridiculous. This was all surprisingly coming from an unknown brand of strings and racquet that have not been in the spotlight for years now. I'm not much for hype, but this is a must experience for any player above 4.0! Serves were easy to pin point and it seems like even though if I try to hit it flat, there seems to be a lot of kick anyway. Ground strokes were a bliss to hit from the baseline. The slice backhand was very spin friendly and volleying was crisp, yet it provides enough pocking feed back so you know what the ball is doing. Unfortunately, the strings broke within the first 30 minutes of testing, but this was entirely my fault since I mis-skipped the 9th hole on the main strings by accident when I was stringing it. Albeit, I took it out for a play test to see how it would perform anyway, plus I didn't want to waste the string. One thing I've noticed though is that the strings bite the ball really well. How can I tell? Simply because the fur of the ball were all over the main strings, and I was playing with a week old can of balls!
From: Jay, 3/12

Comments: Wonderful string. Nice and soft on impact. Good pop and totally capable of ample spin production. Resilient to notching and snaps back in place consistently. Better than Babolats $10.00 hybrid...(sorry, I forgot the name)... However, there is only one hybrid for $10.00 from Babolat. That string in my opinion feels a bit too stiff initially and stretches too much after moderate use. Donnay X-Hybrid plays significantly more consistently from start to finish. I carry three Head Speed Elite 52, 56, and 60 lbs. I'd rate this string the same at all tensions.
From: Rashad, 2/12

Comments: I own the X-Red 94 and the X-Dark Red 94 racquets. I have tried different string setups and found a combination of Goosen Micro Sheep and Goosen Polylon to work great on both racquets a about mid tension with the best feel coming a few hours into the string job. I decided to give these strings a try since I was so impressed with the quality of their racquets. The Poly is a pain to string with, it strings like cheap poly and it gave me a bad vibe about how it would play. The synthetic gut on the other hand was magically soft to string with and it reminded me of stringing with Technifiber X- One biphase. I was amazed to get to the court and give these strings a try. I used the poly on the mains and sun gut on the crosses with about 3 lbs difference between them. AWESOME! My Donnays never felt better! I'm no expert reviewer, this is just my personal experience with these relatively unknown strings and while I have no idea how they would play with other racquets I know they work fantastically well with the X-Red 94 and X-Dark Red 94.
From: Andreo, 1/12

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