Dunlop Viper Dry Overgrip 12 Pack Black Customer feedback

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Comments: I love this grip so much that I have to write another review. I noticed people complain that it slips for a while and then goes back to a dry state. This happens because the bag comes with plenty of moisture. Before putting on the grip, unravel and lay it (or hang) on a flat surface, grip side facing up, to let moisture vaporize off then apply the grip. The longer you wait the better. This grip stays acceptably tacky until near the very end of it's life, and even this is still tacky for dry hands. This doesn't absorb sweat so if you sweat a lot you will hate it. People say it does but doesn't know it can't absorb the smallest drop of water when applied on the surface; it doesn't make sense that it does absorb sweat. It's too bad TW no longer carry the 30 pack. Wish TW offers the 30 pack in the future and hope Dunlop doesn't discontinue this one.
From: Cho, 6/15

Comments: Best overall grip I've used in 35 years of tennis.
From: Brad, 12/14

Comments: This overgrip feels very slippery in the beginning compared to Wilson Pro or Yonex Super Grap. I had to wipe hands nearly more often. Over time, however, it feels same as or slightly better than other two.I had put this and Yonex on two racquets at the same time (Feb 2014). It seems to last longer than Yonex one. Then again as initially I might not have played with the racquet equipped with this overgrip as often, so it might have been less used. In any case, this grip seems to be more resilient to wear; has not thinned out; remains highly usable. I would really appreciate if the slippery-while-new problem would be solved.
From: Parv, 12/14

Comments: This grip is so good and it is durable. It just "grabs" your hand well.
From: Felix, 12/14

Comments: I don't know what everyone is talking about when they say this grip stays dry and works great in the hot humid climate because for me, it's the worst grip I ever had. The racquet was slipping out of my hands in less than 10 minutes of hitting. It feels like oil in your bends. There is no tack -- I'll stick with Yonex.
From: Jordan, 9/14

Comments: The best overgrip for dry hands. The grip doesn't absorb so the leather or replacement grip underneath won't get soaked with sweat. The grip will move unless you pull it tight as you wrap, which doesn't doesn't affect anything else unless keeping it in place. Lasts very long, longer than Supergrap and Wilson Pro overgrip, looks awesome, and sustains the right amount of tack until it starts to peel.
From: Cho, 8/14

Comments: The ultimate grip for people who don't sweat. Excellent grip (not too tacky), excellent durability, excellent feel, excellent quality. Mine gets dirty once and a while and turns dark but still maintains as a very substantial grip. It feels awesome and looks awesome too. Don't believe anyone that says this overgrip absorbs. I did a test when I first purchased it and put a drop of water on the grip, it didn't do anything. The same test for the Tourna Tac, it absorbed the droplet of water in about 6 seconds, but the OG is not very durable at all compared to the Viper Dry. This grip adds 7 grams to the handle (with one or two inches remaining). I love this grip!
From: Cho, 9/13

Comments: As the great Darth Vader would say: Most Impressive. I play in South Florida and these are the best combo of absorbency, staying dry, and offering just the right tack and feel. No downside for me. Buy some!
From: BDP, 8/13

Comments: I'm impressed with these grips. The quality and feel of these were top of the line. It's probably the driest grip in the market. One thing that can be improved on though is the durability. I get 6-8 hours on them before it becomes unplayable. However, these were in hot and humid conditions. Definitely recommended.
From: Sean, 3/13

Comments: Fantastic grips. The feel is exceptional, as they feel similar to a smooth Wilson polyurethane replacement grip. The best aspect, however, is the durability. I've played for 12+ hours with one and it's showing minimal signs of wear. I'm very impressed with the lasting feel of these grips. Plus, the black looks cool on my Dunlop F 3.0 Tour.
From: Brian, 1/13

Comments: There is good and bad with these grips. I love the feel, as they are the nicest feeling grip I have ever used. And they definitely last. Now the negative -- they slip every time within a short period. The grip moves a little so that there are gaps in the grip surface on the handle. This is so annoying that I will look for a different grip to use. Too bad, because the grips are nice.
From: Michael, 1/13

Comments: This is by far the best overgrip that I have used. I will be ordering more of these as I am very pleased with its performance as well as mine. The tennis pro at the club tipped me off on this stuff. I used it on my Head Prestige Mid and my Pro Staff 85 and I am thrilled at the way this grip performs, hot or cold.
From: Adrian, 10/12

Comments: I live in a mid-Atlantic state, where humidity is always very high. Most of the time in the summer you are dripping sweat before you begin to play. Finding an over grip that helps absorb and keep your grip from slipping has been a constant quest. THIS OVER GRIP IS GREAT! My only regret is only ordering the 3 pack. First time I used this over wrap was on vacation at Myrtle Beach, 8:00 am (86 degrees already) after it rained during the night. As you can imagine, very humid and hot. I put this over wrap on and we ended at 10:30 (92 degrees by then) and my hand and grip were both dry. In fact, after we were done playing, and my shirt and shorts were completely drenched like I just got out of a pool. I told my wife to feel my hand, not only was it dry, it felt tacky. GREAT OVER GRIP!
From: Paul, 7/12

Comments: I bought 36 of these grips, and all I can say is that I think they are never going to run down. They last a long time and stay tacky all time. This is the best grip.
From: Joseph, 4/12

Comments: All I can say is wow! This is the most durable, best feeling grip I have ever used, and that is saying something. Grip stays tacky and whats more amazing to me is after hours of play it still looks and feels new. I highly recommend!
From: Jeff, 11/11