Dunlop Viper Dry Replacement Grip Customer feedback

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Comments: The best grip that I have ever used. I now use it on all my racquets.
From: Frank, 10/14

Comments: This is a very nice replacement grip. It doesnt have the flesh-tearing tack of the gecko-tac. It has more of a textile feel yet is still sticky enough for a sure hold. This feels to me to have more cushioning than gecko-tec as well.
From: Scott, 7/13

Comments: The best dry replacement grip available. Very good absorbency with some tack. I have historically used dry overgrips, but prefer playing without an overgrip to maintain the bevel. I started looking for a dry replacement grip for the humid spring season and this grip has performed very well so far. We will see if it holds up to tough summer conditions.
From: MLS, 6/13

Comments: The worst replacement grip I have ever used. I think the problem is magnified because the Viper Dry Overgrip is the best overgrip I have ever used. I decided to get the replacement grip after wonderful results with the overgrips. I feel totally mislead by Dunlop. It is not even the same material as the overgrips. It doesn't feel the same at all. Also, the grip doesn't wrap around well, and every wrap around leaves a lip hanging that rips when I change from backhand to forehand.
From: Dan, 1/13

Comments: This is a really awesome grip. It's definitely the driest grip I've ever used. If you get one, do the saliva test. Put a little on your finger, rub it on the grip, and you can watch it disappear instantaneously. The grip is thin. So, you get a dry grip and you can feel the bevels, which is perfect. Also, I like that on the black version, the Dunlop logo is written in black, so you can't see it. I really hate when my grip is a billboard for the manufacturer. Perfect grip.
From: Anon, 12/12

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